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Posted in: Family of dead Sri Lankan woman unconvinced by Nagoya immigration account See in context

Dear All,

It is a tragedy.

Also, it is very very unfortunate to see the comments on Japanese news article that received the maximum likes (23K) does not blame the system. It points towards the victims.

Link: https://news.yahoo.co.jp/articles/b23c33b31f0ef93bd57d3af05079116f633a603d

Google translation the liked comment:

If you enter the country legally and stay in Japan legally, you must be protected by law regardless of nationality.

On the other hand, staying illegally for any reason must be punished according to equality before the law.

I don't think I liked Japan or any quibble there.

Illegal residents use infrastructure facilities without paying income tax or residence tax

Moving out is a natural measure

Assumption: JapanToday is ready by 90% foreigners and Yahoo Japan news is read by 90 % Japanese.

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