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Isn't Japan already ageing, causing a burden on the health care and pensions? I don't think politicians are too worried if that burden were to ease, or the sick die off.

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the sequels are unofficially not canon, due to Georges vision of chewie dying to save one of Hans and Leias three children, Luke taking out a star destroyer with an x wing, falling in love with Mara Jade, and generally continuing the story of the characters we love... George style but through lots of writers. The mandalorian flat out contradicts the sequals many times, thus hinting at a spider man esque style reboot already where fans are asked to "forget " the sins of previous movies.

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Luke should have been destroying Star destroyers using his force piloting skills in an x-wing, the suncrusher should have made an appearance, Mara Jade and luke battling would have shown an equality in skill and respect that turns to love. Han and Leia should have had a happy marriage with 3 children and not been on the run so much, inroducing new talent, all in all, if they wanted to bring something original to the screen, they should have brought the original ideas in the books to life.

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Just to Clarify that's "truest direction after Return of the Jedi"

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Posted in: At 40, ‘Star Wars' and its relationship with Japan only deepens See in context

The books will always be the truest direction after Jedi for me. Wedge leading Rogue squadron in the attack on Coruscant, Lando investigating the Dreadnoughts, Luke's Yavin 4 Jedi academy, Grand Admiral Thrawn and his Nogri assassin bodyguards.

Those are awesome storylines, deep, give the characters the respect, power and trials they deserve, especially Mara Jade's conflict when she battles Luke.

I don't care about anything other than these books, because for me, they are the true history of the Star Wars Universe.

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