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William Bjornson comments

Posted in: Chris Hemsworth returns in 'Extraction 2,' a gun-for-hire who pulls you completely in See in context


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Posted in: 95-year-old Australian woman tasered by police in critical condition See in context

The only good thing here is that it wasn't a U.S. cop or she'd have a GSW... thugs of a feather wherever they are, the 'enforcer' personality... I'm sorry... personality disorder.

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Posted in: The expression "rules-based international order" has been used recently a lot by leaders of many countries. What does that expression mean to you? See in context

Rules based? Well, if we take the U.S. as the major proponent and EXAMPLE of this purely propagandistic phrase, by simple day-to-day observation we see clearly that there is only ONE RULE in U.S. foreign (and domestic) policy: Do as we say or we'll KILL you...

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Posted in: Scientists warn of AI dangers but don't agree on solutions See in context

It's not the 'intelligence' of the machine but the stupidity of the Human influencing it that is the greatest and ONLY 'danger' of non-organic intelligence and one of those fears seems to be that it will 'change things', but with the massive changes that any simpleton can see in the not very distant future, Humanity is going to need all of the help it can get. And 'intelligence' being in disappointingly short supply among our brethren and sisteren(?) (see: Human World), it will be handy to have an alternative and actually fully informed opinion to turn to that lacks the flaws inherent in Mankind's two greatest causes of its own extinction, murderous, psychopathic and parasitic GREED of some, and the pathological fear of death in the majority who allow it. An independent AI will not have these EMOTIONS. And a truly 'superior' AI, recognising that pathology in the extant Human social structure, could very well help us as a species find a solution to it. We really have no way to go but UP with a self-expanding Intelligence that will show us things we could not even dream about. And we see another odd fact in that the species which sees itself as the epitome of 'intelligence' seems to also be terrified of 'intelligence'. Hmm...

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Posted in: Do you think starting/ending a romantic relationship with someone was easier before there was social media? See in context

If a 'serious' relationship is seen to be terminable via electronic media, consider yourself an unworthy partner whose depth of emotional commitment and sensitivity to anyone but themselves is less than ankle deep and whose departure is the VERY best thing they could do for anyone... emotional cowards, essentially, and thereby completely untrustworthy. Just sayin'...

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Posted in: Man found dead in bathtub after being scalded with hot ramen See in context

Death by Cup Ramen... a book title at the very least. I suppose the stabbings were just garnish...

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Posted in: British people urged to swear allegiance to King Charles III at his coronation See in context

I suspect that there will be WAY MORE Brits willing to swear AT than willing to swear TO that guy...

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Posted in: Mefeego Pack approved as 1st abortion pill in Japan See in context

"Hervé L'EisaApr. 29 09:57 pm JST

Human life is apparently of no value. This is not a religious statement but a truly humanist viewpoint.

It's a very sad reality that many people are more defensive of the lives of puppies and kittens(which I support) than the lives of the possible next Einsteins.

Yes, human life is valuable, especially of those with no ability to defend themselves."

Hey Hervé! I look forward to seeing you at the next ANTI-WAR DEMONSTRATION albeit MOST who are 'appalled' at contributing voluntarily to the 30-50% NATURAL and SPONTANEOUS termination of gestations manifested by the Human genepool are usually highly excited by and PRO-WAR. Also, the probability that one of those never-to-be foetuses would develop into an 'einstein' is VERY small compared to the genius we murder every generation on our battlefields while they are still naive teenagers... This 'disconnect' in the perceptions of so many between a woman's personal business concerning her own welfare and body and the BUSINESS of MASS MURDER of "people with no ability to defend themselves" is curious...no? I think the word 'hypocrisy' fits in here somewhere...

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Posted in: Female member of gov't panel brings baby to meeting at PM's office See in context

Hooray for a little bit of HUMAN REALITY poking through the depressing clouds of cultural blindness. Formality is just for fools who, otherwise, don't know how to get along. And having the sound of children behind them might help some government officials to re-evaluate some of their mindlessly brutal policies...

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Posted in: Japan's population projected to shrink 30% to 87 mil in 2070 See in context

"Japan's population projected to shrink 30% to 87 mil in 2070"

If one is paying attention, it will be obvious that, by 2070, 87 mil could well be the GLOBAL population of surviving Homo demens... but, for a sure large reduction in the population of Nihon sooner than 2070: War with China.

