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America is becoming a showcase of obsolete weapons' systems. With the air defense technology available today, manned bombers? Aircraft carrier centered 'battlegroups'? Surface ships with no submersion capabilities? Tanks? I believe all of these will see the same fate in the next major war ("Generals always fight the last war") which battleships ("dreadnaughts" fer crissakes!) and horse cavalry saw in WWII. Antique thinking generals and admirals will sacrifice hundreds of thousands of America's best young people to almost immediate and horrific death. Big, slow aircraft (B-2 'stealth, Top speed: 628 mph, B-1 on bombing runs), big slow, indefensible ships (see: Skvall, 'Cruise', tactical nukes) , coffinesque tanks (est. battlefield life = ~5 minutes) will guarantee early defeat simply by loss of adequate sacrificial Humans. Bombers, alone, were seen as "dinosaurs" 40 years ago but politics keeps them around.

There is a new strategy that is staring these planners in the face and that is 'swarm' tactics. For example, in the naval sense this would be a fleet of similar multipurpose vessels carrying, say, 2 VTOL aircraft each, a couple of UAVs including ASW, the usual missiles and local defense (e.g. Gatlings), fast trihulls with extensible hydrofoils, near surface submersibility, and hydrojet propulsion in a size somewhere around a destroyer. These would be deployed in small highly dispersed and co-ordinated 'swarms' of about 20 units each in a 1-2000 unit total fleet. The costs of such a fleet could not be more than the costs of our current suicidal archaicisms whose costs in the next major world war will be catastrophic.

I am just an old exJarhaid and not a 'military planner' but even I can see the obsolescence in our planning which those with 'credentials' deny or claim "Oh, we've planned for that but it's 'secret'". Horsepuckies! Just like the generals understood machine guns and 'Human wave attacks' at the start of WWI after owning the hardware for thirty years and the tactic for 10,000 years. But, military mentalities are almost universally 'conservative' and the very definition of conservatism includes that one can only look backward. I actually could not give a 'sh*t about who 'wins' the next 'world war' because I will be dead anyway, but I care greatly for the young kids who will be convinced, coerced, or just forced by threat of harm to defend our ruling psychopaths on all sides who man these floating, flying, and rolling tombs in which our backward thinkers have trapped them. Their collective lives are worth so much more to Humanity than any of the psychopaths who create these compulsive conflagrations which they, and they alone, inflict upon us when the mood suits and greed becomes deranged beyond its usual psychotic boundaries.

Just sayin'...

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Sex sells. Even presumed sex sells. I've never seen this many comments on a JT article. And I've a feeling that more than a few of the critical comments are actually hypocritical.

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Maria, they've seen us coming for a long time, thousands of years, and if one reads the history of what people have used in the past to attract sexual attention, whatever hair may be left will stand at 'Attention'. The psychopaths who market such poisons DO NOT CARE about you or me or anyone but themselves and what they can steal from people. The statement "[...] cares deeply about our customers. There has been no credible evidence presented to support the false and misleading claims that [...] products cause...". This was a favorite line of the tobacco companies for decades. It's Monsanto's and Dow's Corporate motto. I, personally, never had worse dandruff and skin irritation than when I was using "Head and Shoulders" shampoo. And cosmetics is the least of this Corporate psychopathy. How about Lead (Pb) in baby food? Mercury in our fish and drinking water? bisPhenolA (endocrine diruptor (estrogenic), passes through the skin) in our store receipts? And on and on... Corporate Parasitic Psychopathy rules and we are their prey. You can't be "judgy" enough, but that "...consequences - on our wallets..." was your very first concern says a great deal about the problem.

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"If President Donald Trump were anyone else, he'd be fired..."

We're working on it. A special presidential election in 2018 to oust the whole crew of conscienceless excretory ports would be ideal because, even when we fire the chief sphincter, the robotic kneejerk ideological robots next in line might prove even worse for us and the World. Whatever one might think of her, an energetic and angry and tough Black woman with 8 years of POTUS experience would make a HUGE difference to the welfare of the U.S. and to all of those in the rest of the world who must deal with us and our pathological greed.

