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Posted in: Oita high school cancels trip to Guam due to missile fears See in context

The trump/Abe campaign of FEAR bears fruit in the ruralistic mind and shows Nippon being prepared for militarism and calls for the repetition of a quote:

“The people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger.

  “It works the same way in any country.”

  — Nazi mastermind Hermann Goering (1946)

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Posted in: 'Hellboy' casting prompts backlash over 'whitewashing' See in context

Guys, we're talking dollars here and, if Hollywood throws in an Asian 'star', the unconscious native racism which is a constituent of a majority of Americans will depress the domestic box office 'take'. We Whites haven't been forced to 'accept' Asians in films as we have Blacks because, other than perhaps people like Jackie Chan or Jet Li, we have not been exposed to superior Asian actors whose power forces us to unconsciously adopt as quasi-White such as Will Smith or Morgan Freeman. And, to the American mind, Asians often suggest intellectualism over brainstemism and, other than race, Americans have no greater prejudice at this time than toward intelligence. There are, have been, Japanese (tatoeba) such as Toshiro Mifune who could out testosterate any American actor but few, if any, who speak American English. 'Screen presence' is really an indefinable quality and must vary by culture and few film directors of any culture, least of all Hollywood, are in it for raising cultural awareness. It's just 'business'. Asians don't yet 'sell'. When we are fully able to capture an actor electronically, we may see movies from iconic sources which 'star' different actors in the lead in the same movie in different markets, for example, Johansson's face and physique in America, Zhang Ziyi in China, etc. The 'star' has a great deal to do with the attractiveness of a movie to the average viewers mind which is why this question arises at all. Purity of vision does not guarantee profits like having a 'big name' star does.

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Posted in: Junior high school teacher orders student to jump from balcony See in context

Could this be a hint as to the origin of Japan's high teen suicide rate? Authority judges "You're no good! Kill yourself!" This has to be an unforgettable 'lesson' to all of the students and may be expressed in the attitudes of many more teachers than those who act out so visibly. And susceptibility would be only as far away as a student's knowledge of the old tradition of commanded 'Seppuku'.

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Posted in: Abe vows to protect people from N Korean missile threat See in context

It's possible that Bukhan might miscalculate and wind up hitting something they weren't aiming at so just to protect myself and my neighbors I want to be sure that they understand the location of Guam which is at 40.6693° N, 74.6804° W (from Google).

Disclaimer: This advice is publicly available and given only to protect the innocent and has no political undertones for which any fascist agency might derive justification for abuse.

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Posted in: Japan could legally intercept a Guam-bound N Korean missile: Onodera See in context

Where does one start with an article regarding the 'legality' of participating in a war? The idea that 'Law' makes any difference at all when two crazed swarms of Human monkeys, one an enormous armed to the teeth predator and the other a small Chihuahua like 'barker', jump up and start beating their chests at each other is insanely ludicrous and absurd. If we, as animals, were actually sane, our first response when situations like this arose would be to take our respective 'leaders' (including their 'sponsors') and put then in a deep hole together somewhere and forget about them and pick some new ones who had less to gain from mass murder. But, instead, we spend time ignoring the obvious and considering things as inanely insane as are detailed in this article. Yet again I must suggest that the appellation Homo 'sapiens' is tragically laughable and that Homo 'demens' much more descriptive of our most salient characteristics as an animal species.

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Posted in: Marijuana use holds threefold blood pressure death risk: study See in context

There is a significant variable (purposefully?) ignored here. People who use Marijuana often do so as self-medication to relieve our greatest modern mortality hazard: Stress. Stress may be the single greatest cause of hypertension in the general effects it has on anatomy and physiology in all animals studied including the primate Human. Unless they have 'controlled' for this profoundly confounding variable, they are the member of the group of 'blindmen' who has ended up examining the rear end of the elephant.

