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Posted in: Trump suggests armed deputy at Florida school was a 'coward' See in context

This is what we have come to expect of American police. If they have the advantage, they shoot wildly. In an even confrontation, they hide and hold extra tight onto their sphincters. And if there are 'good' police, their efforts are completely hidden by the HR policies which hire mostly bullies and defend these bullies when they murder people or beat them into hospitalization (if the victims are lucky). America's national character is fully expressed in our enforcement mentalities where we destroy the little fish and let the big fish eat whatever and whoever they want. And the hypocrisy of trump, a draft evader, calling anyone a 'coward' completely deflates any 'patriotic' B.S. he or his true believers are prone to gush out when this tent preacher reaches into their programmed minds and plays the dog whistle notes arousing their primitive naive and paranoic false understandings of their fellow Humans. But, modern collective America finally has the POTUS it deserves, an empty, cowardly, fat encased shell containing the pure essence of the poison which will destroy us. Sho ga nai, ne?

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Let's see...America has lower standards for its cars and makes crappier products so Japan must lower its standards as well. Is this the best argument which Corporate can come up with to explain the general lack of desire for American machinery in a country whose products define in the world excellent machinery? American cars are not popular in Japan nor, as stated here in comments, in Europe either but both Japanese and European cars are popular in the U.S.. Hmmm. If we were voting, it would be 3:0. And what's most popular in American produced cars? Pickup trucks. And who buys pickup trucks? Middle aged trumpers who drive them aimlessly around with big engines at low speeds blocking traffic and listening to rabid talk radio, hating in orgasms anything not them, and seeing trump as the living embodiment of everything they are and want to be on the inside because, without a cheerleader and model like trump to obfuscate their own self-loathing, they would have to face their barren lives trying to avoid any knowledge of how truly useless and empty they really are. And, of course, some of this knowledge is how inferior their vehicle is compared to the one they really wanted to buy but couldn't afford due to the U.S. charging import tariffs of 25% on pickup trucks and 2.5% of total value on other models. And still imports are highly popular in the U.S. while in Japan with zero such tariffs American imports have few takers. That is, many Americans will pay a premium to not have to buy an American car. Free market, eh? Only if you're a lying bully saying "Buy our junk, or else!" Have we Americans no shame? No, we don't! Never did.

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Posted in: Manga creators association says pirate sites could bring about collapse of Japanese culture See in context

If manga is still as I was accustomed to seeing it a generation ago over the shoulders of high school kids on the densha, I can't imagine a better "collapse" of J culture. At least in those days it was all bullies and blood splashed across the page. Has this changed? It would certainly fit with the Abe style of fear politics we see daily such as simple people being made terrified of North Korea's nonexistent nuclear threat so that the American's push to use Nihon as their sacrificial tool is made more likely. NK is made the bully and it becomes Japan's job to defeat such a threat. I suppose instilling such fear in Nihonjin is easier given what Nihon has done to Chosun in the past. R-e-v-e-n-g-e... Anything, even manga, which stirs the violence now latent but, for 1500 years dominant, in Japanese culture is a crime against the Nihonjin and a crime against Humanity. If manga still do this, where would its loss be?

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Posted in: U.S. naval officers at Japan base removed over 'misconduct' See in context

Drunk and wandering around naked in the woods sounds way more sane than the actual mission of everyone else on the base. And Cho and the MasterChief did what they should have done. If drunk and wandering around naked is any less sane a behavior than making a career in the Navy in the first place, I don't see it. But these are scapegoats, collateral victims of the real senior officer (admirals) incompetence which political promotion promotes. And kudos to Chief Holden who risked a lot to save an officer. You're the Navy Sir. No good man, even an officer, left behind or abandoned in crisis. Hand Salute!

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Posted in: One year after Kim's killing at Malaysian airport, suspected masterminds evade trial See in context

To u_s__reamer:

Once again the Romans get it wrong. The Romans hated and feared anything which was not obedient to them and whose behavior, even wolves, was more noble than their own. They were not condemning but extolling such behavior.

The real quote here should be:

Homo homini nec monstrum

We might recall that wolves do not prey upon each other or mass murder their own. We are the only truly pathological genepool on this planet. And we prove it every day. Our time is coming in the next two generations. The human blight will grow faster in the next two generations than it has ever before as we double from ~7.5 billion now to 15 billion mouths in the next two generations. We will never reach 15 billion mouths. Your own imagination might fill in the rest albeit the horror will be unimaginable when the collapse and dieback begin.

