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Posted in: 10 injured after kindergarten bus rear-ended by crane truck in Japan See in context

Seat Belts vs no seatbelts,

In the US, if a driver is caught by the police transporting a child of kindergarten age, they would be cited. That age child must be in a child seat which is restrained by a seatbelt.

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Posted in: Japanese A-bomb victim's paper cranes eyed for UNESCO heritage list See in context

First, any two year,child, being Japanese, Chinese, German, Russian, or English is a victim. They have no say or even able to be pro or against war. So like Anne Frank I think it is a good idea for the UNESCO. About the A bomb, people need to read what happened in the bunke where the Japanese leaders met to decide their countries fate. The A bombs were used to convince one person, the Emperor. It had no impact on the army leaders, they were ready to turn the mainland into another Okinawa. It was only because of the intervention of the Emperor, the tie breaking vote, that Japan accepted the Potsdam Declaration. We had already by that time alluded to the fact that the Japanese people would determine his future. Over 60 million people died in that war. Every country Allied and Axis did some terrible things that we might think horrible in normal circumstances.

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Posted in: History of kamikaze attacks not a heroic story: ex-school teacher See in context

The kamikazi was only part of what the Japanese military planned to do when the invasion of Japan occurred. The military openly admitted they were ready to sacrifice 100 million to defend their shores. The kamikazi did have a serious psychological impact on Allied troops, especially the Navy. The kamikazi were one of the reasons we used the atomic bomb. The last thing we wanted to do was invade Japan.

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Posted in: 'Paper City': The untold story of the firebombing of Tokyo in World War II See in context

Over 60 million people died in that war. Yes the fire bombing could be considered a war crime but it was a brutal action in response to brutal actions by the Japanese Imperial Army. If you read about the discussion at the end of the war, the Imperial Army pledged to sacrifice the entire nation to achieve their goals. In other words, national suicide. There are brutal actions taken to stop the war and there were brutal actions of conquest. I think the fire bombing was in the first category., Need to read about the last days of the war. Read "Japan's Longest Day.,

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Posted in: Annual event held in Japan pushing claim over S Korea-held isles See in context

US backs Japan that they are Japanese land, Korea needs to get with the program and realize they don't own these and stop the petty "it's mine" game.

Where do you get your information? Depends on what the surrender document said. At that time, Japan was limited to the four main island and some smaller islands.. Might be good to research the original document

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Posted in: Chinese woman's 'purchase' of uninhabited Okinawa island causes stir See in context

Come on people, this is nothing new in Japan. Chinese and Australians have purchased lots of land around the prime ski areas in Niseko, Hokkaido. Only difference, this is a small island. I agree with Yubaru.

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Posted in: Int'l cruise ship operations resume in Japan after almost 3 years See in context

I took on Viking Cruise line last year and let me tell you how they handled it. Vaccinations were required. Mask were required when indoors except for dining. We also wore badges which had locaters which told ship who were in close proximity to, We were also tested every day. We all had a great time visiting Turkey and Greece, In all of their cruises, they had only one case were someone tested positive. So cruise ships can be a good way to travel if good guidelines can be followed.

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Whatever happened to Japan’s ‘Factor X”?

Japan opened the borders thats what happened.

What do you mean "opening their borders". The number of tourist coming in is small and the travel and lodging very regulated. Most people coming to Japan are residents or Japanese nationals. Instead, with the covid problem, perhaps we should prohibit people from leaving Japan. I am a little tired of putting the blame of the continued covid on foreigners.


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Posted in: Gov't to cut quarantine to 3 days for business travelers, students from Monday See in context

Infections are spiking right now across Europe. This may be a mistake to ease travel restrictions just ahead of winter.

Yes they are and if you read the newspapers, those infected are primarily unvaccinated. Just like here in the US. Just been to Turkey and Greece and a negative PCR test and a vaccination card is all that is required to enter. However vaccination cards are often required to enter certain facilities. Japan's policy have shades of the anti foreign element.

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Posted in: CNN fires three employees for coming to work unvaccinated See in context

It's called medical tyranny and is against the laws of the Nuremberg code. There are trials pending and if upheld, people who force others to take a medical experiment will be guilty and face severe punishment. Surely people by now know that these so called vaccines are dangerous. It's been reported all round the world on non corrupted news media. We know of four people who got jabbed in the last few weeks and suffered terrible head aches, high temperature for more than a week and they now refuse to take the second jab. They all thought they would die. But, what is in the future for them ?

Read carefully, the firing came because they went to the office. Working remote is OK. Those employees do not have the right to endanger other employees. About side affects, I had none and even if I had a slight headache, it is sure better than being on a ventilator and possibly dying. Some people get similar experiences with a normal flu shot.

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Posted in: Japan seeks to have vaccine passports accepted by over 10 nations See in context

I don't disagree that Japan is completely unfair and foreign countries should reject their request. However I am reacting to these people who think vaccination passports are some kind of infringement of privacy. You have not apparently not been around long enough when we used to have to carry these little yellow vaccination records around showing what diseases we were vaccinated for( bubonic plague, yellow fever, typhus, small pox etc) You had to show these records when you visited some countries. These terrible diseases have almost been completely eliminated.

