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Posted in: 1969 Hendrix telegram: Can Paul come to play? See in context

Nice article. I didn't know about this. Hendrix was my first rock concert and it s nice to have bits of history

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Posted in: The global power vacuum is expanding See in context

Oh bull. The US is already dead. The carcass is still walking, but no life inside. Obama ISN"T focusing on debt, unless you mean to expand it, that he is doing faster and higher than anyone in history. Jobs he is destroying with oppressive laws and taxes on companies and middle class; and war... he is expanding it. He has become a man of lies.. and it s too bad. He is a likable fellow, but clearly,he does not have the power, in large part is told what script to read and do

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Posted in: NRA chief: We will never surrender our guns See in context

The only extremism is the government. Their propaganda machine is trying to make them look so good with good intentions but if they were so concerned then they would WANT teachers to be armed to stop any madman. Too many of these mass shootings happen with someone on govenment pay and psychotropic drugs and experiementation.

It is NOT extreme to keep your protection . It is STALIN, HITLER, and other control freaks that demanded confiscation of guns... and then killed and oppressed. The only limit to wanna be dick tators is an armed public... otherwise only criminals , mafia, and authoritarians in gov will have them, and the people .. sheep to be slaughtered

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Posted in: China says U.S. should be concerned about Japanese nationalism See in context

The big bully is trying to get Japan's big brother to let the bully get away with it s robbery. They don't call Communist thugs nationalists, but that is exactly what they are... where they demand everyone love their government or else. But more like the thugs in mafia who just kill their enemies, like the Obama regime is now doing. In the US the horror stories are beginning to leak... the gov. controlled and paid for years the Boston bombers or alleged bombers. Will they cover up the truth and investigation like they did 9/11 and Oklahoma City. They already have. The FBI told the reporters.. Do NOT look at any other photos , only the ones we show you... because there are photos of them practicing for the bombing, and other incriminating evidence The US is become China s boy

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Posted in: Woman slashed on Yamanote line See in context

what a sicko. why would anyone do it. I ll take a bat with me in case I see the depraved psycho

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Posted in: N Korea threatens nuclear retaliation against Japan See in context

The PSYCHOPATHS can't even understand their own words: any attempt by Japan to shoot down NK s missiles ? Shooting missiles at someone IS WAR. Can someone please take out these madmen who starve their own people to build a huge army to terrorize. Nothing revolutionary about crazy little boys with weapons. Lets see you truly become revolutionary and feed your people like your communist manifesto preaches... for the people. peoples army, peoples revolution. Ha . Nothing but OPRESSORS. North Korean people, and army. THROW your leaders out .

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Posted in: Miike's new crime thriller an intense human drama See in context

We don't need more crime thrillers.. there is already an overload of that kind of trash. Why not write a book and make films on something that is good, brings out the good, and doesn't pander to the cheap emotions of crime and crap

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Posted in: Cardinals fail to elect new pope on first day of conclave See in context

I pray for a guy who has radical faith, not just a hat full of papal duties. Someone who can say... rituals over, get back to the basics of real , pure , true Christianity of love for Jesus, the Bible and giving to the world. Let the priests marry and have children so they can relate to people and not be tempted to get weird with boys... Someone who sees the world in desperate need of love and truth, not a compromiser.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for throwing newborn baby daughter's body into irrigation channel See in context

She killed her treasure. They do it by the millions in the US

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Posted in: Obama, Abe firm on N Korea; no decision on TPP See in context

Abe should treat the TTP like the plague. It s not progressive; it s nothing but a trap

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Posted in: Abe says he won't tolerate China island challenge See in context

Strong words are easy to say and lead to more. Would he say them if the US was not there to back him.. Japan desperately needs natural gas and I hope it produces a lot for them... but won't do any good if there is war

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Posted in: G-7 seeks to defuse currency war fears over falling yen See in context

The villain is not Japan; it is the central bankers who have created a monster. Why not bring the Rothchilds, Rockefellers and their gang of thieves to justice. Take them over , take all their wealth, and go back to a simpler system. We don't need an international banker group dictating the money supply and controlling the world. But of course it will never happen... they will get their way, and bring on the eventual crash and the inevitable new economic system and complete tyranny.

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Posted in: Poll asks men what behavior by women turns them off See in context

With every complaining finger pointing at women there are three pointing back at you! How are YOU doing and how are YOUR manners, dress, concern and hygiene? Be thankful women are not like men or it would be a boring place. Men, start acting like men, be respectful and kind to the girls and women, and you will find they will be that way with YOU

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Posted in: Abe: China radar-lock on Japan ship 'dangerous' See in context

To hell with the UN. They are not the world government and they are probably the ones actually behind wars. I don't mean the people from each nation that go to talk and vote, but those who control from behind the scenes. They would love everyone to have to come to them , as that is why they were created... to be the world government controlled by the banksters. You can never trust power hungry people. they are addicted and always want more. If Japan and China had any guts, they would sit down together and share the stupid islands

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Posted in: Stepped-up seismic activity raises concerns that big quake may be looming See in context

