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Posted in: Japan gov't sticks with plan to unveil new era name before May 1 See in context

If its an era for the Emperor, the answer is not "2019", that's the era for Jesus.

Ir would be say ming1, (next 1stMay) ming2 and so on till he passes away.

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Posted in: Ghosn admits he signed papers on post-retirement pay; Saikawa also questioned See in context

I feel he was tricked by the Florange Law (Macron) and tricked by Nissan Board wanting to deferr to get around cap rules, the French Government threatened his CEO position at Renault unless he pushed for take over, far from being a villain Ghosn is a production hero for Nissan, with some childish bookwork and a big ego, but the French Government maybe need to answer some questions, I think they are the problem.

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Posted in: Ghosn admits he signed papers on post-retirement pay; Saikawa also questioned See in context

So we have established that Saikawa is certainly one of the whistle blowers, that is why @Reckless

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Posted in: Nissan hit by new inspection scandal See in context

So its their QA Department, but Nissan is a big company, can't they bring in someone from Sunderland ?

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Posted in: Seeds of Renault-Nissan crisis sown in Macron's 'raid' See in context

Its all very interesting, but we should perhaps also mention the Japanese Government setting Executive pay caps in 2010, or trying to reign in Ghosn , which might have precipitated this "deferred remuneration" confusion, on which the case now rests.

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Posted in: WHO says it is creating panel to study gene editing See in context

"Broken the law", oh my goodness, another state that thinks Judges in Wigs are the arbiters of ethics, and that being locked up is the solution.

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Posted in: Are doctors and teachers confusing immaturity and attention deficit? See in context

The strange this about oatmeal this discussion oatmeal us that no one seems to oatmeal have actually noticed the strength of the oatmeal findings in that 34% in oatmeal diagnosis was literally for no other oatmeal reason, other than if the child's birthday was in oatmeal August or September, in other words "age in class ! "

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Posted in: Nissan delays decision on Ghosn successor See in context

So America has Trump, UK has Brexit, now Japan has this , unravelling their very core.

What started three years ago, by Macron, has become a full on power struggle, and I'm afraid poor old Ghosn is just caught up in it, as is Saikawa.

Hope they can save face and get some leadership team back, you can't last long at the top of the automobile industry without very strong Directors,supported by the shareholders.

Why did Japan not buy more shares ?

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Posted in: Nursing assistant gets 24 years for lacing colleague’s drink with drug, causing her death in car crash See in context

So confession that she was aware might have an accident, described as total disregard for life, that's all they needed , throw away the key.

It was a mild sedative she used and felt others should use, in this case with tragic consequences, because we all know you should never use heavy machinery after taking any drug, drink or full meal that makes you tired.

Yet it occurred many times and was even filmed !

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Posted in: Ex-Nissan chief Ghosn to be served with fresh arrest warrant See in context

If they let him out without damaging his mind, he will go to GM, and then we will see what happens to Japanese Car Industry.

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Posted in: Japan's last pager service ends after 50 years See in context

Yes faxes are embarrassing, but phones are moving into the 5G era, they are the future.

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Posted in: NTT Docomo to set up test lab in Guam for 5G verifications in 2019 See in context

So Guam is an American Military Base, is it for that purpose ?

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Posted in: Ghosn's legal woes highlight governance failings in Japan See in context

No one is saying he was paid too much, or not paying tax, or that he was leading the company in the wrong direction or making 10million bad cars affecting the Earth, they just say he was not reporting to shareholders, so why is Renault not cross ?

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Posted in: 'What we're eating is killing us' - global nutrition report See in context

When the World can actually say parents are responsible enough to have the number of children the World can support depending on emissions, pollution and leaving enough space for other species, then we will eat within our means and our health, so many countries profit off sugar and palm oil, that other people just get fat, is the economic system of greed, one nation to another.

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Posted in: Ghosn's legal woes highlight governance failings in Japan See in context

The whistle blower, and there's now three ! Are cheap plea barginers, with no real legal or financial understanding, just scared, unlike Carlos Ghosn who will stand up to this attempt to discredit him, in court !

