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AxelToday  07:16 am JST

Well of course she did. USA gets to occupy Japan, turn it into a front line state for the wars USA is provoking, ensuring Japan has a bad relationship with it's neighbors to suit US interests and Japan pays for it. It's perfect for the US regime.

Excellent post.

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The attempt of glorify this hawkish ultra right wing corrupted man that wanted to restore a “beautiful Japan” according to the militarism way from the colonial era shows how little the LDP is interested about democracy.

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He’ll be remembered for many negative things,not only corruption but for how suppressing free press and citizens privacy like the silly My Number thing or the law that allow the police to arrest someone even if just suspected.

To don’t mention how he made life harder to foreigners in Japan.

Even those with Japanese families.

The man left a dark legacy that will be very hard to undo.

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Steven Mccarthy

> You totally misunderstood my post.

To be more clear I think that Mr.Abe was a total corrupted and inefficient prime minister With a hawkish revisionist view And what I said is that the people are guilty as well that they kept voting for this rotting party which is the LDP.

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Steven MccarthyToday  10:57 am JST

What’s with all this whining about Abe ??? How many wars did he start ??? Oh ! Zero …. 3x prime minister…. Longest serving…. Ever …. Respected around the world and at home ! William 77…. Spot on !

Thank you totally misunderstood my post here.

To be more clear I think that Mr Abby was a total corrupted and inefficient prime minister With a hawkish revisionist view And what I said is that the people are guilty as well that they kept voting for this rotting party which is the LDP.

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Sorry to say this but I feel no sympathy for the protesters,Simply because Most of them were the one who voted the same LDP Despite all the scandals and corruption.

Japan had several times the chance to change things with the vote and give a fresh start to its democracy Instead decided to keep this back warded ultraconservative corrupted Political class just because it felt safe that nothing will change.

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Posted in: Man arrested for using smartphone to film up teenager’s skirt See in context


A great post of whataboutism and ignorance.

Has nothing to do with the article and compared to Japan most Western countries (have you heard of Portugal,Denmark,Liechtenstein for example)

Don’t have as many pervs as here.

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Posted in: Man arrested for using smartphone to film up teenager’s skirt See in context

FairToday  10:55 am JST

My friends and family are totally amazed when I send them links to such articles as this. The fact that such stories get written about in news media is such a contrast when compared to other developed nations such as the United States where this would be drowned out by more severe crimes. Makes me feel much safer to live here in Japan when I read or watch the news, a testament to how much safer we really are compared to other countries!

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Posted in: Man arrested for using smartphone to film up teenager’s skirt See in context

This is sadly a big social problem of Japan.

The problem can be contained from the very core which is the education.

Forbid the distribution and sell of the weird manga that are almost pedophilic and the animation.

Stop idealiIng in medie young girls as sexual dolls and have a good education of respect toward any gender.

There is so much to do,only arrest and send these pervs to jail is not enough.

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Posted in: Japan protests to Russia over military exercises with China See in context

It‘s within their territory and they can do as they want as the US and Japan also do their military drills as well and rightfully so.

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Posted in: WHO director in Asia accused of racism, abuse indefinitely put on leave See in context

Another example how racism and complex of superiority is deeply ingrained in Japan.

Kasai can have behave like this in his own country which such behavioir is widely accepted but in the international community not.

For sure Japan is declining with it’s international reputation.

And to add a note,some posters with multiple accounts just trolling should find psychiatric assistance ASAP.

Such elements fail to realize that such immature and hateful comments won’t do any good to the reputation of their “glorious” country.

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Posted in: Moment of truth as Japan eyes review of foreign 'trainee' workers See in context

As Japan is seen as lagging behind the United States and Europe in human rights due diligence, the government has drafted guidelines for companies to respect human rights throughout their supply chains.

Yeah good luck with that,the government in the end will only favour the big local companies and they won’t do anything concrete to improve the life and dignity of these people coming to work with them.

