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Posted in: Trump eyes big reveal as veepstakes hits final stretch See in context

Trump 2024!!

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Posted in: Biden concedes debate fumbles but declares he will defend democracy See in context

Trump came and took a big one on Biden's backyard.

Even democrats are in crisis on this.

Haha is so funny, the excuse this was used a few days ago about the "cheap fakes" , The world saw the reality that the Dems where hiding and making excuses.

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Posted in: Psychiatric exam finds Abe's accused killer mentally fit See in context

I think he was really aware of what he was going to do.. His emotions took the best.. or better said.. the worst of him.

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Posted in: New York's top court declines to hear Trump's appeal of gag order in his hush money case See in context

A huge leftist fan on this article! Trump 2024!!

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Posted in: Japan enacts laws for new foreign worker scheme See in context

@ian same question, where does it said that about not bringing the zairyu card the PR will be revoked?

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Posted in: Japan pop band's video withdrawn over colonialism, slavery imagery See in context

Ewr, is call history, history is there to learn from it.

And do I agree, Colonialism do more good thant bad.

Many people write colonialism off as racism and white supremacy. There is no denying the fact that there were atrocities committed against natives people in places like Latin america and the Belgian Congo. But people fail to talk about the many things brought to the world by western colonialism such as modern farming techniques, fair legal systems, western medicine, and many more things we take for granted. if we take Africa for example, before colonialism Africa was a lawless landscape divided by hostile tribes that were constantly at war and disease ridden. European powers brought stability when they landed. That tribal way of life would have continued into the 21st century if it never happened. It just seems that besides some atrocities and discrimination colonialism did more good than bad.

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Posted in: Japan pop band's video withdrawn over colonialism, slavery imagery See in context

Japan is becoming woke, please no!!

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Posted in: Far-right parties make big gains in European Parliament elections See in context

Big win in Europe! Next the USA, please stop the wokeness!!

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Posted in: Claudia Sheinbaum set to be Mexico's first woman president See in context

Hmm leftist...

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Posted in: Israel orders new evacuations in Gaza's last refuge of Rafah as it expands military offensive See in context

Those pro-palestinans / pro- Hamas supporters had shown their "long-life" support to Palestine... Since 10/7

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Posted in: Trump increasingly directing personal attacks against independent rival Robert F Kennedy Jr See in context

Leftists propaganda..

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