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Posted in: What is the best way for humans, especially city dwellers, to observe wildlife without encroaching on their habitat or putting them in zoos or aquariums? See in context

Firstly, learn what "wildlife" is. Then go outside and, even in Tokyo, look around and you will see nonHuman life all around you. Unless, of course, 'wildlife' only means relatively large mammals to you. If that's the case, you are unworthy of your own interest. Does the life of a beetle somehow seem less complicated than the life of a large cat? It's just the terrible handicap of scale blindness, seeing as relevant only that which occurs on your own size and time scale. There is enormously more Life below 1 centimeter, and way more varied Life, than larger than i centimeter. And, if you truly want to see 'Nature', sit and gaze at a plant and try to see and understand its Life from seed to seeder and its aspirations and you will find all of the Nature you can perceive at any one time. And, if you want to see how Nature and natural selection can go terribly wrong, look in the mirror at the most invasive and destructive animal in Nature and, if you 'love Nature', cry.

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Posted in: Britain defends healthcare system after Trump Twitter attack See in context

Two questions immediately come to mind. 1) How much does each individual Brit pay for health coverage compared to their Yank cousins? 2a) How many people die directly as a result of their medical care in Britain compared to the estimated 250,000 iatrogenic deaths per year which the American Corporate industrial grade healthcare system directly causes? 2b) Is Brittain's healthcare system the third leading cause of death as it is here in the U.S.?

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Posted in: Do you support drug companies using animals for testing in order to develop new medicines for humans? See in context

If we want to abuse other animals for conscienceless profit, then 'Yes' is your answer. If you see the pathological arrogance of assuming that we have any right to do so, then 'No' is your answer. In my usually vain optimism for Humanity, I must assume that many of the 65% simply do not have any idea of the kinds of abuse these individuals are exposed to. In any community in America, the people doing these things to nonHuman animals would be immediately arrested for abuse, imprisoned, and banned from even coming close to another nonHuman. Drug companies have the same morality as drug cartels, same business model. Pick your friends and, if they are corporations like the drug companies whose products kill more people in America than all illegal substances combined, know yourself for what you are, the moral dregs of Humanity.

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Posted in: Granddaughter of diplomat who saved Jewish refugees keeping his spirit alive See in context

Sugihara-sensei would be horrified by the zionists. "Finally, after soul-searching, I concluded that humanity and generosity are above all things..." Try to find those things among the zionists. You won't.

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Posted in: Granddaughter of diplomat who saved Jewish refugees keeping his spirit alive See in context

Now if only we had someone with the same concern for the Palestinian People who are living in the equivalent of concentration camps in their own land. Barbed wire, guns, brutal murder of unarmed people by armed thugs, starvation, lack of medicine, prisoners imprisoned by European invaders under an absurd lie of historical provenance. The EuroJews are NOT Hebrews, have never been Hebrews, and are a converted people of Turkic extraction and are the MOST anti-Semitic of haters on our planet. The EuroJews (Ashkenazi) are NOT Semites but lie for their own propagandistic benefit. Yeah, there was a mass murder. Ask the Armenians and the Cambodians and, especially, the Native Americans, about genocide. I'm sick of hearing the constant whining and complaining and ad naueam propaganda about the behavior of the NAZIs from people who are doing exactly the same thing as they did. But it's OK for them because they're special, no? NO. Only monsters could do what they are doing to their imprisoned victims every day. zionism is a White racist, psychopathic belief system with no discernible differences from the philosophy of German National Socialism (Nationalsozialismus). And, most importantly of all, zionists are NOT 'THE JEWS'. They are to Judaism what the NAZIs were to Germany, a pathological political entity which sees all nonJews (and nonzionist Jews) as inferior and worthy of whatever manipulation and dishonesty and abuse they will submit to. Yes. I am a HATER. I hate NAZIs and I hate zioinists and anyone else who destroys what little good there is to Humanity and points out just what kind of parasites Humans can be. Sue me. And I've been banned by the rightwing Japan Times for these very criticisms. Censorship, silencing the critic, burning the critique. Expect even more as the world begins to become more aware of the moral horror that is Occupied Palestine and the racist monsters who dominate it with unilateral and homicidal force. Any Human identity group is capable of puking out this kind of pathology and, for our time, it's the conscienceless zionists. Free Palestine from the dishonest and racist White Euro fascist invaders. It's 1939 all over again.

