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Posted in: Online electronics show CEATEC displays solutions to ride out pandemic See in context

Most of the things look promising, but I keep getting a weird vibe about the focus on face recognition, seeing how deeply unreliable it still is, and how much privacy problems derive from it, I am not sure I like companies and governments putting so much stock in it.

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Posted in: A Japanese government panel has proposed amending the juvenile law to put 18- and 19-year-old criminal suspects on trial as adults. Do you agree with this? See in context

It is good that the possibility is now open, but only as long as age is still a factor to show clemency for minor problems, we all need to be able to make some mistakes to be able to grow, I would hate for this to be the excuse for ruining the life of a kid for something stupid but without real victims.

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Posted in: No jail for parents who left daughters at home while they used COVID cash handout for hotel stay See in context

It does strikes me as very lenient sentence but I really hope the judge has good reasons for this, I would hate to see the kids again on the news.

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Posted in: Pfizer, BioNTech start combined trials of COVID-19 vaccine candidate in Japan See in context


Prof. William A. Haeltine

Professor at Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Public Health

I really hope the professor never get to read how you use his valid (if exaggerated) worries just to somehow prove that vaccines inevitably be bad. That is not what he is saying, and the guy is a very vocal supporter of vaccines in general, and do think that vaccine hesitancy (or more specifically antivaxxers) are a huge problem for public health.

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Posted in: Tokyo ward assemblyman apologizes for remarks against LGBT rights See in context

Too late and too little, the political environment in Japan is still bad enough for people to think they can express such ignorant opinions without any consequence.

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Posted in: Suga, in Indonesia, says Southeast Asia key for Japan See in context

This is terribly obvious for anybody putting any kind of attention, but hearing Suga expressing it feels strangely ominous, like someone saying that cooperation between neighbors is necessary to keep the streets safe, (and just before putting forward himself as the person in charge of doing it)

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Posted in: Police officer caught downloading dirty videos from suspect’s phone See in context


Had he used his own phone to film the confiscated phone, no one would have been any the wiser.

Filming in the toilet a video that may be more than an hour long or that has an appealing sound? not exactly discreet, specially compared with a couple of minutes of electronic transfer. Not to talk about a huge downgrade of quality. It is not a realistic option except on very limited cases.

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Posted in: Coronavirus survives 28 days on glass, currency, Australian researchers find See in context

This is extremely worrying, I surely hope that, as some commenters have said, real life conditions like UV light make the risk disappear much sooner than in the laboratory.

Incidentally, in my completely amateur point of view, if a person recommends licking money that means he already lost the discussion or is just pretending so he can make people on his side seem all like irrational fools.

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Posted in: No panty shots, under any circumstances, please, says anime’s creator to animation staff See in context

The thing is in Netflix and it is quite good both in story and animation quality. Not exactly what I like to see but well done nevertheless. I agree that cheap fanservice would have been not appropriate for this.

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Posted in: Budget requests hit record ¥105.4071 tril, fueled by pandemic spending See in context

Inevitably spending rises with disasters, the trick is how to balance it towards the least amount of damage in the short, medium and long term.

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Posted in: Group protests to NHK over tweets considered prejudiced against Koreans See in context

The first time it can be said they did not consider properly how the tweets were going to be considered, and the reaction took them by surprise.

But keeping them with small notes as if that would stop people considering them negative is frankly very difficult to understand. Is like they are taunting on purpose the people to react against them.

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Posted in: Video of giant Gundam robot moving in Yokohama draws millions on Twitter See in context

I really need to go and see it in person, the model with very limited mobility in Odaiba is nice, but this version really looks and feels like the real thing.

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Posted in: New Batman story to debut on Spotify podcast in 2021 See in context

The idea of narrative podcasts using hero stories is good, I just prefer they were using something different from the usual choices. Maybe they really need a popular character to pull people, but there are a huge lot of interesting stories in the comics that would adapt nicely to a podcast that probably will never be used.

