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Willem comments

Posted in: Ukrainian unrest spreads; dozens dead in Odessa See in context

I'm European and I hate Europe. Those European goverments over here think they have the right to say and do anything. Whenever they are not hiding behind the biggest terrorist on the planet, they always like to play Mr. Adolf the second when it comes to situations like this. The European mainstream media keeps repeating the same propoganda over and over again. And most European citizens cannot think for themselfs, always blindly accept the mainstreammedia, and love to demonize Putin whenever they get a change. Personaly I can't wait to get out of this godforsaken land of fools.

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Posted in: Justin Bieber says sorry after visiting Yasukuni shrine See in context

Even if you go there (or any other memorial site) and with your full conscience you pray only for the souls people call "war criminals", then it is still not wrong or bad. They are human too. People make mistakes. Even those that have done something horrible are just disconnected from themselfs, just like you when you are not feeling well or when you're angry.. When people die, they just live on and come back another life. So they need your support in becoming a better person, not your bad mood or ignorance. That just makes it worse. It's just like Abraham Hicks says; "When you see someone bleeding in the street, we know you would help them. But when you see someone so disconnected from source energy that they are flailing about hurting others, you don't want to help them you wanna..hurt them you wanna taser them, you wanna hit them with the billy club, you want to kick them when they're down. [..]" Too bad most humans work this way... The souls that need our support the most, alsmost never get it.. From a spiritual point of view, it is literally impossible to do something wrong when you honor soldiers or "war criminals". If you really want to understand what i'm talking about, I suggest you listen to Abraham Hicks herself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kScnoEe1LnM

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Posted in: Japanese whaling group says it intends to resume hunts See in context

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. -Mark Twain

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Posted in: Australia, NZ fear Japan may try to sidestep whaling ban See in context

Even if the court ordered Japan to stop completely it's still not lying. Lying means not telling the truth. If Japan says they will stop now, but continue later, then that's obviously not lying. Unless maybe they change their mind in the future.. Call it what you want, but it's certainly not lying.

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Posted in: Suga repeats Japan won't revise 1993 apology to wartime 'comfort women' See in context

This is a different goverment than the one 60+ years ago, so it's pointless to ask for an apology anyway.

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Posted in: Would you support a U.S. military strike on Syria? See in context

I don't understand how anyone could possibly vote 'yes'.. Whoever is responsible, using violence is only going to bring more innocent victims. That should be clear by now. Besides, there's another side to this story, one that you obviously don't hear in the west. It says the rebels and indirectly America are behind the chemical attack. The rebels got the chemicals from Israel via Bandar bin Sultan. Bandar bin Sultan is in contact with the US..

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Posted in: Snowden applies for temporary asylum in Russia See in context

White House wants Russia to violate its own rule of law on asylum, having become comfortable at violating the US constitution for the NSA. - Wikileaks

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Posted in: Snowden applies for temporary asylum in Russia See in context

lostrune2Jul. 17, 2013 - 08:16AM JST

Doesn't Snowden realize Putin has an even worse human rights record than Obama?

Did you forget Obama wants him.. not Putin?

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Posted in: Twitter tunes ad targeting system See in context

bfg4987Jul. 08, 2013 - 03:20AM JST So now I have to head to my twitter and block all those companies adds?

Just install Adblock on your browser, and you'll never have to deal with it again.

Adblock plus is good, but if you don't want to be tracked in the first place, then ghostery and requestpolicy are better options.

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Posted in: Google making videogame console and smart watch: report See in context

A videogame console form Google? Perfect for those who don't care about privacy.

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Posted in: Korean campaigns for removal of Japanese flag from French stores See in context

Oh ofcourse the Koreans.... I couldn't care less if Holland had Nazi flags all over the place. A symbol alone doesn't hold any power, only the person behind it does. And how that he's gone it doesn't matter anything what happens to those flags. And setting all that aside, the Swastika isn't a bad sign at all.

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Posted in: Do you think the U.S. operation to monitor Internet users and phone calls is necessary for national security? See in context

Rather than dwell on preamble, here are some choice quotes from the session, wherein we learned that the President of the United States is totally cool with your privacy being shot to smithereens without your knowing for the last, say, six years. And a one and a two and a:

"Every member of Congress has been briefed on this program." "What you've got is two programs that were originally authorized by Congress and repeatedly authorized by Congress." "These are programs that have been authorized by broad bipartisan majorities repeatedly since 2006." "You can't have 100-percent security and then have 100-percent privacy." "I don't welcome leaks, there's a reason these programs are classified." "There are some tradeoffs involved." "Modest encroachments on privacy." "Your duly elected representatives have been consistently informed on exactly what we're doing."

So just to be clear: It's okay because we've known about it all along. In other words:

"It's cool that I'm strangling you with my bare hands, I'm totally aware that I'm doing it and my mom said it was okay." — Brian Barrett (@brbarrett) June 7, 2013

Everyone outside of America can always use Tor no problems.

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Posted in: What advantages (if any) do laptops have over tablets? See in context

By the way, cloud storage or streaming content doesn't count as storage capacity since we're talking about hardware here.

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Posted in: What advantages (if any) do laptops have over tablets? See in context

Why is this even a serious question? Like others said, laptops are more powerful, they have a proper keyboard, more storage capacity, they also have a DVD/BD drive, it's more easy to connect to an external screen and they are still portable. I work much with video editing software and laser programming, a laptop is the only way to go. tablets are nowhere strong enough for that (and the touchscreen doesn't work with the software) and I can't drag a big desktop with me the moment I have to control a lasershow.