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Posted in: Japan eyes lifting of pre-departure COVID tests for inbound vaccinated travelers: media See in context

Om Prakash, president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan, encouraged the government to align its border travel polices with other G7 countries "to restore Japan's reputation as a welcoming and open place."

As always as history teach us they need a push from Europeans and Americans to realign themselves with the modern world and don’t fall in oblivion (again).

I’m pretty sure the J-government eventually will ease all the non sense restrictions to foreigners about COVID but just because they need to save face when Kishida or the next LDP blue blood will sit among the leaders of G7.

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Posted in: Kishida's support tumbles, hit by questions over Unification Church and COVID See in context

I'm glad that Kishida and all his rotting LDP is falling down with pools,but saying that I think he's losing most of the support from the right wing core of his party which can't accept their ultra conservative leaders tied with a South Korean movement which they look down.

The truth is that Japan's old conservative mindset isn't changed and the way to self isolation and economic and social decline due to their draconian and illogical laws will gradually sink their economy as it's already sinking their population.

For sure less foreigners than a decade ago find Japan as an interesting place to work,study or invest their effords,combined with the apathy of the young generations I can't see any positive outcome for this isolationistic nation unless something will change in their mindset.

Sadly the people got what they voted,they kept voting the LDP not for good political programs and despite the scandals,corruptions,abuse of power the same affiliation is warming the chairs in command.

And why? because the LDP for most of them is the only option and because it keeps the ultra conservative mindset and the mantra that Japanese are unique in the world and no one can understand such mindset,therefore there is no necessity in changes.

Sad to say,but nothing will change.

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Posted in: Japan marks 77th anniversary of end of World War II See in context

Modern Italy and Germany look at such day as the liberation day and are still thankful to the allies for free their country.

Here on the other side by these ulta right wing politicians that rule the country it is seen as a humiliation day to respect and worship their criminals.

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Posted in: Police inspector arrested for filming up woman’s skirt on escalator See in context

Again? This is a serious issue in Japan.

Men doing these things and even the police officers,and how many times did we read the same issue.

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Posted in: Over 100 Japan lawmakers had links with Unification Church: survey See in context

In a normal democracy the government would resign and the people would vote a new party.

But knowing this is Japan I bet that the apathetic electors will keep vote Jiminto and keep these corrupted politicians at the helm of their country.

In the end as usual,nothing will change.

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Posted in: Kishida revamps cabinet to boost public support See in context

Just looking at this Paleolithic photo and it sums up how behind and detached are these cronies from the modern world and issues.

Good to see the boys looking smart with neckties and no masks. I think this revamped cabinet will do well. By the way, I think there is a woman in the photo.

Oh yes,how magnanimous of them to allow a woman in their club.

And a hawkish one as well.

Japan resemble much more a regime than a modern western democracy.

And besides this is just a reshuffle of the old ultra right wings ojisan at the power.

Nothing will ever change….sadly.

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Posted in: Foreign employees at Lawson claim unfair treatment such as forced sushi and Christmas cake purchases See in context

What a backward and uncivilized country still living in some degrees in their feudal era.

It took already twice for us westerner to bring them back in line with the same level of us.

Once during the meiji era when we civilized them,and a second time after WW2.

Maybe it’s time to give them some civilization again.


And for you japanophiles or Japanese posting here telling that if foreigns don’t like it they should go home I say don’t worry.

Already less than 2% of the population is made by foreigners and from within this 2% only 10% or less is westerner.

So don’t worry,the great majority of us have little no non interest in living in your remote arcipelago.

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Posted in: Japan minister says women 'underestimated' See in context

WesleyToday  07:28 pm JST

You have just have to look at the Western nations to see how "equality" has fared. 

There is a reason why societies like Japan are respected and admired; the system they have WORKS. 

I really don't care about gender equality in Japan; all I know is that majority of Japanese men & women must be doing something right if Japan is still one of the safest, cleanest, low-crime rate countries in the world. 

