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Will Goode comments

Posted in: Hot dogs - and cats - get wearable fans to beat Japan's scorching summer See in context


gadgets in the American home is the least of our problems- it’s trucks and cars - most of which are Toyota !

Until we reduce carbon extraction and oxidation green house effects will multiply!

Sure the Prius was a start, but wildly expensive for what it is!

We are now at 417ppm CO2, and the surface temperature of the sea is rising, which means the land doesn’t cool down as much, particularly on crowded little islands like JAPAN !

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Posted in: Nursery school head may face charge over boy's death in bus See in context

We’re going to see more of these vehicle deaths, both kids and animals, with Global warming, the rescue time gets less, wish you guys would get back onto Nuclear, instead of importing so much Australian coal

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Posted in: Fukushima laments a recovery without Olympic witnesses See in context

@Paul G

fully agree, move on, celebrate

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Posted in: Toyota revs up its digital mapping subsidiary Woven Planet See in context

After the hype version 9 FSD , didn’t materialise, now without radar, just eight cameras.

I’d be interested to know if Akido Toyoda was going to stick with Hybrid ?

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Posted in: Xiaomi grabs number two spot in surging smartphone market: survey See in context


well indeed enemy soldiers with smartphones, would be a security risk, they’ve probably been told not to take selfie’s with road signs in the background

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Posted in: Heavy rain pounds southwest Japan; alert issued for 245,000 residents See in context


lot of techno fixes, too funny you don’t even mention planning dropping human plague numbers, these little island nations like Java with 179 million and you 126 million ! That’s an ecological disaster right there! And Gov says you need to avoid population reduction, wasn’t it in 2019 they proposed more migrant intake, yes economically but ecologically and climatically a disaster ! Same all over the World !

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Posted in: Heavy rain hits Sea of Japan coast; flood warning issued See in context

My post was on topic, it was the over use of coal which has led to climate change, and subsequent weather events like this and more to follow.

It is indeed true our burgeoning population, as a result of abundant energy, has significantly changed this Planets weather patterns, with droughts and flooding rains, fires and polar vortex.

More rain in the same region as lives were lost is indeed tragic, are the mudslides also due to tree loss for solar plant ?

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Posted in: 2 feared dead, 20 missing after large mudslide hits Atami See in context



like doing something about a population after it’s born is much harder than birth control, same say no to planning permission easier than moving house, but this is different Government on purpose made it worse;vanityofvanitiesToday  06:31 pm JST

BBC reporter suggested cutting trees of the upper mountain of the area to build solar panels might have contributed to the disaster.

Yes it did !

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Posted in: Japan's population falls to 126.22 mil in 2020; drops out of top 10 in world See in context

Well the con-census by the expats on here is that it’s a GOOD THING, so maybe it’s the politicians that are out of touch, it certainly helped CHINA to have 500,000 less , look at them now !

Its no longer all about the humans, it’s more about the biosphere

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Posted in: Automakers face a threat to EV sales: Slow charging times See in context

First GBR48 time to do your research; if you think that is the answer suggest to your Government they partner with Chinese firm #NIO and two; try supporting Japan by recommendation for electrifying all vehicle by 2025 by HYBRIDOLOGY using only 2kwh NiMH per car, while lasting long long time and going 60mpg, that’s the best way forward; follow the lead of PRIUS.

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Posted in: It's official: Spectators from abroad will not be allowed at Tokyo Olympics See in context

This would be the biggest spreader of all time, even with just the athletes

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Posted in: China's BYD, Hino announce electric truck venture See in context

Maybe Desert Tortoise but with Japan in form of Hino am sure quality will go up, I think LiFePO is the future chemistry, maybe pantograph charging ?

