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Posted in: U.S. House panel prepares contempt vote against Barr over Mueller report See in context

If they get a contempt vote they should insure the practice of being able to lock someone up for contempt in the jail is exercised to keep it usable rather than symbolic. They should keep him locked in there until he agrees to testify, feeding him 1 chicken a day until he cockadoodles some fake news and lies for mass consumption - if not perjury if it were possible if that weren't ajoke.

Got to give him credit for not showing up and lying through his teeth.

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Posted in: Parts of crashed F35 stealth fighter jet found in sea off Aomori See in context

Must have been those Chinese stealth interceptors that are top secret, out to hunt down and obtain vital information because they were called out for attending sites in person such as Tappy espionage. Now they must be resorting to secretly intercepting Japanese stealth fighters with their super stealth fighters from a cost breakdown version of all US war programs obtained from the internet - those dastardly Chinese espionagists.

None the less you think that the blackbox would have a beacon or ERP that is able to be activated it is what a 250+ million dollar jet and it doesn't have an emergency radio beacon that activates in a crash during peacetime operations???? No ERB for the pilot??? ouch. You don't want to go down in that.

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