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Posted in: Buddhist monk arrested for filming up girl's skirt on escalator See in context

@ Faraday Why would that be beside the point? It's an effective way to avoid having your privacy violated without having to compromise on fashion. I agree regarding blaming the girl, but common sense precautions are NOT preposterous. So, mother unlike the way women in Pakistan and India, the onus is on the girl to have to attune their clothing to deter perks? Please, spare me the sympathy for the criminals. A woman should be able to wear whatever clothing she wants, without being subject to voyeurism. STOP BLAMiNG THE VICTIMS. It doesn't matter if she wears granny panties or a good string, no one has the right to violate a person in such a way. Stop giving the victim excuses, it is wrong legally and morally.

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Posted in: Buddhist monk arrested for filming up girl's skirt on escalator See in context

Oh my Buddha!!!! It gets worse and worse!!!! People suggesting that women should wear a specific type of clothing, to deter men filming their underwear??!?!?!!?? HELLO, WAKE UP JAPAN!!!! Stop blaming the victims, you are no different now than the men of the middle east or India. (not all places in either side) Making women conform to a standard, because men can't control themselves? Ridiculous!!!! As I stated earlier, imagine if it was your wife or girlfriend? Violated in public by a perverted man, who holds a degree of reverence in society. Stop blaming the victims!!!! Stop justifying the actions of criminal because of 'human nature'. Stop being soft on this type of behaviour, because a man views a woman as a sexual object and it is in his human chemistry (complete rubbish, everyone has self control, or we would live in Sodom and Gomorrah). @ Strategist I am glad there is someone else with common sense in this world!!!! Respect brother!

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Posted in: Buddhist monk arrested for filming up girl's skirt on escalator See in context

@wipeout... Are you justifying criminal activities, and/or activities that go against the basic precepts of a religion because they are humans? Giving them excuses? You would certainly make a good judge, as the weak sentencing seem to match your ideals of 'They're people, nothing more.' Same justification for catholic priests. Make people accountable, especially when they hold positions of reverence in society. I have done my research, but all I hear is people giving him justification for his actions, I. E he is only human. When people actually become victims of crime, the attitude totally changes. How would you feel if it was you, your boyfriend /girlfriend, sister, mother, aunty, even grandmother. I doubt there would be so much compassion towards this low life.

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Posted in: Buddhist monk arrested for filming up girl's skirt on escalator See in context

Japanese Buddhism has lost its way. A monk should refrain from any forms of grandeur, sexual contact, and live a life of humbleness to attain Nirvana. I am saddened to hear these things happening, and claiming to be Buddhists. Before you rant and rave to me, do your research.

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Seriously, does anyone know anything about Buddhism??? You cannot drink alcohol or have sex!!!! That's a basic precept of Buddhism!!!! Eating meat is not permitted for food prepared at the temple, but if given as an offering, then it is allowed. Sheesh guys, I expected more!!

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If we look at how many people are killed by alcohol, and these types of drugs, I daresay it would be significantly less. Prohibition taught us that making something illegal, makes it more dangerous. I don't know the solution, but i do have lots of questions.

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I have lived in australia or nz all of my life. It is great not to have to waft through veils of smoke in public bars and restaurants. Even outside buildings, no smoking within 5 meters. That is the one thing that turns me off Japan, smoking inside. A reformed smoker, I never used to smoke inside and hated going into a house or business that smelt of ashtrays. Smoking tobacco is bad for your health and that of others around you, not even marijuana is as bad for your body!

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Posted in: 27-year-old woman found strangled to death in apartment See in context

Very, very sad. A tragic way to die. Who cares about the company??

RIP Momoko Uehara

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Posted in: Abe to honor woman who died saving man on rail crossing See in context

For all those people who think the government is "milking" this, shame on you!!! A person's good deed cannot be praised, without some people being critical of it. Its a shame, that no matter what happens in this world, there will always be people that doubt the good intentions of others.... people who are this critical sit behind their computers and judge the world, forever pointing the finger and saying how bad others are. Get out there and make a change yourself, if you think you can do a better job. This woman should be honoured for being selfless.

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