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William Wong comments

Posted in: IAEA team visits Fukushima nuclear plant to review water release plan See in context

High radiation Water release = Godzilla soon.

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Posted in: Japan's military, among world's strongest, looks to build See in context

True. You haven't see the mightiest Japan of all, all clues in Gundam and Macross video since . They have Gundam Robot already display in public. Who knows they have mass produce lots of gundam in underground and training pilots. That would change the conventional war of old Russia and China.

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Posted in: Japan set to meet U.S. request to pay more for hosting troops See in context

" Bilateral cost-sharing agreements are usually signed to cover a five-year term. "

Due to current unforeseen China flexing muscle situation and future Taiwan invasion, it is still a good money to pay for security and prevention. High tech facility and ready manpower is situated strategically with Taiwan, South Korea and Japan. Its worth it else Japan has one live only and if US gone due to unpopularity to maintain them, SDF wont be ready once China flex its muscle. Of course it is best to invest in Taiwan in any defense, else if Taiwan fall, the flank of Japan is very vulnerable should China flex and block trade at Japan south if any Japan PM wish to test Yasukini shrine or defend Okinawa island, ( which china will claim theirs openly) and maybe forcing Japan to be under China sphere of influence in unforeseen future.

Trust my words, invest in US security and friendly + helpout with Taiwan and South Korea especially Taiwan.

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Posted in: 3 Japanese returnees from Wuhan test positive for new coronavirus See in context

Whats wrong with all country bringing back own suspected coronavirus or sources locations and back 2weeks quarantine. Do they really want to kill all less immune citizens. China never ask the other coubtry to take back. Its lockdoen for godsake. Now too late. Why bring fee infected to own country with no vaccine. Good luck for your family. Man made worsen mistakes scenarios.

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Posted in: Japan to repatriate citizens from virus-hit Wuhan in chartered plane See in context

theres no vaccine. u taking people out from wuhan, the source of virus. australia fifth case, woman out from last flight of wuhan to australia, 2 weeks quarantined, first at home then to hospital. didnt u guys read. now reread my details. do u guys have logic at all to allow them to come mix. at least china tourist is not from wuhan. at least now got measurement to check them. but u bringing the sources to Japan. common

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Posted in: Emperor performs thanksgiving ceremony as key succession rite See in context

We need a happening royal. The one that mix with crowd and make lasting impression. Its 21st century.

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Posted in: Ghosn's lawyer clarifies bail conditions See in context

Ghosn should have bailed out while he still employed. If work on Japanese Large company, dont offend them or bossy over them. He should have assimilated JP culture but treating the venture like western style is a mistake of his doing. No matter wht, a foreigner cant be bossy over Japanese company decision. Most likey he be charges and jailed. A lesson to all gaijin, assimilate or marry your children to Japanese company owners.

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Posted in: Court rejects call to halt nuclear reactor in western Japan See in context

Eathquake and tsunami is something Japanese local government can not control. All the time Jp prelude to ww2 is also about gaining raws materials either by force or diplomacy. That is the need to industralized a nation. Now jp need nuclear reactor to dp so on 21st century, but people deprived the nation to stay on top of economy. Its not their right. If they want to stop please vote out government. Until then they do as they please for country.not for people.

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Posted in: Ex-Nissan chief Ghosn makes 3rd bail request See in context

Ghosn should employed Legal High's Yui Aragaki as lead lawyer. As he will find way to outsmart prosecutor.

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Posted in: Trump to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital See in context

A lunatic with 5 years term cam do as he pleases. Jerusalem is pity was his target. Now an elected citizen of 5 years president office ignite north korea nuclear war and rack up all anger at muslims of the world. Dont any US cotizen realised how 5 years officer can damage whole century progress of globalism American touted. Only American public can disposed on president.do something before he thrive on armageddon.

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Posted in: Two dead in 'Day of Rage' over Jerusalem; Palestinian president defiant See in context

Trump has done calculating politic moves. With words he earn millions donation from Jews group and plan to earn more when chaos ensue. "Chaos is a ladder." Petye Baelish

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Posted in: 3 people dead, 1 injured after knife, sword attack at Tokyo shrine See in context

Samurai sword should be ban in public in japan. Its a very dangerous sword. I thought Meiji restoration has banned the sword

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Posted in: Police arrest 3 N Korean fishing boat crew for theft See in context

I like the words plunder. Since when any foreigners plunder Japan. They come to plunder.

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Posted in: Allowing nuclear weapons in Japan could defuse N Korean threat: policy makers See in context

Only way to defuse North Korea warmongering is to send a lots of Japan made AV dvd to North Korea Army. Cheaper than nuclear.

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Posted in: 14-year-old boy apparently jumps to death at Fukui school See in context

1.No school will claim bullying.