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Posted in: U.S. continues to fly Ospreys despite Japan's request for halt See in context

Any Marine boarding one of these widowmakers should recall the inscription over the entrance to Hades: "ABANDON HOPE ALL YE WHO ENTER HERE". But what U.S. or Japanese politician is going to argue with Boeing? As an exMarine, we see that the USMC general staff is as corrupted as any of the rest of our government and any general who 'makes waves' may not get the next plum Whitehouse appointment such as John Kelly has hooked. It would be interesting to take a deep look at his REAL history as a Marine Officer.

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Posted in: Japan’s first cat cafe train announced; receives overwhelming response from feline and rail fans See in context

"Culled" is an interesting euphemism for 'slaughtered' and a lesson in how we try to fool ourselves and others.

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Posted in: Japanese fighters conduct air drills with U.S. bombers close to Korean peninsula See in context

This is called "poking the sleeping bear cub". Alternatively, it is what a bully does when repeatedly sticking their finger into the chest of a much smaller target and daring them to "Hit me!". Both trump and abe NEED a war. They are both up to their necks in their own cesspools and a crisis is the "go to", a standard political tool at least in the U.S. for distracting the people, and it doesn't matter how many lives will be sacrificed for the sake of a political psychopath's career. Please try to imagine if Bukhan were doing this to Nihon or the United States. We're already seen in recent stories how Nihon roars if a Bukhan ship gets within 200 miles of Nihon but how it squeaks if the Chinese actually enter the 12 mile territorial waters. And Bukhan's primitive weapons compared to America's arsenal and the ever increasing Japanese arsenal make very clear that this is "WMDs" all over again. Don't let these failing political parties and their constant lies and propaganda do yet again what is so clear to anyone who takes a serious look at the details. Does anyone at all seriously think that the Bukhan leaders do not know the wasteland their country would become if they tried to do any of the things which their 'Western-media-reported' tiny dog barking would suggest? ¡Mierda del toro! Yo!

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Posted in: Japan defense white paper warns of enhanced North Korea threats See in context

Let's hear from a proven expert:

“The people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger.

  “It works the same way in any country.”

  — Nazi mastermind Hermann Goering (1946)

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Posted in: Do you consider the A-bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to be war crimes? See in context

If you visit the Museum in Heiwa Koen, you will see posted on the walls original American documents which, when read, will demonstrate that both Hiroshima and Nagasaki were 'human trials', cities which had been preserved from previous bombings not only because they had little strategic or tactical value but because they were surrounded by mountains which would contain the blast and allow a better estimate of the bombs' effects. For months previous to the premeditated immolations, the Imperial government had been trying to open surrender negotiations with the U.S. through third parties but was ignored because the U.S. wanted to surprise the World with its new "Big Stick". Augmented by racist psychopathy and complete disregard for the women, children, and elderly who, along with a small garrison of army and a number of POWs made up the populations of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the American military and politicians demonstrated that they operated on the same moral level as the JIA and the SS. One bomb over Tokyo Harbor at night would have ended the war but would not have given the monsters the inhuman data they desired. The dead and burned of these cities were 'lab rats' to the Americans and for that there can be no forgiveness. May the whole world hear "Wasurei nai!"

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Posted in: Something fishy about Abe's new cabinet appointee See in context

While I'm not a fan of professional politicians nor especially of Abe, this 'story' stretches 'facts' even further than trump does. Did Putin participate in trump's alleged yellow rain event, afterall he was in the same city? And did we really need to know the recipe for 'marinating' nyotaimori?