When you may endanger other people's health, you don't have the right to privacy. Countries have the right to protect their own people

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Posted in: Travelers entering Japan have to install location confirmation app, Skype on smartphones See in context


Are they going to continue to do this when people have been vaccinated. I think other countries ought to reciprocate. Keep the Japanese on their own island. Isn't the vaccination and test result sufficient for entering the country.

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Posted in: U.S. to require mask-wearing on all public transportation See in context

I don't think the federal government has authority over this, hence the first order only covering "interstate" travel.

This will be very quickly blocked by the courts.

Intra State can be controlled by withholding federal highway and transportation funding. How do you think the Feds forced the states to implement the seat belt laws.

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Posted in: GOP plans to upend Biden win for Trump rips party apart See in context

Hats off to the two Georgians. They had no problem saying that what Trump was saying wasn't accurate, or that things have already been investigated and Trump was wrong, or that the facts they uncovered countered Trumps' claims

> Those two Georgians who stood up to Trump are Republicans who apparently have more moral values then those in congress. I believe they taped the conversation realizing they where on dangerous ground, talking with Trump They wanted to protect themselves from his lies. Trump cannot say this was fake news. Truly this was an attempt to tamper with an election which is both a State and Federal felony. Those in congress who want to stand up and talk about election fraud better think twice because I believe this tape will be presented as evidence of election interference by the President.

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Posted in: Sports teams see virus clusters as cases in Tokyo, Osaka remain high See in context

The issue is not sick these high school students get or don't get, it is that they can transmit the virus to their parents and grandparents and other older adults who may be more vulnerable. The government needs to do a good job of testing and contact tracing.

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Posted in: Okinawa governor wants tougher action after 61 U.S. Marines infected with coronavirus See in context

Sorry for the few typo. I forgot my glasses. I would like to make my corrections

every soldier going overseas should be tested prior to shipping out but I don't think that is done

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Posted in: Okinawa governor wants tougher action after 61 U.S. Marines infected with coronavirus See in context

I agree, this may originated from a recent transfer from the US. Every soldier going overseas should be tested prior to shipping out but I don't if that is done. The temperature gig is not worth the time since 30 to 40 % of those carrying the virus have no symptoms but are able to infect others. Hopefully they will contact trace find determine the origin so they can prevent future outbreaks. There is not much we can do when we have an idiot for a President running around saying the coronavirus is a minor ailment to 99 % the people. He keeps the CDC from providing guidance to the States. Makes me mad because I really want to come back and visit Japan, By the way the comment here that these guys are healthy and they recover. We just had an incident here were some young people had a coronavirus party. They thought the whole thing was a hoax. (Trump) Well one young man has died and two are in critical condition. We are dealing with some stupid people back here. Stay safe everyone.

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since1981Today 07:17 am JST

Why is it that the news makes Japan look like New York even though Japan has just over 15,000 cases. I see the Japanese people doing a great job preventing a New York style explosion. I know we shouldn't let our guard down but I can't stop thinking that the J-Gov is not telling us the whole story. People will follow the data and the data says that Japan is doing very good in fighting this China Virus.

I know increasing the testing will increase the numbers but I think a combination of so many people wearing mask in the early Spring in combination with many following the social distancing guidelines have slowed down the infection rate. Here in this country it has almost become a political issue about mask. We still have some people who think the coronavirus is a hoax.

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AgentXToday 04:30 pm JST

death toll soaring

OK.. where is this massive spike in deaths in Japan?


If the populace in Japan hasn't been observing the lockdown, as everyone continually points out on this forum, why haven't we reached the massive spike in deaths that was forecasted a few months ago? How many were they talking again?

Actually it is working most places, Of the 167 reported new cases, 112 were in Tokyo Prefecture. Tokyo has over two and half times as many reported infections as Osaka. In other prefectures, the numbers have been 3 to 5 infections over a period of several weeks with no changes. However, more testing is needed so Japan can know where the problems are and people can get back to work.

I think the mask has been one of the mitigating factors in the slower rise of the virus in Japan, especially when it is transmitted in aerosol form. Most people in our area in the U.S. in our area are wearing mask and we are observing stay at home orders. In some places, wearing mask will become mandatory if you are in a situation where you cannot observe social distancing.

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Posted in: U.S. vaccine expert says he was removed for opposing Trump-backed chloroquine See in context

SerranoToday 12:52 pm JST

The person that was fired said they will not work for this virus

Michigan Rep. Karen Whitsett would disagree. She has personal, first-hand experience that says otherwise.

Jan 20th and this will be a bad memory, mostly.

It 'll be the start of Trump's second term. :D

Who is Karen Whitsett that she is an expert. They have conducted clinical trials at a VET center which showed it increased the mortality rate (heart). This confirmed testing that was found in Brazil. The politicians should stay out of the field of medicine unless they are trained in that field.

