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Posted in: Part of Shibuya Station area to be turned into pedestrian zone for Halloween See in context

Why they need to celebrate Halloween?? Waste of public money and personal savings.

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Posted in: Turkish designer sticks it to Trump on Tokyo catwalk See in context

Yes. Please do more anti Trump event. Japan gaijin must do the same.

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Posted in: Abe promotes shinkansen technology to Singapore See in context

No worry I assure readers that Singapore will choose Japan for this contract. Safety is the key for Singapore and long term economy view for spore tourism especially to Sentosa Island. An island without raw resources will have to go all out to increase export of service sectors.My concern is Malaysia decision.

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Posted in: Tom Hanks blends in with diners at restaurant in Tokyo See in context

Tom Hank should say after finish eating and say "kimochi". The selfie would have been more relax

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Posted in: New police commissioner aims to make Tokyo world's safest city See in context

Yakuza gang cant be cleaned. Maybe petty thief or jaywalkers crime can be reduced. Good luck

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Posted in: New Tokyo governor pledges Olympic cost probe See in context

From other point of view, Harajuku, Shrine,Roppongi,Park,Museum,Amusement Park, Hotels, Inns and Tokyo citizen will reap benefits from these mass tourism visits in the coming Olympics. And Japan Pop Culture will get better boost. This Olympic will be the good for Japan as whole in spirit and economy. Beside Japan populations need a morale boost after 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami.

No place better than Cosmopolitan Tokyo. I support 2020 Tokyo.

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Posted in: Trump: Japanese will 'watch Sony TV' if U.S. is attacked See in context

In the outcome of President Trump insist to pay up when North Korea invade south korea and troops embrace itself in japan. Then he say nah we withdraw troops back to US, as businessman and getting vote rating up at home, "this is too much lossess and why should i sacrificed american bloods. Japan defense force is mature and can hold itself.they have sony and godzilla" when korea invade japan, President Trump say well theres one competition off, America will be great in economy again. KOREA can be friend. He didnt harm us. All is business"

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Posted in: Japanese firm develops 'previewable' seal See in context

Its way of life and style. Dont disurbs other ways of life if it suits your ego.

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Posted in: Emperor abdication debate could stir discussion on female succession See in context

Conservative does not want female as empress and standard bearer. Imagine they whitewash history claiming innocencence and proclaim empress the divine being. A female!!. That would make the conservative gay and weak.

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Posted in: Court upholds injunction to halt restart of Takahama reactors See in context

Short story. I gove a clue with less paim for the above dilemma. Pay the nearby residents to shut their mouth or yakuza will. Problem solved.

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Posted in: Man arrested for stabbing father to death with chopstick See in context

Strong chopstick. Made of redwood.

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Posted in: Japan’s demand for seafood declines, especially among young generation: report See in context

Japanese old pensioners and retiree which make up the majority of populations, should stop eating fish. They shud start working and eat meat. Fish will be sustainable this way.

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Posted in: World powers ready to arm Libya in fight against IS See in context

Just kill isis off. Bomb discrimately and send soldiers to wipe them out. No mercy.The more delay and care for civillians the more libyan become Syrians. Else you wont win military, who cares about lossess. Now or no more libya.

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Posted in: Chinese pouring billions into U.S. real estate: study See in context

Money runs the world. So which. The 1 % or chinese investments. No use criticizing if cant offer solutions. Dont matter. Everybody happy with chinese investments. This negative feedback are useless anyway.

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Posted in: Japan's U.S. ambassador takes veiled swipe at Trump's 'America First' stance See in context

If Trump elect asbpresident, he become mussolini. He get what he wants. He will silenced any anti trump. With his connection and now as president, he will do whatever he want just like republicans colleagues. America will fallninto dictatorship after all congress were silenced secretly. If he has ways. Its not about US, its all about Trump empire. He will accumulate more wealths and power along 4 years of president. Its not president its emperor.

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Posted in: Upcoming Godzilla movie to feature largest cast in Japanese film history See in context

Shouldnt they have robot by this time. Hollywood produce good godzilla. Why this bad godzilla.

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Posted in: G-7 foreign ministers call for nuclear disarmament in Hiroshima declaration See in context

President candidate Donald Trump want Japan to build nuclear arm. If he wins, Japan is no more. Kaput. So please try everything to stop this madman!! China is friendly to Trump as hes just like them, reasonable businessman altho he talk trash abt unfair trade from china. But clinton is tough. So who should you all support readers. Think twice and dont blindly support trump.

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Posted in: Fukushima 'decontamination troops' often exploited, shunned See in context

Let the resident do the cleaning.

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Posted in: LDP to tackle 'taboo' of expanding foreign labor force See in context

No matter how all threads say. Its too late. Unable to absord other immigrants and culture, japan will be old folks country. Sooner Japan no longer function with all older people. Abes dream of Japan great military falter with old man handling guns. China army sweep and conquer japan in 2 weeks. With weak resistance. Oldman cant do banzai.. fyi.