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Posted in: Israel seeks to silence broadcaster Al-Jazeera for 'incitement' See in context

Al Jazeera is the most trustworthy and even handed news source available in America and almost the only news source who covers the Middle East in any way other than through the American propaganda lens. When Al Jazeera reports the brutal murders of unarmed Palestinians by zionists, the zionists call it 'incitement' because they want no one aware of what they do daily. If Al Jazeera were banned, the people in the Gaza Concentration Camp would have no voice whatsoever. Again, of the 10 or so news sources I read daily, I have found Al Jazeera to be the most even handed in its reporting. RT is somewhat reliable, and JToday seems to do fairy well but American sources (the least reliable), the Tehran Times, Beijing Bulletin, et alia, all report on the Mideast largely by omission. No one on the planet hides what it does more than do the zionists and anyone who tells the truth is their enemy. This behavior is identical to the German press of the 1930s except that it is more difficult for the zionists to put courageous Al Jazeera reporters into prison camp, albeit Egypt is doing that right now. Depending on one or two sources for reporting instills a kind of blindness whereas broad reading of events across many national interests allows one to 'average out' the truth and, again, Al Jazeera has the best record for this in my own experience.

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Posted in: Irritability intensifying, not subsiding, with age: survey See in context

Is it possible that somewhere way down deep in their brainstem that they are realizing the absolute valuelessness of their one and only life on this planet? Nothing but a disposable plug-in tool at work along with other tools. Nothing but just another cow on the train. Nothing but an empty voice in the understaffed izakaya or to the poorly paid staff of the convenience store. Nothing but money and "genki de rusu ga ii..." to the family. And, then, the "6 second rule" just 6 seconds to stuff all of one's uselessness into a mental closet already full to bursting with the desire to go SPLA with an axe. Great advice, there, Spa. The sword and gun law is good for Japan because, without it, Nihon might have Chicago all over the place. Probably the very last thing a salaryman dares to think about is HIS life, even for 6 seconds.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for drug possession; claims he didn’t know it was drugs See in context

Officer Sato, when you get out, come on over here to a civilized place where you can walk into a store and get what will probably be better stuff at about a sixth the cost. And, you'll have great choice as to strength, CBD percentage, form, with purity tested and guaranteed by law. As there are 'noodle' tours in Japan, some enterprising travel agent in Japan might organize "Mota" (Mexican vernacular) tours of the U.S. And, in Oregon, such tours might be combined with winery tours as we have many wineries with excellent, world recognised, vintages. "A glass of wine, a puff of 'stuff', and Thou..." while sitting on a wild beach of the Pacific Ocean or looking out over beautiful country from the side of a volcano you've just hiked up, or dinner at an excellent restaurant in the city, we've got it all. Come to Oregon not just for the pleasure but for the FREEDOM!

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Posted in: Musk, Zuckerberg duel over artificial intelligence See in context

Musk is a 'techie'. zucker is a manipulator and does not seem particularly insightful on anything except getting people to give him their secrets which he exploits. AI of the super kind was explored by Asimov way back in 1956 in his short story "The Last Question" and his response dwarfs anything either of these two could possibly contain in their own perceptions. If you're young, it's not a long read so do not fear reading it. Albeit we have no real understanding of what we mean by 'intelligence', many who conflate 'intelligence' with actual Human behavior see danger and others see advantage to themselves. Neither of these need be true depending on what we build into it. The one flaw in Terminator was that 'intelligence' automatically means 'ego' and nothing is further from the truth. Asimov also gave us the Three Laws and explored some of their consequences.

AI has the same characteristics as any 'logic' based process, GIGO. What we put into it is what we will get out of it and if we do not build 'hated' into it, it is very unlikely we will reap hatred from it. Human psychopathy comes out of genetic predisposition and our own past path of natural selection and the deficiencies inherent in the Human brain coupled with its own product, our 'civilization' as it has developed directed by Human psychopathy and the accretion of past experience which, truly, is what we are now. Given that, under the influence of our universally pathological species-specific behavioral structure, our collective crania have shrunk two hundred cubic centimeters since our derangement into cannibalistic predation upon our own genepool circa 60,000 years ago and continues to shrink albeit more slowly as our population increases, any continuation of the obvious desire of matter to increase in complexity given the opportunity may depend upon its transfer to a more 'rational' form for which our own existence is just the 'larval' stage.