It s human nature to be lulled into a false sense of security when there is no major quake. People do need a constant reminder, as there are some things we can do to be prepared, like taking some emergency things with you when you go out the door; have enough emergency water and food; cooking gas, stove, matches, candles, lanterns , batteries, and money on hand if banks close. I'm surprised by the number of people I talk to that do not have basic food, water and supplies stored for emergencies. As we walk out the door each day, we just might not be back for awhile, or we might not see our loved ones again. Love them now

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Posted in: Make allies, not kill lists See in context

The US gov considers the American people its enemy. That's because it s not really the American government anymore. It's been hijacked, and the soviet style system of purges is coming back. Now it is only laying the brainwashing of who is an enemy; then as they pass the legislation and begin to enforce the police state, anyone they say is a terrorist can be liquidated. Most Americans refuse to wake up and are going to be rudely awakened one day soon

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Posted in: British lawmakers approve gay marriage in historic vote See in context

It s never the right time to do the wrong thing. The disease is spreading.. governments pushing for open gay marriage, gays in military; apologize if you say anything negative about homosexuals; but you can say anything negative and vicious about others; what a sick world and it s going down fast. Why would governments even be taking their time to vote on such a ridiculous thing when their economies are crashing..and problems exploding. WHO is pushing this agenda? Keep your sex your life to yourself

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Posted in: Japan hits back at critics at Davos See in context

don't you just love it when some goes against the international central bankster system.

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Posted in: S Korean activists to put 'comfort woman' statues in Asia See in context

Foolish people. That was the Japanese government at that time not the government now. Japan is different and paid heavily for it s wars. You need to forgive and forget and stop stirring up anger from the past. You need to unite because there is a much worse danger lurking over your shoulder in N K. and the coming world government

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Posted in: At least 5 die in shootings on bloody Chicago day See in context

A good example of what happens when you ban guns. Only the lawless evil people have them and then they can do anything they want and there is NO protection for law abiding people. Police cannot protect you, they only come after and clean up the mess. DEMAND your rights to protect yourselves in savage america

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Posted in: U.S. gun-rights lobbyist says ad attacking Obama 'ill-advised' See in context

Still the ad is true and you will see how evil this government is going to get. It s only the beginning of their hypocrisy and hate for freedom. Ego maniacs

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Posted in: Japan seeks answers after suffering highest terror death toll since 9/11 See in context

The Algerian government didn't care much about the hostages . What were the real conditions and how could the situation been diffused without a slaughter... is what needs to be known clearly. Maybe the Algerian gov didn't care how many died, just as long as they got control of their oil station.

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Posted in: Stubborn national politics drag down global economy See in context

You are wrong and are speaking the globalist programming. The only way out is to let the free market to be allowed to make corrections. What you call, nations doing their own thing. What should be done is to raid all these central bankers, put them in prison, and take all that wealth in each nation and let it be used for each country instead of the banks holding it for their own gambling.

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Posted in: 40 years later, abortion rights still contested in U.S. See in context

Always remember girls that with an abortion your womb is weakened and can cause deformed early births in the future. Take your sexuality seriously and if you catch a sperm and get a baby... that is a MINI YOU. You wouldn't kill YOU would you?

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Posted in: 40 years later, abortion rights still contested in U.S. See in context

a womans choice is whether she should make love to a guy or not. If she gets pregnant, then THEY both are responsible for that precious child. What is more of a right... a person's right to live or a couple's selfishness to kill their own child

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Posted in: 40 years later, abortion rights still contested in U.S. See in context

It s a right to HAVE a baby, it s murder to kill one. The use of the phrase.. terminate a pregnancy... is a soft way of saying... killing your own child.

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Posted in: Cheap is king in recession-mired Japan See in context

it s always good to support the local shops as it keeps your job going as well. We are all in this together. But of course those you learn to survive on less always win during hard times. When layoffs hit companies, those who create small businesses can survive.

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Posted in: Schwarzenegger takes a 'Stand' in new film, with cue from Eastwood See in context

I d like to see Swarzenegger and Eastwood in a Patriot movie making a last stand against the growing tryranny in the government, resisting gun confiscation, etc. Now that is one EVERYONE would want to watch. but of course it will never happen....

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Posted in: Shares lose 2.56% as yen surges See in context

Japan can't survive with the yen at low 80 s . It will go high and stay there for awhile.

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Posted in: Stimulus addict Japan gets huge fix from Abe See in context

It s difficult and painful to take the strong medicine of cutting off the drug of mass printing and debasing the currency, and it will look like a good idea for a while, but it will come back and hit us in the back of the head with a brick. It s those nasty international bankers laying the trap and Japan is again stepping into it as it doesn't see the noose tightening in the future when the big moneys crash it all and take it all. Better to change the system, be simple, get off the dollar standard, back the currency with reality and get back to farming also. Don't need millions of people pushing computers all day in prisons called offices. Where are the innovators, creative geniuses with new ideas for new lines of products... and ideas. Better to do like Gaddafi did and get off of international loans, fiat monopoly money , and back the currency with a mixture of valuable and precious metals, even rice if that s all you have.. ha

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