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Posted in: Japan's nuclear refugees face bleak return 5 years after Fukushima See in context

Japan has its own refugee crisis. Cant resettled then might as well do what they can to survive at temporary camp. Make it permanent, whatever they like. Goverment cant help them with land. So does public. In this kind of gloom economy, best move on. No point holding government responsibility. They are what they are. Pointless to protest and twist. Well japan has its own taste of own refugee crisis like any other 3rd world country eg africa. Its normal. You not going to spend yen taxes on these former fukushima related refugees. For how long. Can you afford it. Yes for start be like other normal country do. Leave it alone and continue with taking for granted lifestyles.

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Posted in: Japan's porn industry preys on young women, say rights advocates See in context

Haha. I doubt it will change. As long as consumer like yourself and outsider consume lots of porns and outside world also enjoy jporn, (im the first one who coin this jporn ^^). Not all ladies are force. But u all do enjoy forcing, right. As long ur evil urge is there, nothing change. Billions of dollars. Any minister can be bought with this amount. Might as well create Minister of Porn, to regulate market and protection.

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Posted in: What a recession does to your money See in context

Listen. Save ur salary. Bank. Collapse soon. Stock. Worst than casino. Gold. Too heavy. Foreign currency perhaps USD. Or invest in foreign commercial lots or residential area at develop country. Why not go carribeans and get permit for few months stay. Cheap rent, food and girls. Wait till abenomics improve or open sushi shop at another country.

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Posted in: Abenomics on the ropes as yen soars, markets plunge See in context

One Word. Decline. Abe is born in wrong economy period. Couple with international oil bust, his name will be in bad history textbook. Aging population is increasing since young generation loves early retirement and work part time. Old generations wants to do own house cleaning and enjoy their pensions and will stop at nothing to protest against their intrusion of life. Meaning untouchable. Not in favor of policy i vote u down in my district. Gst no problem, tax no problem and rising cost of living no problem as long i can afford cheap import basic food items. No problem. Old gen just sip cup of hot tea and enjoy the toil of young gen hard work and pay pay social tax.

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Posted in: Japan tells U.N. it has found no evidence of forced WWII sex slavery See in context

China, Korea , south east asia country never offend Japan. In fact their countrynationalism look at Japan as big brother for natuon of teaching and strong partner to depend with. But japan mastermind and conquer/rape them from behind while still struggle agst colonolism and warlordism. Ita not about past is past. Its 100% betrayal and backstab. Japan has always ambitious to conquer China and lesser neighbour country for raw materials and richness. Lucky Korea and chinese dynasty stop them since. If only Japan show leadership and centre of asian modernisation, Japan will be good guys. But noooo... they decide to do horrible things to project their power. Past crime cant be forgive especially backstabbing.

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Posted in: Japan deports dolphin activist Ric O'Barry See in context

Japan has right. Remember every country has right to deport any citizen.Japan is not EU or US country.japan only accept few mid east refugees in. Thats what happen in california and paris. Simply bring alien people in and see what happen. Bang bang bang. And back to normalcy. Jeez.

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Posted in: Japan may change temple map icon to avoid Nazi swastika confusion See in context

Japan and germany were axis members during world war 2 period. Learn this my friend. Tourist still remember that. Best remove and replace it to show Japan is open country and attract global tourists and show good side of japan. Its time. Those defy should be lable as selfish and want japan to remain close door forever like tokugawa shogunate lackeys. Tsktsk. Cash is King. About japanese flag, instead of bangla flag alike, best change to abe family clans characters like sengoku period.

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Posted in: Police arrest suspected N Korean spy for alleged fraud See in context

North korean spy agency no budget due to development of atom weapon that they resort to credit card scam. So sad to see koreans still have to be enemy. Southbkorea should invade north korea. China wont react foolishly. Its time to end division.

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Posted in: Memo to U.S. citizens: Pay your taxes or you may lose your passport See in context

Pay n pay n pay tax. USA land of freedom and lighthouse of shining democracy for world to see. USA: I have bills to pay, my citizens. Dont u like to pay for my predators and airplane pewpew in middle east. This cost money, my child. To keep u safe. What about maintain forces in japan, south korea, NATO. Youthink this come from printing monopoly money. Grow up. White americans must pay. Many immigrants still poor, how to extor... i mean asking them to pay. Arm forces is the foundation of our nation n YOUr bills support CIA secret ops to control how the world look at USA. Common pay up. Nothing is free.

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Posted in: Baby drowns in bathtub while mother apparently drunk See in context

Those are young couples who premature marriage whith no family and mature adult responsibility. Thats it. Drunk. No excuse.

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Posted in: Nissan shuts websites after 'anti-whaling' cyberattack See in context

Anonymous is and always a terrorist network. It dont care whther its nissan or cup noodles, anything made in japan, they just do it anyway. It can be diversion of what they want to do. Probably siphoned off digital money and stolen confidential data from unsuspected company. Dangerous organization. They are in cohort of with ISIL to create problems for world.

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