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Posted in: Toyota to assemble Lexus in Canada: Trudeau See in context

Interesting, my new battery for my 2006 Gen2 Prius mentioned recycling to there, becoming quite the centre for hybrids outside of Japan.

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Posted in: The future of a countryside fading into oblivion See in context

Lines which are designed and built from the era of freight are high maintenance, with many unstable timber sleepers, the curves are wrong to upgrade to high speed passenger service, and population corridors have moved away from the tracks, the same is happening here in Australia, there is much debate as to what if anything can be done with them, I would like to see single overhead rail supporting high speed gondolier.

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Posted in: Abe, Trudeau extol Pacific trade pact without U.S. See in context

Excluded from both CPTPP and BRI , America is going to lose the trade and turn to war.

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Posted in: 3D goggles may soon help surgeons see better See in context

Wow that's amazing, they're a clever lot the Polish

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Posted in: Trump pressed Abe to have Japan build more vehicles in U.S.: Hagerty See in context

Meanwhile China is asking Tesla to be built there, that is the future, break your ties and join the BRI.

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Posted in: Eye on the ball See in context

Is she balancing on her nose, if so very well done, should go far

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Posted in: Heisei era: Three generations look back, and ahead See in context

Its also the right time like green fields BRI, to reduce emissions this era, time is running out.

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Posted in: No. of travelers to reach record high as 10-day Golden Week holiday begins See in context

Half a million out of 120million going overseas, 24 million on domestic trip, same as last year, its hardly huge.

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Posted in: Panasonic may upgrade Japan plant to make advanced Tesla batteries See in context

Absolutely the best thing Panasonic can do, the cell, seventy millimetres long and twenty one millimetres wide is holding 30% more power, and will be in great demand for homes and cars around the World.

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Posted in: Giga Big Mac returns to McDonald’s Japan, along with Grand Big Mac and new Big Mac Jr See in context

Sounds like its time for a rerun of the documentary, "SUPERSIZE ME".

GenZ is struggling with obesity and diabetes, at least put a " Government Health Warning" on the packaging, as we do with cigarettes !

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Posted in: Stubbed out: Japanese university stops hiring smoking professors See in context

I agree with this, but unfortunately, as nicotine is more addictive than heroin, when this happened, children of poorer families suffered terribly. No money for food, toys, clothes, holidays.

What surprises me is no poster has mentioned the revolution in products that give you nicotine without the smoke, it is super easy to give up "breathing in burning leaves and paper", when any super market will sell gum or spray or patch.

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Posted in: Samsung delays launch of folding Galaxy smartphone See in context

Doesnt matter its South Korea, meanwhile Norway have this !

The P2 Xcursion is designed to be not only affordable, but also to have an unusually roomy cockpit that can carry two people plus a generous amount of luggage. Instead of floats, it uses a fuselage that is self-buoyant and float wings that also provide greater stability. The blended fuselage with a retractable undercarriage is streamlined and the canopy and airfoils reduce drag.

In terms of the numbers, the P2 Xcursion with its composite construction weighs only 750 kg (1,653 lb), yet can carry a payload of 240 kg (529 lb). It has a maximum cruising speed of 130 knots (150 mph, 241 km/h), and a maximum range of 845 nm (972 mi, 1,565 km).

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Posted in: Tesla investigating incident of parked car exploding in Shanghai See in context

Hydrazine explosion at Canaveral on same day, poor old Elon.

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Posted in: NTT to launch trial farming support service with drones, AI tech See in context

That is a great idea, well done Japan, obviously also emissions reduction too is important so Global Warming isn't bringing more insects, maybe Electric Cars.

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Posted in: Honda slows Accord, Civic production in U.S. as buyers shift to SUVs See in context

Yes as Nissan is too (down 15%), maybe you need Ghosn to help you make EVs.

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Posted in: Celebration of Japan's new era big opportunity for businesses See in context

Shame to think of all those Dead Elephants from making those IVORY HANKOs

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Posted in: Kobe city bus hits several pedestrians; 2 dead See in context

Gosh only two pedals, in my day we had three, and we had to double declutch, seems to me autonomous Tesla can't come soon enough.

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Posted in: High school girl skirt lengths and hair fashions once again in a flux See in context

Maybe looking at the picture if pedestrian crossings were freshly painted, along with all road markings there would be fewer accidents, yesterday an old guy today a bus, a least fewer unemployed old children killing their parents this week.

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Posted in: Yellow vest demonstrators, police clash in Paris See in context

Six months of weekend violence and no end in sight, shows how fragile is a calm society, and I agree, shocking how easy to raise money, for some old building, for some religion that is supposed to care for people, especially at Easter, hopefully wouldn't happen in Japan.

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Posted in: Police suspect human error in fatal car crash in Tokyo See in context

Hmmmm, is this a real story, Prius knocks over a garbage truck, and a bicycle with a three year old has no seat just a basket, this is not making sense.

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Posted in: Japan looks to fight gambling addiction ahead of casino openings See in context

The big money is in Casino's, well done Japan, better than a wealth tax, redistribute wealth.

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Posted in: Woman, 3-year-old daughter killed, 8 others injured after car, garbage truck collide in Tokyo See in context


Great article, shame its not a hyperlink, but if you paste to google, yes they did have issues with that car, with an overlong pedal (3/4"), and a mat that can dislodge, just a little surprising and tragic it happened here.

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Posted in: Woman, 3-year-old daughter killed, 8 others injured after car, garbage truck collide in Tokyo See in context

Mother and child riding out on crossing, no helmets, seen it all the time, but pedestrian hit seventy metres before crossing, accelerator didn't return, but no mention of brakes, seems odd, in all the comments only one about "autonomous", non about driving safety aids, it does seem odd you would hit a pedestrian and continue at high speed into truck, if there wasn't something electrically wrong with the car, so yes investigate the car.

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Posted in: Lazing about See in context

Lazing, or bored in a man made environment.

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Posted in: Apple in talks with potential suppliers of sensors for self-driving cars See in context

another person familiar with the talks said. The three people familiar with the talks declined to be identified because the discussions are not public.

Is this spying ?

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Posted in: Japanese space start-up to launch rocket on April 30 after last year's fiasco See in context

Fingers crossed on the 30th, for the Japanese launch, the American rocket that just went up has a a potential payload of 140,000 pounds, so still some way to go.

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Posted in: Nissan revs up growth efforts after Ghosn's removal from board See in context

estimating that most people only use their vehicles around 10 percent of the day, meaning the rest of the time could be dedicated to picking up fares. Owners could manage their car on the network using the smartphone on 5G

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Posted in: Astronomers reveal first image of a black hole See in context

And tomorrow you'll see another amazing picture, of Falcon Heavy taking off, maybe one day on its way to Mars, about as far as humans can travel.

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Posted in: Astronomers reveal first image of a black hole See in context

Does a black hole grow, shrink, stop, start, will they take over the Universe or fade away ?

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Posted in: Nissan revs up growth efforts after Ghosn's removal from board See in context

Maybe to share as to be driven, but without driver, it was called car pooling during rush hour and car rental at other times with autonomous cars blurring the line with Taxis and buses, trams and trains, the Docomo.com ebike at stations works well, Nissan have ecars for hire in Yokohama, my point is we need to clean up the last of the petrol cars they make.

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