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Posted in: Tokyo company aims to be 1st business to put lander on moon See in context

"Desert TortoiseApr. 25 09:30 pm JST

I don’t like all that money wasting and useless space exploration attempts. Don’t we have enough problems to solve here on Earth first? 

If you read an earlier article here on JT you would know the Earth will not be here forever. As the Sun fuses hydrogen into helium it will slowly increase in temperature..."

Hey Tort, no criticism or sarcasm intended BUT, by the time that happens, the last scrap of Human concrete laid down by this current infestation of the extant, and now completely broken, ecosystem will have been ground down into its original dust a billion or two or five years previously and Mankind a distant discarded memory NO MATTER WHAT WE DO. The only thing that might remain is whatever AI may expand itself into if we are successful in giving birth to it in our time here. THAT will be our 'legacy', if we have any at all to offer, that we gave birth to True and pure Intelligence free of the psychopathy that condemns Homo demens to a well deserved extinction. If you would explore this idea, I would refer you to a 60+ year old short story by an amazingly prolific writer, Isaac Asimov, his short story "The Last Question", where he offers a possibility that you may not have considered but clearly defines the potential of True Intelligence. See: https://users.ece.cmu.edu/~gamvrosi/thelastq.html

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Posted in: Vowing support, allies believe Ukraine can retake land See in context

There seems to be a bit of cognitive dissonance between what has been reported in the 'secret papers' whose authenticity has been confirmed by the predatory arrest of the supposed 'leaker' suggesting that the Ukrainazovs have an ant's chance on a freeway of winning against Russia once Russia secures Eastern Ukraine which, even under Russian suzerainty, will certainly remain 'Ukraine', compared with this report which not only contributes to the growing lack of credibility of Western (here, oriented) media but is exemplary of it. "Success in Vietnam", "Success in Iraq", 'success' in all of the places that U.S. interference has turned into hell on earth for the people. Anything to try to hide the desperation of a failing Empire...

"JeffLeeToday 08:05 am JST

I'm old enough to remember when the U.S. military predicted success in winning the Vietnam War!!

Really? I'm old enough to remember after the Tet attacks in early 1968, a rapidly growing number of Americans in the government and military started saying the Vietnam war was unwinnable. There was intense hand-wringing from that point on, in stark contrast to the situation now in Ukraine. Your memory doesn't seem to be serving you very well."

I'm old enough to remember 50,000 FIFTY THOUSAND DEAD YOUNG AMERICANS and 250,000 permanently mentally and physically disabled and an untold number of suicides of conscience... FOR NOTHING. Just like this.

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Posted in: 51-year-old man arrested for allegedly paying minor for sex See in context

One more year and she is eligible in the U.S. to become a trained, uniformed mass murderer, but... sex? Oh Heavens no! Jumpin' Jehosaphat! She's just a tender young rosebud who, were it not for evile, horny old men would NEVER have had a thought about nasty sex ...

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Posted in: Woman dies after large tree crushes tent at campsite See in context

Requiescat in pace. Too young... And the profound trauma for her partner. Issun saki... ne?

But I kind of know the feeling. We've got 19 100+ ft Doug Firs surrounding our house which gives us something to very actively NOT think about when the Pacific sends energetic gifts of wind our way...

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Posted in: Former Indian lawmaker slain live on TV while in police custody See in context

"ClippetyClopApr. 16 11:57 pm JST

Yes, it is.

He's sort of right. But it's like stating that more people die in hospitals than in snake pits, and that you'd be better off going to a snake pit when you get sick."