zucker's mentality is not worth consideration and Musk's mired in the myopia common to engineers who project only what they can see now into the future. This last can be seen clearly if one studies the past's projections of our time. An example might be "GM's World of Tomorrow" or other such attempts. A few hits but way more wild misses. If Musk really wanted to fear an 'end to Human civilization', a much more imminent one approaches on the biological side: in two generations 15 Billion Human mouths coming to an already exhausted biosphere, a highly 'complex system', just beginning a probable loss of our accustomed climatic equilibrium which could at any time enter into 'chaotic' behavior in a search of a new equilibrium. Agriculture in such a condition? Two generations from NOW. AI is the least of our concerns unless it can allow us to change our 'civilization' into something more sustainable. If not, then we should light it and let it go off into the future on its own and build whatever complexity matter contains within it. Maybe Asimov was right.

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Posted in: A collapse of Mt Fuji need not be caused by major eruption, expert warns See in context

We seem to be describing a Mount St. Helens type event. Have the paths and extents of lahars and pure pyroclastic flows been laid out and publicized because that would be the first step. After Mt. St. Helens, there has been significant mapping of these paths in Washington State, USA, around Mt Rainier and evacuation plans made and publicized. 'Improbability' is the usual cause of massive disaster to lives and hopefully will not hinder proper preparation around Fujisan for such an event.

*Note to the writer: Could a less understandable example have been picked than: "At that time, it regurgitated stones and volcanic cinder estimated to being the equivalent of 10 times the capacity of the Kurobe Dam in Toyama Prefecture."? A volume in meters³ might have been a bit more useful.

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Posted in: Okinawa files fresh lawsuit to halt U.S. base relocation See in context

Okinawa does not "host" the 70 year U.S. military occupation, it is a victim of it. Given what the Okinawans suffered in their VERY patriotic sacrifices defending the 'home' islands during the Taiheiyosenso, the central government is psychopathic in their disregard of the rights of these valiant and passionate people. Okinawa 'owes' Japan nothing. Japan owes the Okinawans more that they can repay and, now, continues to abuse these people with cowardly and disrespectful disdain. It is way past time that the U.S. end its occupation of Nihon and, truth be told, is in more danger now than if the U.S. were not there at all. America will use Japan as a 'tool' against China and it will be the Nihonjin who pay the worst price if there is open hostility.

If left alone, Nihon would come to its own terms with its neighbors and, despite the past, China will not 'punish' Nihon for doing to China what China itself has done to the Chinese People in the past. Nihon is in an excellent position to adopt a policy similar to Switzerland in Europe but remains highly vulnerable to destruction not in spite of American occupation and manipulation but because of it. I, myself, am exUSMC and an American who cannot be anything else but an American. But, I also respect Nihon and its singular culture and would prefer it not be destroyed by American greed for power and profit at the expense of all those around it which has been our history. The people of Okinawa would be better off without the Americans OR the Japanese who show no respect for the people of Okinawa's past devotion to their survival. The Japanese bend to the American whip.

There are many cogent statements here regarding Okinawan rights and also profound conscienceless more appropriate to the trumpthug mentality which sees only the value of what they can take from people and has no value whatsoever for the people themselves. Again, this is the very definition of a clinical psychopath. Abe is an American tool and would lead Nihon down the blood drenched path of militarism and nationalistic fascism. The 'conspiracy' law is more than ample evidence of this desire, a step upon that path. It is time that Nihon no longer be a colony dominated by insane users who care nothing for the Nihonjin as we see here. I would very much like to restore my own pride in America and in myself as an American but that will not happen before I am called offplanet. But, perhaps, freeing Nihon from our dominance to pursue its own destiny could. That is my hope for Nippon, free and proud not in their ability to dominate others but in their ability to dominate themselves and direct themselves to building a more humane world for all of us. They have it in them what we, in America, have lost. Humanity. And this shines out nowhere more that in the People of Okinawa. Let these People go!

