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Posted in: Most child abductions by Japanese women are a result of spousal violence. See in context

I think the quote should have been: most abductions use the excuse of spousal violence to validate kidnapping children ilegally to Japan by japanese citizens, then Japan has the unmitigated gall to protect and reward these abductors. Bottom feeders like Ohnuki pray on these women and offer calcualted plans and methods that perpetuate the stereotype of the abused japanese woman. The reality is that these abductors unilaterally decide what, in most cases, is against the best interest of the child. When will Japan join in the real search of human rights and fair treatment? Racism is at the heart of many of these cases and it's being exploited by these lawyers. Japan needs to be judged my the same yardstick as the rest of the world. AND if Japan wants to be a valued international partner it should clean its own house before pointing the finger at non japanese parents. Just because you are japanese and a women does not mean you are always right.

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