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Posted in: Japanese chef opens rare sushi restaurant in Pyongyang See in context

Ita good opportunity for him. Too expensive to open and take time to get popular in japan. Open only Japanese SUSHI RESTAURANT in North Korea. No meed marketing or pay rent. Cheap peasant for dish wash. Make business sense. Why would one want to miss this virgin market.

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Posted in: Tsukiji fish market may also sit atop contaminated soil See in context

Bye Tsukiji. Better stop eating seafood before i accumulate much mercury and whatelse at ground. I think i go back to othercountry fishmarket for sashimi. Safer.

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Posted in: Over 950 students, staff suffer food poisoning in Tachikawa See in context

Bring own food or buy from outside.

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Posted in: Japanese killjoys wage war on Valentine's 'conspiracy' See in context

Ok. They didnt know sex doll exists. They can find filipino or vietnamese girls as "girlfirend" and give aka name as theirr former girlfriend or idols.

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Posted in: Trump invites Abe to White House on Feb 10 See in context

Its best trump go to meet abe at Japan. I dont like him ordering abe to come. He already cancal tpp. Next cancel alliance.

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Posted in: Defense ministry launches first communications satellite See in context

Duh. Only North Korea has more publicity launching weather research satellite. Pffftt

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Posted in: Japanese gov't defends Toyota after Trump broadside over Mexican plant See in context

Bye USA USA USA. I thought Mexico also in America.remember Make America Great Again slogan. Whats wrong with Trump

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Posted in: Woman arrested after giving 5-year-old daughter milk despite her allergy to it See in context

Whats wrong with this young mother. A child is innocent and trust her mother fully and this a nother dare to do this. Life is hardship but a person must have compassion in part of their heart to do whatever it takes to give love and protect. Hearing this make.me angry and sad at human being of this generation. Give me the child, i will take care of her and give love much as child shud have.

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Posted in: Casino bill clears panel, paving way to legalize gambling See in context

Please watch God of Gambler part 1 to 3. Then u go Casino. Thank you.

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Posted in: Police offer ramen discounts to elderly as incentive not to drive See in context

Hmm. Hard to judge. Dont wanna shut off old people and open to public scrutiny. They suppose to be retire and happy living thier lifes. Not ok to impose rules. Is it ok for public to impose or say negative about them. They not into social networking to express their ideas or counter. They want to relax and live the remaining years. I dont like their children treat them bad. Please. Old people are not nuisance. They done their share and save for their family. Ban them from driving add salt to insult and disrespectful.

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Posted in: Defense adviser sees chance to update alliance with U.S. See in context

Japan need US as cant go alone against China hegemony.Us cant afford to lose base. This is humilliating for US strategy. And China and Russia will laugh if Us base were removed because Japan cant afford. I think Japan public are as blur as brexit and Trump presidency. Russia never let go their small base at syria and continue at all costs to protect their ally, syria, iran and hebzollah. Imagine Us move out and what it tell to those admire US and as ally.

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Posted in: Report warns of Asian arms race if Trump withdraws U.S. forces See in context

Picture these scenario; North Korea will attack South Korea, if Trump remove Us troops. After conquer, they try to destabilise Japan. China will conquer Taiwan. And Both case US cant do anything because Trump is businessman and why shoud he help and spend US live and money. So Japan will build nuclear weapon but do you guys think China will just watch. It will launch preemptive strike and conquer Japan while US troops depart and do nothing. All this will happen once Trump open his mouth and remove troops. Russia will attack Ukraine as Trump will say not in their interest and belong to Russia sphere of influence. Us remove from Nato, some east european country will kowtow to Russia and dump remaining Nato. Russia will conquer Poland due to former east bloc refuse to change allegiance. Nato small troops were ambushed and wipe out in Poland. Then Trump expanse his business empire under Trump names. Other countries deal with Trump related business else high Tarif. Ku klux clan raise to prominent position and control domestic security. They round up all black and illegals in Us and put them in the internment camp for their segregation.

So how does it feel to vote for Trump, deplorables.

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Posted in: Trump edges closer to White House win See in context

Abe will need to pay full for keeping US troops. Or he has to kiss china feet. Its Era of China. Kim Jong Un will be happy to invade south korea once Us Left. Good luck world.

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Posted in: Abe has chance to be Japan's longest-ruling PM after rule change See in context

Life term commitment for Japanese company for employees. Why not politics.

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Posted in: As Duterte embraces China, Abe set to roll out warm welcome See in context

Duterte will give half of philippine islands to China because he is president. He can do what he wants. You pinoy elect him for domestic reason and dont care about remotr islands with no budget to maintain. Its better off this ways since pinoy cant compete economically and in poor state. No trouble, evrybody happy. Please give JOLO archipelago.

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