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Posted in: We're hiring: Babies wanted for Kitakyushu nursing home See in context

Digestive flora changes with age, and old people passing theirs to children can make them catch digestive problems easier. Just get some people that can take care of pets and hire them instead.

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Posted in: Zoo director begs people to stop screwing with air conditioner, setting it to lowest temperature See in context


Install a new thermostat that lights up but isn't connected to anything. Put lots of Don't Touch signs on it, and let them adjust away.

I think that would solve the problem nicely, and with some help of the placebo effect maybe the people would even feel cooler.

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Posted in: Cambodian, Japanese among winners of Magsaysay Awards See in context


Only people in the medical or science field would have been aware of this award though..


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Posted in: Japanese, S Koreans see each other more favorably, poll shows See in context

Good, now lets see what happens the next time a Korean/Japanese influential politician needs a scapegoat for some national problem

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Posted in: Japan, Taiwan to begin talks on evacuation plans if China invades See in context

For a moment I though the article was about evacuating the nationals of Taiwan, quickly realized that would be beyond impossible.

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Posted in: When people go to work, they enjoy casual conversations with their colleagues, and have lunch together. The sense of fulfillment and social rewards derived from such simple interactions is impossible to overestimate. See in context


With all due respect, all the academics I know in Japan or elsewhere could not handle the corporate world.

And all the ones that went to work for a company I know are the complete opposite, with an stable position from the moment they were hired, better salaries, less responsibility, realistic objectives and being judged in their work by people with faces and names instead of obscure committees.

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Posted in: Pretax profits at Japanese firms hit record high in April-June See in context

Surprise!.... not.

Regular people keep getting poorer, big companies keep getting richer, and the government gets surprised most people think this is negative?

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Posted in: Robot that stocks drinks is newest thing at FamilyMart in Japan See in context

They should make it do something that is easily viewed by the public, then it would help promoting the chain.

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Posted in: App developed to automatically delete children's nude selfies See in context

In Japan? land of the failed apps and zero cybersecurity? i give it 3 months of use before a news article says the app was hacked and all the pictures were sent to an anonymous account instead of deleted.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,526 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 15,351 See in context

Cases going down in general, hospitalizations and deaths also in decline.

Japan is sure dragging it feet to go out of the pandemic but at least it is not stopping.

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Posted in: S Korean firm suspected of surveying off disputed isles See in context

We can clearly see how the new SK government begins its relationship with Japan, at least it was quick and will give enough reasons to just ignore whatever Yoon asks from now on.

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Posted in: Man arrested for beating 78-year-old father to death with hammer See in context

Same old story every week or so, psychotic, sociopathic people that never reached adulthood turn their frustration on anybody that has authority over them. Just let him rot in the shade for life and let the rest of the people forget he exist.

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Posted in: Man mistakenly sent ¥46.3 mil in COVID funds gambles it all away See in context

And this comes as a surprise to absolutely nobody, the guy was shady from the first report and the people working for the Abu city office are inept beyond comprehension in order to let this happen.

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Posted in: In light of concerns about a spread of variant strains in the future, another state of emergency may well have to be declared during the national holidays in May. See in context

The situation this year is completely different, as long as doctors and scientists are on board with the new measures that is fine.

A complete different situation would be if the measures were based on fake evidence that somebody wanted to pass as genuine, like false, inexistent transcripts, lol.

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Posted in: Wild animals may carry bones and other items, so that it is possible for objects that weren't there at the time of the search to be found in the same place over time. See in context

Why would anybody had to wait months to abduct a child? there is such things as crimes of opportunity, someone that may have not planned to do anything saw the chance and did the crime. Anyway it is still early and other possibilities are still open.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan, EU push for open internet amid rise of authoritarianism See in context

yeah sure, neither side have the moral grounds to protest, what they want is to monopolize the authoritarianism.

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Posted in: In light of concerns about a spread of variant strains in the future, another state of emergency may well have to be declared during the national holidays in May. See in context

Not really, at some point people realized the organizers were too deep and would have no shame to contradict themselves and do anything to hold the games.

Still, not as shameless as going to a comment a year back in "revenge" for someone commenting how a fake transcript used as an argument did not exist at all, THAT would be too much even for them lol

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Posted in: Man sent to prosecutors over defamatory posts about man who lost wife, child in reckless driving case See in context

He knew he was doing something wrong by using an anonymous account, let him deal with the consequences.

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Posted in: Russian-run restaurant in Chiba looking to hire Ukrainian evacuees See in context

I think it would been better if the restaurant just stayed in the sidelines, no matter what it does it will look bad and calling attention to itself at this point is not going to help them

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Posted in: How far has political correctness gone in Japan? See in context

What do you think you are correcting? lol

yes, that is exactly what I said, that the court did not called him not a bigot, you said they did and cited the entire hearing transcript, except that in the entire transcript the court never said he was not a bigot, so you made up your cite thinking nobody would notice, lol busted!

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Posted in: 'I’ll kill you!' says Japanese schoolgirl when convenience store won’t let her use toilet See in context

Kids in Japan use "kill" or "die" too easily, it is a matter of time some get into trouble like this.

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Posted in: India denies request for SDF plane to collect aid items for Ukraine See in context

If you make your plan completely dependent on cooperation by Russian allies it was not a good plan in the first place.

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Posted in: Ghosn says he is ready to defend himself See in context

In the case of Japan vs Ghosn I am perfectly happy with either of them losing completely, best case scenario both will lose.

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Posted in: How far has political correctness gone in Japan? See in context

Got the thing, not even once the court called him "not a bigot", so you got confused with a different case or just made up the whole thing? I mean, you did not even cite anything.

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Posted in: How far has political correctness gone in Japan? See in context


Can you cite where the court called him NOT a bigot?

Or is that a fake argument?

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Posted in: How far has political correctness gone in Japan? See in context

Bringing back a dead topic just to make fake arguments? how desperate, lol. The law in virginia did not say the guy is not a bigot, the law says the bigot is allowed to use his religion as an excuse to be a bigot, that is very different.

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Posted in: Record 54% of Japanese students not eager to study due to COVID: survey See in context

Way to blame the pandemic for a cultural problem with a very long history in Japan, what is next? blaming COVID for low wages, xenophobia, bullying, etc?

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Posted in: Ditch the quick fix: 5 easy ways to replace expensive supplements See in context


The article is focused on quick fixes, not on the best ones, or the most nutritionally balanced. if your options are going to a supermarket and research the season, origin and process of harvesting of some ingredient, or just go to the vending machine of the corner and get a completely uniform source of nutrients, the second option is the easiest one by far.

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Posted in: Into the wild: Animals the latest frontier in COVID fight See in context

A veterinarian friend of mine takes samples of dogs and cats that go sick while their owners are isolating because of COVID, he sends the samples to a laboratory from the government and gets informed of positive cases, apparently positives are not so rare. Domestic animals may be a source much more likely for mutants to appear, but somehow I see no research being done on it.

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Posted in: End of COVID may bring major turbulence for U.S. health care See in context

So, let me see if I understood this correctly, the health care in the US was so terrible and unjust that the pandemic would have decimated the population if left as it was, politicians for a change did their jobs and solved the most pressing problems so the country would not be left in ruins, but only temporarily?

If something is already found broken and a good solution implemented, what is the point in letting it break again?

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