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Posted in: Ghosn says he does not want to make false confession: sources See in context

Failing to report half the money he WAS or HOPED to receive, seems like no "crime", and punishment a small room is laughable, what a colossal waste of a human mind and an embarrassment of a punitive system.

He did the right thing not to sign a confession, this man needs a release and an apology, then the matter needs to go to arbitration so the great man can recover.

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Posted in: Japan's justice system under scrutiny over Ghosn's continued detention See in context

As we keep saying its not a tax issue, he hasn't even been paid the money, the buildings are not his, he along with others might stay there, there is no issue from pay from Renault or Mitsubishi, neither has there been using the same system for eight years, so it is very very odd that he should be treated in such a bad way on the word of an annonomous whistleblower

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Posted in: Man pretends to visit Muji stores 5.62 million times in 6 weeks; gets arrested again See in context

Its theft pure and simple.

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Posted in: Robots in the field: farms embracing autonomous technology See in context

Also the run-off from chemical over use will be reduced, and after the research will come the manufacture, and again China will help, so I wish America didn't come between us on that .

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Posted in: Countering China: U.S., Japan and India push for open Asia See in context

What if we don't side against China, what if the World United, now there's a thought and a reason to be optimistic about the good quality sustainability of all creatures

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Posted in: 4K, 8K ultra-high-definition broadcasting begins in Japan See in context

So. . . we have 5G to our phone, and WiFi to our car, and fibre to our home, and satellite to our TV, and newspaper to our front lawn !

But it will still be useful after the Olympics won't it ?

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Posted in: Trump urges Abe to balance U.S. deficit with Japan 'very quickly' See in context

Offer to buy American coal and oil at a premium, that'll quieten Trump, putting up domestic energy prices, rather than adding to Okinawa's problems by filling it with JapaneseWar Planes (F35s) !

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Posted in: Trump urges Abe to balance U.S. deficit with Japan 'very quickly' See in context

Maybe Trump doesn't realise militarising the Planet is not in the best interests of the remaining species, whereas Rivian & Tesla exports might be.

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Posted in: Japanese prosecutors say they will detain Ghosn as long as needed See in context

So it now all hangs on whether you can defer your pay (via IoU's ), until the company can afford it, meanwhile the poor prosecutor is out of his depth already, and is just huffing and puffing to say "as long as it takes".

I can see compensation for wrongful imprisonment being far more than $80M.

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Posted in: Hands-free umbrella looks like a giant condom for your head See in context

I should imagine it does take a lot less energy to make, and is less liable to poke people in the eye,

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Posted in: Auditor said to have questioned Nissan on payments to Ghosn See in context

Now Olympic scandal, that detention centre is going to be full for Christmas.

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Posted in: GM to slash jobs and production in Canada, U.S., drawing Trump's ire See in context

But second only to a house, from seventeen to ninety people need (want) a new car every ten years or less, they want fuel $2/litre or less, and they don't care if its dirty diesel.

What are poor car companies to ? Pretend they can make affordable large lithium batteries, or self driving cars that make traffic jams go away.

Let their workers go, their managers, even their Chairman.

We underestimated what this thin atmosphere can support, so now Car Companies have an ethical and economic issue to solve, and Tesla thinks the solution is Mars, I think China's One Baby Policy was the right approach, what do you think ?

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Posted in: From parcel delivery to security, Singapore bets big on drones See in context

We in Australia use them for Shark Spotting, as the first line of defense against Shark Attacks.

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Posted in: Ghosn's income under-reporting 'may reach $71 million' See in context

Its a figure head payment, made up of shares,property, cars & cash.

Just as Nissan is 50% bigger than Renault, so his position would have to receive 50% more from Nissan, and what ever percentage from Mitsubishi, its like saying the Queens paid too much.

Its just a status payment, you won't break him or find out more keeping him incommunicado.

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Posted in: Japan snow crab recognized by Guinness as getting most expensive bid See in context

Hello again Disillusioned, you are right, price is a measure of shortage.

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