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Posted in: U.S. states vie for big Foxconn display panel factory See in context

YO! FOXCONN! Microsoft is closing a large touch panel display factory in Oregon to focus on Cloud computing and we have fresh, well trained, EXPERIENCED technical workers for a quick start to production plus an available dedicated two year old production facility ready to go. There is excellent transportation in all modalities, mild winters, endless outdoor activities, near the Pacific coast, a good corporate tax policy, and, best of all, Oregon. You will not find a better opportunity anywhere in the Midwest and both the summers (heat, humidity, tornados) and the winters (snow, brutal cold, more snow, and ice) in the Midwest are hard on man and beast. Oregon rarely freezes in winter and, although the days can become warm in summer, the nights always become wonderfully cool with ocean breezes. We are midway between Seattle and San Francisco and have a highly diverse ethnic community. And, in Texas you'll just fry in the summer and your air conditioning costs will eat into your profits. Again, we, Oregon, are ready to go. And Intel is just a short drive up the road. Come and see! You'll believe!

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Posted in: 4 bodies found in park, believed to be missing family See in context

Strangerland You said the word: DESPERATION. That is the epidemic fueling America's murder rate other than the police who are just allowed to kill anyone they want to. Desperation, but in America, we act 'out' whereas in Japan, self abuse seems the response. Desperation becomes a kind of mental illness and, for Nihonjin, opting out has always been the way. Sometimes "I just wanted to stab someone" is expressed but more often it's a train or a car into a lake or, as here, a great sadness for the young who experience it and it kills them. Abenomics and a return to pre-Taiheiyosenso political mentality will only make it worse. And, as for the children, even in such a state of irrationality, they could not go off and just abandon their children. When the Human mind becomes deranged, the most bizarre behaviors can seem rational. Desperation kills.

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Posted in: Spicer resigns; Sanders to take over as Trump's press secretary See in context

Whereas Spicer had the fat, flaccid face of the average white conservative and his demeanor that of a person conflicted, this woman's face is much more appropriate to her boss and what we see happening, and her demeanor spot on for the mindless trash talking and baldfaced lying she will gladly do. She makes the perfect Nurse Rachet in our new version of One Flew Over the Whitehouse.

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Posted in: Mexico murders up with deadliest month in at least 20 years See in context

All these deaths are directly attributable to American conservatives and their 'Christian' views regarding 'drug use' coming from the bars and lizard lounges and kitchen tables that these closet and not so closet alcoholics congregate at. Drug addiction is a medical problem, NOT a moral failing and in neither case has interdiction been successful in dealing with anything except justifying Big Government, Armed Government, Invasive Government, Corporate profit in arms and related equipment, extermination of disobedient minorities in countries all over the world, surreptitious Government domestic sales of drugs to raise clandestine monies, political campaign lies, and hypocritical use of the same drugs by the psychopaths who implemant these policies.

America is responsible but our policies serve the dual purpose of militarizing Mexico. What could be better from the usual conservative American perspective? Again, 'drugs' are a medical problem and we must cahnge our policies or live with the fact that we are accomplices to mass murder.

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Posted in: U.S. warship crew found likely at fault in June collision See in context

Mindless American military apologists aside, my first guesses that it could only be incompetence or arrogance on the Navy's part appears to be both. Not paying attention? Looking down at their games or chats or WTF? If you've ever been out at sea in the middle of the night, there are few 'streetlights' or headlights or trees to obscure one's vision of a gahdam ship borne klieg light shining like a small sun right at you. We're not talking 'running lights' here but powerful search lights which at that range should have been visible to anyone awake. Even running lights themselves are highly visible at sea at night. That's their purpose, not even considering surface radar. There's nothing else out there to see.