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Posted in: Campaigning starts for Nago mayoral race; U.S. base issue in focus See in context

Mr Payne, "freedom"? Freedom from whom? They want freedom from US and we just continue our near three generational military occupation. It may be hard for you to understand but we are not protectors but invaders and we refuse to do what the Japanese people ask us to do, give them freedom from us. If the Russians were in our place, would Japan still be "free" as it is now in your mind? We are way more of a liability for Japan than we are a blessing, especially in a shooting war with China or Russia. Japan, as our westernmost military fortress will take the brunt of the first hit in a Pacific war and that, as far as we are concerned, it was they're for. Nihon is still our prisoner. If we had lost and Japan and Germany had troops entrenched all over our country protecting OUR freedom, would you be happy with that? Having your 'freedom protected' by being made point in any serious hostilities? And Abe is America's puppet and, potentially, the single most serious threat to Nihon's future. Militarism is bad for everybody and when you are as small and resource poor as Nihon, it's national suicide in this world today.

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Posted in: Facing the ‘two-year mark’ in Japan: Should I stay or should I go? See in context

There's an old saying: "if you look in the mirror and you're surprised that your eyes are not brown, you've been in Japan too long."

But, unlike some of the other lucre-oriented chumps here, did you come to Nippon expecting high wages or expecting to gain a sociological education? If the former, certainly go home and Nippon will be the better for it. But, if you are a student of Life, personal education and a broad cultural perspective is your goal: four years. And, during those four years, learn as best you can to think like a Nihonjin. Try to minimize your time socializing in the local 'cultural bubble' such as people who spend a year in Tokyo but never 'visit' Japan interacting only with other Gaijin and never fully trust what another Gaijin says about Nihonjin. Remember, you will never BE a Nihonjin, BUT, when you return to your own culture you will see it through different eyes, almost for a time as an 'outsider', and it will inform you beyond anything you can study. It might be called the 'unblinding' as you move your 'identity' off of its habitual perceptual point and you begin to gain much greater insight into your own national collective psychotic reality. Such perceptual shift does not come easy nor is it even noticed by those who prioritize salary as the only worthy reward and are the loudest when whining and complaining that Japan is not like home. And, as a man from Vietnam sitting next to me in my UMn Nihongo class, Tuan Tran, so many decades ago told me, "We have a saying in Vietnam: 'If you want to have a long and happy life, eat Chinese food, live in the French style, and marry a Japanese woman.'" He was absolutely right about the last part.

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Posted in: Do you believe marijuana, which was legalized in California on Jan 1, is a harmless drug? See in context

It's NOT a DRUG. EtOH IS a DRUG. Cannabis is an herb with some psychoactive effects same as chocolate or beer but is less damaging to the physiology than either of these others. Cannabis is Nature's apothecary which the Chinese were using 8 gahdam thousand years ago and is restricted from us by the fear power of empire and psychopathic American Corporate of the 1930's. Cannabis is only 'dangerous' to timid people who claim, when asked, to not trust their government but believe every lie their government tells them. For drinkers, if you enjoy Marijuana, your poisonous alcohol intake will not only drop, but may cease entirely because of the contrast between the pleasant, civilized effects of the Marijuana and the relatively brutal, consciousness destroying effects of Ethanol, a hydrocarbon whose physiological effects differ little from the deliberate inhalation of gasoline. InTOXICation. TOXIC. Got it? There is not one documented death in the world, the world, of death solely from the use of Marijuana. Death by alcohol misadventure is a daily occurrence everywhere that people consume spoiled fruit juices, spoiled grains, or the horrific organic chemical stews which are distilled and altered by heat concentrations of everything which saprophytes (e.g. yeasts) produce in composting plant material until they die of their own wastes: Ethanol. Ethanol is yeast poop. It kills them. It will kill you. Cannabis will make you free, free of pain, free of stress, free of glaucoma, free of ... the list still grows...and, importantly, free of abject and idiot-making diminished consciousness causing Humans to do things which would horrify them when sober or 'stoned'. Harm from Marijuana is entirely a political disease for one very good reason: Marijuana can help you THINK in new ways. This is the very last thing your own national elite, whichever, wants you to be doing. A thinking polity is a danger to the psychopaths who think they own us. Grow up. Learn. Mature. Try something 'new' that has been a blessing to all animals living in the wild when illness comes. The flowers of plants produce fruits which contain the nourishment with which plants employ animals to carry their seeds and plant them in piles of warm fertilizer. Cannabis flowers produce healing and the worldwide distribution of naturally growing Cannabis suggests that although Humans can be easily fooled (good id bad), the rest of our biological neighbors cannot be so easily convinced by propaganda and fear injection. Alcohol makes people stupid, just the way our 'leaders' want us. Enjoy.

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