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Posted in: U.S. abandons Pentagon's failed rebel-building effort in Syria See in context

Very well written article, thank you very much.

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Posted in: Honda admits failing to report 1,729 deaths, injuries to U.S. regulators See in context

A deep bow won't restore the vestiges of wildlife and flora, obliterated from roadsides in an effort to bring the death toll w/ shot up under control.' Relatives should be compensated and wildlife habitats and threatened species need to be replaced/repaired.

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Posted in: Bitcoin exchange Mt Gox looks into criminal complaint See in context

Trouble with this bit coin is that is doesnt show up until too late unless using AVG security free version, I have never made a financial transation on the web yet this bit coin or currency has cost me thousands of Australian dollars and no one seems to care about the virus being on the machines I am jusut told to throw itout and buy a new one, as if I can afford to do this wasteful measure. I will see if my govt of Australia can help withthe problem surely someone is liable and it is ost likely bit coin makers.

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Posted in: Bitcoin exchange Mt Gox looks into criminal complaint See in context

Will the company making bitcoin-currency also be reimbursing me for a new top of the line computer and my kids as well who lost theirs exactly previous as the machine was flled with little lines of code making bit coin. I cant afford rto have my computer fixed so am plodding on my 12 year old machine. Anyone using trend or other expensive security may want to use AVG on their machine before it leavesno hard drive room and damages the mother board.

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Posted in: Scientists to create controlled nuclear meltdown in Ibaraki facility See in context

****I Gather there will be the same number of controlled explosions as rods recovered from the storage tanks !!!

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Posted in: Woman killed after car is hit by bullet train in Yamagata See in context

Wow, I wonder if she een saw it coming?

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Posted in: Rei Kikukawa wins Fur of the Year award See in context

It is devastating that wildlife were hunted for the skins, I also think it a shame that fur and skins are not recycled anymore but burned, destroying the vestiges of beauty forever. China and Japan are modern thriving places full of people who are in ignorance of the plight of the animals and indeed the fragile state of the global biosphere. Education will stop the desire for these items quick smart, these people are starting to think like us, in the Westernised world as in "Whew that came from a whales behind" and such.

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