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There was opposition to the relocation of the Americans of Japanese descent from a surprising source, J. Eger Hoover of the FBI. He said the FBI had control of the problem and there was no need for the relocation. The governor of California. Earl Warren, pushed for the relocation. He would later be on the U.S, Supreme Court. Those Americans of Japanese descent who served in the Pacific found they were really treated with great kindness in Australia . Much better than in the US

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Even though the generators failed, the reactor did have one final back up option. The control rods. These function to slow or stop the reactor. This however, would ruin the reactor and require complete disassembly. This is costly and in typical Japanese fashion, the man in charge at the plant could not make that decision until he got approval from above.

On the excuse about not predicting the size of the tsunami, that is a poor excuse. There is a sister reactor which did not suffer damage because the sea wall height was determined based on ancient historical records. The engineer was originally criticized for making the wall to high. He bucked the system and as a result, that plant remained functional. Nuclear power is a good source of energy, how it has to been handled correctly.


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There is more to whole story then just the negligence of the airline manufacturing. The US Airforce offered immediate assistance to send immediate rescue crews that night but the Japanese government refused to accept it. Aid did not reach the mountain until the next morning. According to one of the survivors there were others alive but most likely died of shock/ cold.

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Do you not read the key issue, this is a school for mentally disabled, not an Olympic training center. The teacher was abusive. He should be canned but I know he won't.

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Lots of luck. I have been chasing fire ants around my yard in North Carolina for years. I wipe out one nest but always a few survive to start another one. Also think some immigrate from other yards. They are nasty in how they bite. They don't usually bite individually but wait until a number of the ants are on the person and then they signal to start biting. This is why they are so bad.

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I am not sure what they mean by early morning or late at night flights.  There is a Naval Air Station in Virginia Beach, Virginia which there are planes taking off constantly during the day but not at night. Virginia Beach  is also a big resort community.  Perhaps the Navy might want to look at some restrictions Atsugi on flight times  unless the flights are essential.

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