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Whitney J Broussard II comments

Posted in: Japan to speed up frigate building for East China Sea patrols See in context

Better go ahead and build bigger and more powerful ships for when you'll need them later don't you think?

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Posted in: Beyonce takes U.S. by storm with new activist role See in context

She's much to do about nothing here in the USA for most of us. I barely listened to her show at half-time. She's certainly NOT taking the USA by storm. Come on news media get a grip and not be so dramatic

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Posted in: Is Abe headed for his next health crisis? See in context

I for one admire his nationist leanings to counter Chinas growing threat. JAPANs military must increase rapidly to prepare to defend its nation.

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Posted in: Bieber is latest child star to battle public fall See in context

Hes definitely not worth the effort to talk about. Im out.

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Posted in: Female Osaka school clerk's pay docked over tattoos See in context

Tats are low class, you may have the right to be trash but you're employer rules prevent you from displaying your ignorance while on duty.

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