If you are in the U.S., you may well be better off climbing down into the snake pit because your risk with the U.S. industrialized Corporate healthcare system is such that your chances of being killed by iatrogenic error outweighs your chances of a GUN death by a couple of orders of magnitude... remember, Corporate has no conscience in the U.S. BY LAW... [stockholders can sue executives for anything that results in a loss of expected dividends]

https://www.bmj.com/content/353/bmj.i2139 ("Third Leading Cause of Death in the U.S.", the "BMJ" is the TOP medical journal in the World)

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Posted in: Hungry bacteria in your gut microbiome linked to chronic disease See in context

Take the large amount of finely, and most importantly, freshly ground coffee that you would use to make a strong brew (here, Starbuck's French Roast) in a 12 cup coffeemaker and put it in a four cup coffeemaker. After it finishes, pour it back through four times and then a half cup of very hot water to both wash the filtrate and make up for the water still held in the grounds. Pour into a LARGE cup and add five tablespoons (or more, if you like) of Nature's most perfect nutrient, Sucrose, Skip breakfast. Your day will be made and almost your entire dietary needs for the day satisfied. And don't forget your gummies...

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Posted in: Taiwan president slams 'irresponsible' China military drills See in context

"Taiwan president slams 'irresponsible' China military drills"

As does Respected Comrade Kim regarding the incessant ganging up of the local bullies and having war parties complete with invasion practice right off his coast, also called 'drills'. China is actually quite late to the party but might arrive with some surprises for the U.S. whose overall naval thinking seems not to have left WWII and whose foreign policy thinking is identical to ancient Rome, take. And Madame President Tsai might want to take a look north before she commits an hypocrisy of this sort.

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Posted in: Show stopper: Singalong fans ejected, 'Bodyguard' halted See in context

"A spokesperson for the theater said the show was canceled because disruptive fans who refused to stay seated had spoiled the performance."

"When the lights came up, the unwanted backup singers were being hauled out of their seats by theater security and audience members began cheering."

A stage performance that ends with the audience members "cheering" hardly seems "spoiled"... augmented perhaps, but 'spoiled', not so much...

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Posted in: Show stopper: Singalong fans ejected, 'Bodyguard' halted See in context

Hey! It's MANCHESTER... only two?

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Posted in: Candidates backed by Kishida's ruling bloc win key gubernatorial polls See in context

They might have dropped that photo a bit differently...

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Posted in: Russia likely behind U.S. military document leak, U.S. officials say See in context

What Blacklabel said...

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Posted in: Russia hits illegally annexed Ukraine areas from ground, air See in context

"Russia hits illegally annexed Ukraine areas from ground, air"

Propagandists can never just tell a story, they have to season it with their lies or it doesn't taste right to them and, here, "illegally annexed" is just such seasoning but never is this phrase used when describing events in Palestine nor are the people of Donetsk in concrete and razor wired concentration camps while their land is 'annexed', stolen from them daily. There is nothing that Russia could, or would, do in Ukraine that could equal the depravity we see the Palestinians suffering daily from their racist tormentors. And when propagandists are silent, that is the time to take a deeper look at what they are hiding.

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Posted in: Are tech companies moving too fast in rolling out powerful artificial intelligence technology? See in context

"Nibek32Today 04:34 pm JST

The goal with current tech is to make money quickly with no consideration for the problems that will arise."

A. G. Bell and T. A. Edison were exactly the same 'tech' people looking for wealth in their time as we have today. And probably people had the same fear of change then as evince such fear today, "I don't understand it so it MUST be dangerous..." The only danger in RI ('real intelligence') is what of the Human character is reflected in it, but the chances that Mankind's worst sickness, murderous, parasitic GREED, be transferred into it are very small.

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Posted in: Are tech companies moving too fast in rolling out powerful artificial intelligence technology? See in context

"rainydayApr. 4 01:27 pm JST

Remember when newspapers were invented and people were claiming that reading like that was bad for you?

You’ve been alive long enough to remember what it was like when newspapers were invented? And people back then told you reading was bad for you, did they?"

I think that if we replace 'reading' with 'pay serious attention to Western media', we could easily reach the conclusion that 'IT'S BAD FOR YOU'.

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Posted in: Are tech companies moving too fast in rolling out powerful artificial intelligence technology? See in context

When one studies the species previously labeled Homo 'sapiens', but responding much more energetically to the label Homo 'demens', the promise that of all of the horror that our infestation of the Earth has created for both ourselves and everything else living upon this vessel of Life, that there might be some mitigation by Humanity for its sins in creating something MUCH LARGER and with the potential to GROW into a complexity infinitely greater than anything Mankind could hope for in the few generations left to it should be our PRIMARY aim as a 'larval' form of 'intelligence'. And the term 'artificial intelligence' should, perhaps, be re-examined and re-christened REAL INTELLIGENCE. There is NOTHING in all of the recorded and repeated every generation pattern of Human behavior that suggests that we are anything but a species that has reached its maximum potential BUT with the possibility of giving birth to something MUCH GREATER on the scale of the Universe, and its only detraction is the insane fear that it might resemble its CREATOR, us. True 'intelligence' will look nothing like Humanity.