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There is nothing surprising about Human female sexual polygamy as it is the single most common behavior among all simian genepools. We are not surprised when a Human male finds irresistable pheromones under his nose so why should we be surprised when brainstem biology overrides learned behaviors in females as well. Often Humans 'marry' for reasons other than that they are biologically compatible or ideal mating types and, in this situation, finding a pheronmonically compatible potential mate generates almost irresistable behavioral urges. Who doesn't know this or see it presented in almost every such drama? It is our developmental conditioning which causes such conflict in both participant and observers but, unless they are completely blind and sexually dead, no observer can honestly deny their own experience with this, whatever their behavioral response was to it. This is often described as 'the love of my life" experience. Our apparent hypocrisy as Humans is built into our social structure, not our biology.

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"A Seventh Fleet spokesman said the navy would "share information in accordance with protocols.""

Translation: Lying and obfuscation. This is all we've seen from the U.S. military (exMarine here) since at least the Pearl Harbor hoax. Vietnam was a joke and all subsequent attacks on weaker nations have been almost famous for obvious lies from our military, mostly for the home folks. The World isn't as easily fooled but the World's media is controlled by the same psychopaths who control the U.S. media and are no more interested in honesty than rupert murdock.

If you have any mind for actual details, ask yourself why, if the Fitz were crossing the Crystal's bow from port to starboard and 10 minutes out, why did the Crystal begin a starboard turn which would aim it at the Fitz's position at that time. Without the starboard turn, the Fitz had time to clear the course of the Crystal without any turn necessary by the Crystal. Was the arrogance of crossing their bow too much for the C's captain? I have yet to see the names of the C's on duty officers nor do I expect to see the equivalent U.S. names or hear of any investigations which will drag on until popular memory fades (~two weeks). Who actually torpedoed the South Korean patrol boat, ROKS Cheonan, and it was almost certainly NOT the Bukhan. Can't remember it? There you are...

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Hmmm...I wonder how many Golds Norovirus will win in the Olympics. Seeing the presentations done in the Otearai should be an interesting and unique feature of these Olympics.

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"The condition results from a gradual aging of photoreceptor neurons that capture light, which is transformed into signals and sent to the brain to produce images."

This is a completely useless sentence because every cell in our bodies is "gradually aging". How does this condition differ from 'gradual aging' and what is the target of the monoclonal antibody? Creating such an antibody requires complete knowledge of your target antigen, here, possibly another antibody caused by a modest autoimmune response(?). A little more detail would have made this story a lot more valuable. Just sayin'...

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Maria, having been in a couple of near fatal 'events', they come out of nowhere and can happen anywhere. Check the stats for inhome fatalities and you'll see that probability can hunt you out wherever you are. Probability is now our greatest predator and picks its victims completely at random.

And, Mr. Jackson, please do not ever 'own' a 'pet' ever. Or have friends who might depend upon you in an emergency. A person does not love a nonhuman companion "like" a family member, they ARE a family member, not decor or furniture. Maybe don't have children either...

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This poor, poor woman. What terrible pain did she go through before she performed a mercy killing of both her husband and herself? Advanced dementia is caring for a still breathing dead body and committing suicide a mercy killing for a conscience capable of 10 years of such care and finally doing the most difficult thing she has ever done in her life. If you at all seriously contemplate what she was enduring in her own soul and a tear does not come to your eye, you may fairly consider yourself an undiagnosed clinical psychopath. There is no 'moral' judgement which any mortal Human can make here. We can only hope or pray that we, ourselves, never find ourselves in such a terrible situation.

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Abe Shinzo is trying to change the Japanese Constitution to allow aggressive 'proactive' attack upon other countries. It is the first tiny (but enormous) step in a new 'Asian Co-prosperity' drive ala 1931. That central psychopathy has not gone away, the roots of culture do not fade over just a few generations. Look at what Nihon claims as its EEZ, more than halfway across the Japan Sea. This is trumpoid B.S. designed to scare nonthinking Nihonjin into allowing the generals to gain power and the pathological elite to once again dream dreams of conquest and genocide. The JDF must stay the JDF and not once again become the Japanese Imperial Army.

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We just want to give the TCA better opportunities and more valuable property to steal out of the luggage of travelers. Since expensive cameras are more rare now, we have to make up the difference somehow or it will be even harder to find employees of the quality which TCA seems to prefer.

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