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Posted in: Tokyo gamers slapped down for virtual groping See in context

This is the greatest thing ever

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Posted in: Japanese men share what they can put up with in a girlfriend, but would be marriage deal-breakers See in context

Dresses up as a schoolgirl and makes love like it's her first time (100%)

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Posted in: Make waves at the beach in a high-cut Totoro swimsuit See in context

look into my eyes :)3=<

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Posted in: ASDF major arrested for filming up woman's skirt on train See in context

As always, amazed at this crime. What on earth is the point of "filming up a woman's skirt"?????

It's not just about seeing a little piece of cloth. It's the excitement of seeing what you are not supposed to be seeing, discovering the style and color of it, how it wraps around her body, and seeing the curves of her body that it doesn't cover up.

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