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Posted in: Foreigners to blame for livestock theft, according to Japanese media See in context

I don't see a problem with the first tweet, a bunch of thieves used a lousy excuse when caught which makes the victims angrier, the reaction is what became problematic. Focus on the nationality was something in bad taste and likely not the intention of the original.

You want to focus on thieves being foreign? then use information from the arrests or something that proves that a higher percentage of the caught criminals are foreigner than what would be expected from the general population, using anecdotes only is manipulation, the same could be done to blame old people, men over women or even lefties if you can get at least a couple of cases to talk about.

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Posted in: Japan health workers snub COVID-19 database as Suga seeks to digitize gov't See in context

Bad combination from a system that did not balanced information/workload and lack of priority for it to be better implemented after the problems were obvious. Even with the limited amount of detected cases nobody is using it, I can only image what would happen if thousands of cases happened every day.

I would say this is a lesson for the next pandemic, but probably it will be forgotten by that time, even if it is next year.

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Posted in: High court orders gov't, TEPCO to pay ¥1 bil in damages over Fukushima disaster See in context

Finally, it is still a fraction of what is fair but at least it will make people think twice before just choosing the cheap route with safety. Hopefully more penalties will follow and some real compensation will be paid to the victims.

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Posted in: Japanese artist creates ramen face mask to complement fogged glasses See in context

Damn, the thing looks horrible and it ridiculous, but for some reason it made me laugh, as said by yoshisan88 it would make for a fun twist of the uniform of a ramen shop (I would just feel a little sad for the employees that would have to wear the thing all day long)

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Posted in: Japanese fans fight bacteria, virus and foul odors See in context

Everything now has to be antiviral and antibacterial, or say it is although it has no evidence. Whatever makes people buy, and what is the point of detoxifying Xylene and Toluene? not many people are ever exposed to those, and the people that are will get no benefit from anything less than a proper mask.

(Formaldehyde I understand, I have had conversations with people that seemingly like to gargle the stuff or something that smells as bad)

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Posted in: U.S. TV shows try a new election playbook - making voting part of the story See in context

Nothing is perfect in this world, but nothing is totally bad either. Entertainment products can actually be a positive influence in the people, I just wish this would happen more often.

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Posted in: Day of the Dolphin See in context

I keep getting a "not really coincidence" vibe about naming a tropical storm/typhoon that attacks the Japanese coasts "Dolphin"

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Posted in: Why do you think billionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates, whose foundation has plowed billions of dollars into making vaccines against diseases like polio, malaria and HIV, is a regular target for fringe groups and anti-vaxxers accusing him of benefiting from vaccination or even using them for harm. See in context

As it is said, "no good deed goes unpunished". I surely hope he understood that from the beginning and is taking the conspiracies and insults as an inevitable consequence of doing something right.


So, Bill Gates doesn’t make a profit off developing and distributing vaccines?

I have only seen him mentioning the profit or gains for the people being vaccinated, not for himself.

@Raw Beer

Professional language like: "One strains makes her whole analysis moot? she arbitrarily excludes it without justification."

I am no professional, have no special interest on genetics and it makes perfect sense to me as a criticism. If you want to prove something and the only way to do it is to ignore without explanation something that proves the contrary that means you are wrong. Why don't you change the word "strain" for "result", or "evidence".

If you are supposed to be a researcher you are not doing yourself any favors by repeatedly writing that you cannot understand something so simple.

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Posted in: Mom who went drinking all night indicted over deaths of daughters left in car See in context

I really hope she gets a very heavy sentence.

Also, I would like to know how the father of the girls is not even mentioned.

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Posted in: Former Tokio pop group member arrested for riding motorbike while drunk See in context

It is a miracle that not many other child celebrities in Japan turn out in the news like this, I really hope this will not become a trend.

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Posted in: Nintendo's Switch faces French claim of 'planned obsolescence' See in context

this is necessary for all other countries.

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