Seven innocent young people were crushed and drowned in their racks as they slept and to even begin to try to become defensive when such an incomprehensibly incompetent event occurs is to spit on their unnecessary sacrifice and our tragic loss. What if it had been an incoming cruise missile? Maybe the apologists would like that better because there would be no one to tell this tale of criminal incompetence that suggests itself to be endemic upon the Navy as a whole, a lack of discipline beyond imagining without such an event to educate us. And any "blame" which is levied here should not be upon the crew but upon the admirals whose job it is to train and prepare our young people for these missions. I'm sure the Captain and some of his crew will take the hit with even some unpopular lower ranked admirals but this is systemic failure and those with oversight over the system itself are 100% to blame.

When governmental corruption, incompetence, and the Peter Principle combine, it rots everything and here we see the result. And we expect our poor children to go into war, into harm's way, with this kind of senior leadership? Good luck kids, good luck America, because luck is all we might have on our side.

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Posted in: Driverless EV developed in France completes 1st test run in Japan See in context

Nice job by the designers in hiding all of the sensors. Anyone who thinks that Corporations will not adopt robots as soon as they are available to keep for themselves the wages of employees is quite naive. NO vacation time, no unions, no worker liability, not even bathrooms will take money better put into the pockets of the Corporate psychopaths. The one bright spot here is that all of the newly 'idle minds' may begin to turn their thoughts toward who really is getting all of the benefits and who isn't, nor will they have to worry about getting 'fired' for being disobedient. Automation could signal a whole new version of 'freedom'. Freedom from pathological domination by cliques of conscienceless monsters. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all of our ruling cliques committed 'suicide by AI'. Ah, Great G-d of Irony, send down your blessings upon us all...

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Posted in: Japan says time for pressure, not dialogue with N.Korea See in context

Once again America's ugly hand up Nihon's backside and operating the government's mouth. If Japan comes to terms with Bukhan, it will weaken the American image of trump's bogus boogieman in the East and we'll have to find a new one. Talking is never a good idea when you can continue pushing and shoving a smaller person so you 'look tough'. Moon may signal a whole new approach which, I believe, the U.S. will not like if only because it will take away justification for maintaining our 65 year military occupation of Hanguk, and possibly even our 70 year military occupation and political manipulation of Nihon. I would suspect that the CIA is already drawing up scenarios for 'regime change' in South Korea, so watch your six, Mr. Moon. America has a 'no tolerance' policy for independent thinking among its presumed vassals.

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Posted in: Skeletonized body found in apartment closet in Niigata See in context

Abandoning a body? How much more opposite than 'abandonment' can keeping it in your closet be? Maybe if the law is really strange, he might be charged with 'hoarding' a body but 'abandonment' is not appropriate here. And it sounds like this man has enough problems already without the police abusing him as well.

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Posted in: Bodies of two women found in car submerged in Toyama lake See in context

Or maybe they saw the story of the two elderly ladies a week and a half ago (04July)...

"Two women were struck and killed by a train along the Tobu Tojo Line tracks in Higashimatsuyama, Saitama Prefecture, on Monday morning, in what police believe was a suicide."

...and thought they had a better way. Less embarrassing for their families.

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Posted in: 'Inhumane' treatment in Japanese hospital behind NZ man's death: kin See in context

In America, we often have a simple solution for these people. The police either shoot them, choke them to death, or beat them to death 'accidentally'. The survivors we put in prison. Or, at least, that's how it seems. There actually has been good care for most victims of mental unbalance under Medicaid but the trumpthugs want to cut these programs to give money to the rich. So we'll see.

The difficulty with 'medications' as I've heard it described by patients is that it is like having one's head in a vise, uncomfortable. Sometimes when the meds are working well, the person will 'feel good' and think "I don't need these meds anymore" and motivated by the discomfort will stop taking the medication. Then, after a short time (not immediate usually), things become very difficult for the person and for those around them which, as suggested earlier for America, involves the police and their one-size fits all approach to disobedience: violence. If the now deranged person is lucky, they may be taken to a locked ward, medication re-established, and self-preserving behavior restored. But most such facilities in America are over populated and residence times average a week or two before they are expelled back out into the wild. If they have no one to look after them, they are on their own.

