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Posted in: Japan’s problem with noise pollution See in context

I wish Nissan much joy with their pro plus electric vehicle navigation system and it was good to see the golf ball (like sphero), advertisement, much noise does emanate from vehicles with traditional petrol/diesel engines.

When I was down at the docks at Yokohama, I thought if the new container trucks could be HYBRID it would help noise and the smell of air too.

In the queue they could be on electric, like in the Taxi Queue is the Prius.

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Posted in: Japan’s problem with noise pollution See in context

A es I agree, and further I was surprised by loud speakers on emergency vehicles, and further I wish more delivery vehicles were electric.

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Posted in: Pavement generates power using sunlight See in context

Agreed, solar roads didn't work, but panels on the street lights worked or as some one else suggested roofing, it may be possible with these very durable panels for them to become the actual roof, maybe incorporating a second layer and evacuated space like double glazing so that way it makes electricity and makes good thermal insulation.

I think the idea of charged emergency batteries is good and I wish Japan much success in this endeavor.

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Posted in: Japanese utilities start selling uranium fuel into depressed market See in context

Just at a time we have to make electricity producing less CO2, this makes no sense at all !

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Posted in: Take a bite out of the world’s first piranha ramen in Japan See in context

I know let's kick the Amazon remaing wildlife some more while it burns, after all we hate this Planet, it would appear, let's kill two thousand Piranha for joke food, and whales although we don't like the meat.

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Posted in: As global economic picture dims, solutions seem out of reach See in context

Well its good to know the G7 are doing something about Brazil, maybe Japan can ban their beef and eat whale instead.

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Posted in: Compact vacuum cleaner See in context

Sorry we went lithium battery a long time ago, so this looks very old fashioned

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Posted in: Chinese aircraft used Japanese ships as targets in East China Sea drill: gov't See in context

Here we go again, it was South Korea last time, "locking on", gosh what a paranoid defense force !

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Posted in: 23 dead, 13,000 people hospitalized in week in Japan due to heat See in context

Also you have many more really old people also you don't stop working when it gets hot also you have underground train which gets hot also you have many buildings together, That is why more pass away than in Northern Australia

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Posted in: Nissan to cut 10,000 jobs worldwide: report See in context

Should have gone to hybrid car designs sooner

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Posted in: Raw, fried or on a bun: the many ways Japanese eat whale See in context

But she also noted wryly that the restaurant's most popular menu items are things like whale cutlets and croquettes.

"They like the things that don't taste much like whale, which seems like a bit of a waste," she added.

To waste, you can add, cruelty, they are a social creature, and you are killing its members, with small explosive hooks !

Really really bad PR for Japan.

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Posted in: Toyota moves up plan to have dealerships sell full range of models See in context

Toyota with their innovative , www.triglobal.com

should come out with a safety vehicle for oldies !

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Posted in: Trump imposes new U.S. sanctions on Iran's supreme leader, other top officials See in context

And they want lapdog England to join in, Trump needs a war, to have any chance of winning the next Election, so let millions suffer.

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Posted in: Outlook uncertain for Japan's whaling industry despite commercial restart See in context

Cat food for a nation's cats and dogs, what a shocking treatment of a majestic mammal, like a Whale !

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Posted in: Urban jungle See in context

Add to that the flight paths above, and the Underground below, not to mention, they haven't banned cars and trucks, which in most cases are still, "combustion type", and you get a feel for the smelly hit energy load, added of course to solar radiation, no wonder they have their doubts about the temperature of the Marathon Event, at the Olympics 2020.

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Posted in: New drug to boost women's sex drive approved in U.S. See in context

A tiny jab by the needle leads to better accept a big one.

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Posted in: Sailing among the stars: How photons could revolutionize space flight See in context

At least its clean energy, but the amount of junk up there does seem to be increasing rapidly, imagine if other countries adopt a Star Link approach, its going to rapidly go into the tens of thousands of "loaf " sized satellites.

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Posted in: Renault, Nissan end standoff over post-Ghosn governance See in context

No mention made of WaYMo part in this deal, which actually brought Nissan to the table, strange reporting !

Moderator: There is a separate story on that in the Technology section.

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Posted in: Gov't unveils measures to prevent car crashes caused by elderly drivers See in context

Lets not be ageist OR sexist OR racist; driving has got to the stage where its better tested with the inclusion of a simulator like a pilot, a health test, again, like a pilot, and occasional drug&alcohol testing,as you get with an operator of potentially dangerous machinery.

By all means get car companies like Toyota on board, am sure they would love the challenge, it would appear its been too difficult for Tesla.

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Posted in: Carbon zero: The business case for renewable electricity See in context

Decarbonization of Electricity Production is achieved through Nuclear, but decarbonization of forest burn, both accidental and on purpose is of major concern, as is methane from farming and thawing , a far more more potent Greenhouse Gas, which also has doubled to 2ppm

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Posted in: Nissan to cut CEO's pay for overlooking Ghosn's alleged misconduct See in context

Agreed this is the way they should have dealt with Ghosn, its just cos he's a foreigner, they deserve their profit drop, I will never buy Nissan again, and I see Renault wants to join with Fiat Chrysler instead.

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Posted in: Want a bed? See in context

Anyone know where you can get the polypropylene weave mattress, cool light and washable, used one in Kamata, but couldn't find one to buy, its made in Osaka I believe, tried IKEA, no luck, another one know or can put me in touch with organisers of the bed show, could be a great export for Japan, perfect for Australia !

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Posted in: Parts of Japan experience record high temperatures for May See in context

You do realise that what little you do to keep CO2 ppm under 420 is dwarfed by Chinese influence to promote increased coal usage in surrounding nations under cheap BRI loans !

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Posted in: G-20 agriculture ministers agree to boost productivity See in context

Well it does when its bagged and removed, down from 500 to about 20 rad, if that, get over it no ones dying, of much more concern is the chickens and pigs dying of flu.

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Posted in: AI-based automotive stereo camera improves nighttime performance of automatic braking See in context

Different you need radar like Tesla (not lidar), for poor visibility conditions, but Hitachi Stereo Camera work well in the clear, light or dark.

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Posted in: Japan to announce participation in U.S. lunar project by year-end See in context

Maybe we can put nuclear waste there

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Posted in: 2 teens arrested after woman on moped injured by rope across road See in context

Three other cases in twenty comments, all kids pranking, but as you would imagine bad outcomes , broken bones and tendon damage, no one died, no intended victim, a year in juvenile detention, not attempted murder.

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Posted in: Death by diet: the race to transform the world's bad food habits See in context

Feeding the "ten billion", is the least of our worries, maybe food should be the constraint rather than CO2 emissions

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Posted in: 'Driving graduation ceremonies' help coax elderly to give up licenses See in context

Yes I think technology will come to the rescue, Tesla and Toyota are both working on safer mobility options.

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Posted in: Boeing wins confidence of shareholders, prepares for key 737 MAX test flight See in context

The real answer is to lengthen the wheel struts of the plane , then the engine can fit under the wing as Airbus have done.

Its the right engine to use as it is more efficient but its diameter is greater than the 737 was originally designed for, so it won't fit under the wing and at the same time give enough ground clearance, that is why they moved it forward, that is why they then needed a trim adjustment program to compensate, that is where the fault lies.

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