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Posted in: Apple sells 25 billionth song at iTunes store See in context

You answered your own question: convenience. First, you don't have to leave home to buy a track you want. Second, it takes seconds to get what you want, instead of days. Third: more often than not, it's very likely that the album that has the track WON'T be found in the local store. Fourth: the local store does not exist anymore.

Sorry, but your first, third and fourth point are invalid. Try an online shop like, cdjapan, yesasia, amazon, bol.com, whatever.

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Posted in: Apple sells 25 billionth song at iTunes store See in context

MeguromanFeb. 07, 2013 - 09:45AM JST

Strange to still see people here buying CDs. One cool thing here in Japan is that we can rent CDs and then burn to iTunes. A lot cheaper then buying on the Japan-based iTunes. Of course, having a US iTunes account is much better for the range of TV, movies and prices. Though this is becoming less of a bargain with the weakening yen but the selection still rules.

Strange???? Of course not. The soundquality of CD's is way better and they are fun to collect. If anything, it's strange so many people use itunes.

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Posted in: Internet users seeking more invisibility: study See in context

If you really care about privacy I recommend these add-ons. It helps if you know a thing or two about computers though: Adblock Plus, Element Hiding Helper for Adblock Plus, Aries Cookie Block, Secure Sanitizer, AskForSanitize, BetterPrivacy (Super-Cookie (LSO) Safeguard), CookieCuller, For Human Eyes Only, Ghostery, HTTPS Everywhere, RequestPolicy (Control which cross-site requests are allowed), MAFIAAFire ThePirateBay Dancing! Automatically routes your website request via a random proxy for some (that you choose) sites.

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Posted in: Gov't, industries battle copyright infringement by hiding strongly worded letters on P2P networks See in context

"It is far from obvious that music piracy is actually hurting sales. If it doesn’t, piracy is only broadening the fanbase of an artists at no cost, and that can never be a bad thing."

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Posted in: Indicted Megaupload founder opens new sharing site See in context

Studios can charge whatever they want. You can decide if you want to buy their product, or not. A price higher than you're willing to pay doesn't justify theft.

Fair or not, piracy is NOT theft.

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Posted in: Should voting in elections be compulsory? See in context

What kind of stupid question is this.. Of course people shouldn't be forced to vote. People shouldn't be forced to do anything. It wouldn't be much of a democracy otherwise...

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Posted in: Facebook founder's sister tripped by privacy settings See in context

Facebook is one big fail.

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Posted in: What is your stance on gun control? See in context


American broadcaster Charlie Wolf said British and European people should understand and respect US culture over guns. He said Americans saw them as a "natural right of self defence" and less than 1% of shooting homicides had been in schools.

Americans never cease to amaze me.. Why do you think they say it's necessary to be able to defend themselfs with guns in the first place.. And it doesn't matter one bit where shooting homicides take place. All loss of life is bad.

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Posted in: What is your stance on gun control? See in context

Gun control? Guns need to be banned completely, no exeptions. Nobody should be able to buy or use a gun. Not citizens, not the army, not even the president, the queen, the king or the emperor. I hate ALL weapons and violence, but if you want to be the biggest son of a bitch that ever existed (in other words; end lives) than you should use a sword and FEEL your evil deed. Even the army. If they want to kill each other so badly they should stop being a coward hiding in the bushes like targ (to quote a klingon) and actually run up the battlefield and FACE each other. FEEL what you are doing. See your opponent's soul vanish before your eyes. idiots..

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Posted in: Mobile Internet forcing computers to evolve See in context

You're being a bit too general. Tablets and laptops will merge

If you mean the keyboards and separate screens are going to vanish, than no. I don't think so.

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Posted in: Mobile Internet forcing computers to evolve See in context

I honestly don't understand why people like tablets so much. Those damn things can't do anything, they are just strong enough to load internet pages, photo's and view simple movies, but that's about it. What I need is power (video editing and laser programming), a real keyboard and a screen in front of me, not almost completely flat on the table and since I need to use it at more than 1 place also portability. A laptop has it all. I can even say I would rather drag a big PC with me to work than a tablet. And I also don't understand why there are laptops being sold with Windows 8 on it.. It's a laptop for a reason.. don't give us that clumsy touchscreen crap..

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Posted in: Pepsi Special promises to restrict fat absorption See in context

So, now next to Aspartame we have more "healthy" chemical garbage. Aspartame: You can get headaches from it, migraine, loss of taste, Tinnitus, dizziness, nausea and more. It's also very carcinogenic and you can even gain weight from it. And with this "fat blocker" you have even more nonsense screwing with your body. Manufacturers keep making that poison and the people keep buying poison. I don't get it...

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Posted in: Microsoft releases IE 10 browser for Windows 7 See in context

Addons: Xmarks, Flashblock, Adblock, DownloadHelper. Done.

Not really :-P

These are just a few of my FF addons: Adblock Plus, Element hiding helper, Secure Sanitizer, Askforsanitize, Betterprivacy (deletes LSO cookies), Blocksite, Cookieculler, Flagfox, For Human Eyes Only, Ghostery (blocks trackers), HTTPS-Everywhere, MAFIAAFire: Redirector, MAFIAAFire: ThePirateBay Dancing! (just an addon that sends sites of your choosing through a random proxy), RequestPolicy (control cross site requests)

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Posted in: Microsoft releases IE 10 browser for Windows 7 See in context

If you don't care about privacy then go ahead and use Google chrome.....

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Posted in: Who do you hope will win the U.S. presidential election on Nov 6? See in context

I don't care who wins... those of us from other countries look at the nasty videos, arguments and bickering and think: these guys want to control the most powerful armed forces on the planet? Rather give a Chimp a machinegun than trust these two Muppets.


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Posted in: What is a Westerner? See in context

If only people could see right away I'm from Holland.. I don't like if people think I'm American and my mind isn't Western at all...

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