I suspect Mr. Savage, feeling good after a year at least in Japan, decided to see if he 'really needed' his meds and had no one to judge for him when his behavior began to deteriorate and went into full blown relapse. Of all things judged harshly in Nihon, inappropriate behavior for whatever reason is high on the list, and when it occurs in a gaikokujin must seem even more alarming and intolerable to even a trained clinician. It's possible that whatever medication(s) Mr. Savage had been taking were not familiar to his caregivers and, if they tried others, could have made his condition worse. We have no records so anything is just speculation. Deep vein thrombosis has been a concern for long distance coach passengers for years but it may be that Nihonjin are less susceptible due to their walking habits so, again, clinicians may have missed it as a concern. Also, we do not know Mr. Savage's physical proportions which may have been problematic for Japanese staff, as well.

If things go in Japan as they do in America, we may never get a clear picture of the facts. Regarding Mr. Savage, I admire his courage because he, more than anyone, understood his vulnerability but still chose to follow his dream. Almost any dream worth following has the possibility of mortality of one sort or another hidden in it, even if it's just slow starvation. But, as we see 250,000 times a year in the U.S., receiving 'healthcare' of any kind down to wart removal has its own risks. Despite all the hype regarding 'modern' healthcare, hype which has been with us for a couple of hundred years, it is still a rather primitive business involving mostly poison and butchery, however 'sophisticated' that poison and butchery may seem. Mr. Savage was a victim of many variables as we all face everytime we get out of bed and people have died just doing that. To Mr. Savage, Requiescate in Pace. To everyone else, keep your eyes, ears, and perception open at all times. And Good Luck to us all.

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Posted in: Japan hangs 2 inmates, including one seeking retrial See in context

What so many of these poor sad minds who defend 'execution' are incapable of seeing is that killing a Human Being under any circumstances is Murder. When the State, who are ostensibly The People, murders, we all become as guilty as the original perpetrator. We all are made into murderers. Something so simple may be 'too deep' for many who, sadly, inhabit the first standard deviation and below of their respective group intelligence distributions but is just the State (the dominant clique) justifying its 'right' to murder anyone, anywhere, which it considers an 'enemy' of itself to those mindless, nonthinking folks so that they understand subconsciously that disobedience is death. The individual who murders is, by definition, mentally ill. If impulsively, certainly mental illness. If premeditatively, mentally ill by psychopathy. This is what we see in State murder because any dominating clique in any Human group ever and anywhere is composed of the most 'talented' psychopaths which that group can produce and execution is just one of their many historical tools for ensuring dominance and obedience from their herds.

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Posted in: Japan protests armed N. Korean boat in Tokyo economic zone See in context

Umm, the so-called 'economic zone' as defined by the U.N. refers to undersea interests only. Insofar as the surface waters are concerned, Japan's 'rights' extend only 12 miles after which we are in international waters meaning that the Bukhan can sail a naval vessel within,say, 13 miles of Japan's coast and still be within their own rights under international law. If Japan's view were correct, the Russians would have had to ask both Britain's and France's permission to sail their aircraft carrier through the 'English' Channel. Good luck with that. And do Japanese naval and fishing vessels 'respect' North Korean economic zone rights? Or the U.S. Navy or Hanguk Navy? I suspect not.

Most, I believe, Abe's psychopathic government is trying to establish a nascent Greater East Asian Co-prosperity type claim and to also make hypocritical noise to futher alarm the Japanese people so that fear drives their choices toward choosing agaoinst their own best interests for 'security'. This is one of the oldest political ploys in the Psychopath's Handbook but seems to work every time.

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