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Posted in: On mission to eradicate virus germs, Chinese firms see the UV light See in context

Well virusrex vehicles, especially their ventilation system were not made to be cleaned this way, in fact same with cars and buildings, we maybe have to rethink and redesign air-conditioning ducting, completely, not just now but for ever

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Posted in: Oil price crash: Will it affect the move to green energy? See in context


Time to consider a Tesla, has bio hazard filter

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Posted in: Gov't set to revise law allowing Abe to declare state of emergency over virus See in context

Two years with one year extension seems like long time, too long

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Posted in: Toyota's China sales sink 70% in Feb See in context

Do a Toyota Hybrid Camry sales pitch, especially for ride share, like Taxi and DiDi, also Tokyo could replace all those stupid old crowns with door opening white Camry for Olympics, that would boost sales, if you care !?!

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Posted in: Experts ponder why cruise ship quarantine failed to prevent spread of virus See in context

Seems like quarantine not going to work, healthy people not going to die, so. . .

Remove all masks, let all people travel, make them healthy, no more eating bats and for their lungs no more smoking, give the people fresh air, reduce population and reduce pollution, fewer cars and coal burning and plastics burning.

Already most people live.

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Posted in: Good sleep practices may boost performance in older shift workers See in context

I work four till four sleep five to ten, then have a nap two thirty to three thirty, three days a week, works fine

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Posted in: Sapporo Snow Festival ending after unprecedented lack of snow See in context

Ski resorts in the Pyrenees say the same, here in Australia, our all year emissions will be double because of those fires, and less trees means more extreme each year, sorry grandchildren, we didn't all drive Prius !

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Posted in: Conflicting studies point to meat moderation as healthy diet See in context

Average Indian 4kg a year, average Westerner 80kg of meat a year, I think we know which one is healthier

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Posted in: 66 more people confirmed with coronavirus on cruise ship in Yokohama See in context

The simple test is the temperature of the forehead, the longer test is grow the culture from a sample from the throat.


you can have flu, pass it on and show no symptoms for two weeks.

This is indeed a PANDEMIC

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Posted in: Tesla stock is soaring. Madness or visionary investing? See in context

It seemed to get frightened just before a thousand, but Amazon and others have two thousand american dollar shares so the next rally I predict it will go over to $1500.

Model 3 very popular here in Australia, my car is a Prius, but next car, electric Tesla for sure !

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Posted in: Gov't official looking after returnees from Wuhan found dead See in context

Hmmm, can't tell if he's collapsed or fallen from a great height, let's bring in the prosecutors to investigate, lol.

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Posted in: Prosecutors issue arrest warrant for Ghosn, 3 Americans over his escape See in context

He certainly didn't run away like a coward. It was an extremely brave and well executed plan, had it not worked he would be in prison fir a year and the Americans for three, hmmmm again that's not fair, why do they get three, and Ghosen only one if caught, should be the other way round

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Posted in: Air conditioning for all? Hotter world faces risk of 'cooling poverty' See in context

Meanwhile in your neighbour China they provide the power for air-conditioning this way

with pebble nuclear reactors

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Posted in: Woman arrested after bodies of husband, daughter found at home in Fukui Pref See in context

99% who do this are unemployed, 99% are then convicted, and yes the safest city, most of these occurred behind shutters in the home, they hang on to dead bodies, they kill their parents, yet the streets are quite safe !

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Posted in: Automatic brake detects nighttime pedestrians where there are no street lamps See in context

Is it called automatic high beam or automatic dipped beam, cos its function presumably is to dip when needed

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Posted in: Docomo joins 5G alliance for Connected Industries and Automation See in context

I think its industrial uses for IoT , manufacturing and autonomous driving, far outweigh the need for everyone to get on board with their phones, 4G is adequate and better range, so quercetum, you will be waiting for a long time I am sure !

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Posted in: Toyota, Suzuki partnering in self-driving car technology See in context

Why does nobody work with Tesla ?

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Posted in: British airports to introduce 3D screening for carry-on bags See in context

Actually I do feel this is a good idea for all airlines but wish they would enforce the size weight limit more.

Passengers in my opinion are still travelling with too much weight.

It is nice to buy local when you arrive and leave behind maybe for your guests or others, like in Op Shops when you leave.

I do that with all jumpers and coats, when I go to the UK, and carry-on much less.

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