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Posted in: 'No time to act stupidly,' New York's Cuomo warns as Trump lauds state plans to reopen See in context

Burning BushToday 07:09 am JST

It should be an individual choice.

You want to stay home... stay home

You want to go outside... go outside.

That’s Liberty and respect for Individual Rights and Freedoms.

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No one says you cannot go out, they just say if you do, you must keep your social distance. You have a right to you thoughts, you don't have the right to endanger other people. This includes the people that have to put you on a ventilator.

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Posted in: 568 new cases of coronavirus reported in Japan See in context

smartacusApr. 19 04:22 pm JST

The question about testing that comes to my mind, and this applies to every country, not just Japan, is: Should a government be trying to test the entire population (which would be impossible in any country) or just those who show symptoms?

The trouble with this virus is that you can carry it, infect other people and not show any symptoms. By the time you test them when they are showing symptoms ], they have already infected other people. The government needs to set up some type of statistical testing based on the locations of those already infected. Too late to trace now.

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Posted in: Japan coronavirus cases pass 5,000 as state of emergency fails to keep people home See in context

Burning Bush, here is the info you wanted. The + indicates the increase from the last report. One of the things we have learned about the virus is that the mask do more to prevent giving someone else the virus than protecting oneself. This is probably a major mitigating factor in the slow development.

Japan cases

Updated Apr 9 at 10:54 PM local









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Posted in: Japan records 503 coronavirus infections on Wednesday; biggest daily jump since start of pandemic See in context


William Mirrielees said "I think Tokyo is going to be the next New York."

Such a negative comment. If Tokyo is New York, then Moon is Sun.

it is not negativity, it is mathematical forecasting. I am not the only person who has indicated this, On March 15 there was one reported case in New York and by April 2, there were over 60,000 cases, Fortunately one of the great customs, the Japanese have is the wearing the mask and this will slow down the curve but still the numbers will be high because the system is not allowing for social distancing because of work demands. New York shut down but the rate still climbed because of previous infections.

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Posted in: Japan records 503 coronavirus infections on Wednesday; biggest daily jump since start of pandemic See in context

Sorry when you go to the site., click on Global , then Japan. When you click on Japan, you search by Prefecture.

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Posted in: Japan records 503 coronavirus infections on Wednesday; biggest daily jump since start of pandemic See in context

rgcivilian1 try this website for not only Japan but for the rest of the world.


It shows Japan increased by +499, I have a friend in Fukuoka. They have 136 confirmed cases. Tokyo over a 1000. I think Tokyo is going to be the next New York.

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Posted in: Abe to declare state of emergency for Tokyo, 6 prefectures See in context

I just read that the prime minister of Great Britain is now in the hospital in serious condition. To all of those who downplay the seriousness of this virus, just look at the death toll in New York City alone (3,578). This is not counting those who live in the suburbs who have died. How many managers and employees in the Tokyo companies do you think will die if this spreads like it did in New York. Go on line and look the infection rate that occurred in New York. Even a tiger in the New York zoo caught the virus. I expect to see in the next few weeks, Tokyo will become more like New York City

For those who like to blame the foreigners for bringing it in, let me expand on that statement. True they originally introduced virus into Japan along with some Japanese who had visited China, However in my town in the United States, it was Americans returning from Europe who brought the virus. It was the recent return of Japanese from Europe that introduced more clusters of infection in Japan.

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Posted in: Virus infections not rampant nationwide but Japan on brink: Abe See in context


Yes I am aware about Iceland. That is the scary part. They are infected and not exhibiting any obvious symptoms. However, they can go someplace and spread the virus to a lot of others who may die from it.

Iceland realized that testing is important to control this dread virus

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Posted in: Tokyo confirms 63 new coronavirus cases, a record daily increase See in context


Your comment probably explains why the numbers have not shown up so quickly. One source of transmission has been better controlled. However, human to human or human to surface to another human contact may be another source of transmission. This might take longer to occur.

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Posted in: Guide to reduce virus risks issued for schools before reopening See in context

Japan has yet to see a major spike in infections

I have not yet understood why japan has so low cases count 

If everyone who exhibited symptoms was tested, we'd see a huge spike.

Very good question and there are several possible reasons the virus is slow to spread.

Most people are worry mask. We cannot find them here in the US, Most are being sent to our hospitals.

Right mask only help, if nothing more than keeping your hands away from your mouth.

I believe much of the transmission is by contact with the virus, on clothes, on body and some way gets to the mouth. Here they say 7-9 days on plastic or metal surfaces. Less for cardboard. that is the reason for washing the hands several times a day. Also because Japanese bathe more than many people, it more likely that the virus is destroyed. I received a broadcast from England that said when you come home, drop you clothes in the washing machine and take a bath right away.

Lastly you have not really began your testing. When they started in New York, the numbers of infected people increased dramatically,

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