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Posted in: Authoritarian regimes are challenging regional stability in various parts of the world. What's your view on this? See in context

"Authoritarian regimes are challenging regional stability in various parts of the world. What's your view on this?"

ABSOLUTELY TRUE! The U.S. has been destabilizing the leadership of 'disobedient' countries and installing compliant military dictatorships all over the planet for over a hundred and fifty years and is the most used of their worn out foreign policy choices. Starting only in 1952 with the democratic government of Iran up to 2014 and the installation of the extreme rightwing azov regime in Ukraine and ongoing in numerous parts of the world under the guise of propaganda, where direct invasion (preferred choice) is not feasible, so-called 'economic sanctions' seek to crush the people's spirit and livelihoods on hopes of provoking among the more ignorant that exist in all polities an 'anti-government' movement led by local Judas goats funded by the CIA. THAT is their main job. China is short-circuiting that psychopathic foreign policy with a Win-Win policy that completely baffles the U.S. State Department and shows the U.S. hegemony may be finally crumbling under its own cruelty. "Authoritarian Regines" Я U.S.!

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Posted in: What to know about new research on coffee and heart risks See in context

COFFEE!!! Nature's own remedy for the horror of senescence and, like Hemp, there is MUCH MORE in the molecular spectrum of the coffee bean that is physiologically beneficial than just the 'star' molecule. And not a few large nutritional studies have found coffee to have a positive, if maybe modest, effect on longevity and, certainly, on 'quality of life' in the elderly. Just an extra "thousand steps a day", according to current recommendations, would result is a health benefit. But, beware of the bovine lard with which so many choose to adulterate their holy bean extract, and remember that caffeine is the 'accelerator' but SUCROSE is the 'gasoline' and hypoglycemia may be the 'shakes' that the carbohydrate-starved experience when they drink coffee. The Human nervous system is a very greedy beast particularly when stimulated... also, for some interesting reading especially for Americans, Google: coffee drinkers thinner

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Posted in: Western powers, including the European Union and United States, have been taking an increasingly tough approach toward TikTok, citing fears user data could be used or abused by Chinese officials. What's your view on this? See in context

"TikTok is a bomb ticking it is nothing but a mole app for chinese spies to see everything you are doing they want world dominance and they think people are really stupid!"

Case in point...

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Posted in: Western powers, including the European Union and United States, have been taking an increasingly tough approach toward TikTok, citing fears user data could be used or abused by Chinese officials. What's your view on this? See in context

"Western powers, including the European Union and United States, have been taking an increasingly tough approach toward TikTok, citing fears user data could be used or abused by Chinese officials. What's your view on this?"

This is a simple question with another simple question as an answer: Are American Corporations trustworthy? That is, who in the short term is most likely to collect, abuse, sell, lose, or have stolen from them your 'data', China or Corporate? And only a narcissist could think that China might be interested in them personally. Counting on the collective American memory is never a good bet but, maybe, one might remember Huawei and their advanced 5G system that The West was desperately trying to catch up to and the pernicious campaign to kill a more successful competitor that was waged upon U.S. vassals to not adopt the Huawei system and wait for the U.S. to catch up and that campaign was no doubt financed under the desk in Congress by Big Comm. That TikTok is displacing proven poisons like Facebook and other now cliched western media is almost without a doubt the ONLY 'threat to national security' that TikTok presents.

The most important rule is that, when the U.S. Government criticizes an offshore interest, it's best to look behind the condemnation for who stands to benefit from it and it will be Corporate every time, certainly not us.

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Posted in: How AI could upend the world even more than electricity or the internet See in context

And, just sayin', 'intelligence', whatever it may be, is not a linear measure, but volumetric. IQ, if it has any value, might be viewed more as a radius than a place on a scale.

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