I think both Japanese men & women must have instilled good values in their children. Just look at how kids in Japan pick up after themselves or offer their seats to elders or bow politely if you give way to them at zebra crossings. How many Westerners ( or even Asians) say "Thank you for the food" after every meal the way the Japanese do? 

Having a polite, responsible society is FAR more important than any Western notion of "equality". Maybe the West (or Westernized Asians) can take notes from Japan. 

It's not just Japanese women who are underestimated. 

It's Japan as a society that's being underestimated.

And by which western country Japan is respected for his laws and sexism?

By Germany? (My country) Sweden? Denmark?

Back home we all know how Japan is ultra conservative and backwarded with gender gap.

The ultra majority of women of my country have absolutely no interest in either marry a Japanese man or even dating due to their backwards mind.

And yes you can tell me that some do,but it’s like one in a milions.

It is because of people like you that can’t take criticism that Japan will never change.

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Posted in: Japan minister says women 'underestimated' See in context

KokegawaToday  06:43 pm JST

It's not like men in Europe (or anywhere else, really) are any better at sharing housework.

See, this is false too, actually.

If you look up the data posted by OECD on this, you will for example see that Danish men contribute about 40% of all housework and Swedish men 45%. In general, men in other developed countries contribute more to housework than do men in Japan and East Asia at large, so there are differences.

I'm not sure were you got the idea that men were all the same.

As a northern westerner European I totally agree with you.

And the fault of this situation is mainly to japanese ojisan but also to a vast majority of apathetic women that are content or just don’t do anything to change things.

For Japan to change things it takes at least four decades more than a full western democracy due to their stubbornness and narrow mind,and most of us won’t even live enough to see such radical changes.

As someone before posted that the younger generation are more liberal which I agree but the majority of them is so apathetic that doesn’t care.

I am so sure that many expats regret to have made Japan their own home.

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Posted in: Why Abe is much more highly praised abroad than in Japan See in context

He wasn’t highly praised everywhere abroad.

At least back home in western Europe and within the EU he was notorious to be a rightist and hawkish politician.

I guess in other countries if he had some sympathy was due of the lacking of knowledge of how little he achieved in domestic politics and how he made life of Japanese and expats harder.

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Posted in: Japan ranks 116th in 2022 gender gap report, worst among G7 See in context

And what did we expect from Japan?

To change in a year?

The sexist and macho-virile “culture” is so deeply ingrained in this insular island nation that it will take generations to fill the gap with most western European countries.

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Posted in: Kishida vows to push for Constitution reform, build on Abe's legacy See in context

Prime Minster Fumio Kishida said Monday he will build on the legacy of former premier Shinzo Abe

This sums is up,which means the goverment will get a more right wing and hawkish instances.

I say this for you Japanophiles as well who lives here,this won’t benefit us at all.

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Poor democracy,this is not wha Athen’s thought us,a real democracy is alternate parties,this is more like a right ultra conservative oligarchy.

The picture by the way sums everything Jiminto is not,innovation,youth,difersity.

As usual nothing will change.

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And this is the problem in Japan,people don’t vote with their heads.

Yes I feel sorry for his death,but the political agenda of the right side of Jiminto which is in control won’t benefit the people at all.

More military,more advantages to the corporations and as usual less welfare.

The conception of democracy here is not fully comprehended,because it means also alternatives and innovations.

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Posted in: Former Prime Minister Abe dies after being shot while campaigning in Nara See in context

I’m totally shocked,this is not the way to die.

Today is a day where democracy and peace fail.

May his soul rest in peace.

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Posted in: Ex-PM Abe in critical condition after being shot while campaigning in Nara See in context

I never liked him as a politician and as a man,but saying that I feel very sorry for such kind of outcome.

There should be never gun-violence involved and I pray that if there is still some hope that Mr.Abe can make it through.

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Posted in: App developed to automatically delete children's nude selfies See in context

And here is another of the many non sense waste of money by the Japanese government and police to solve absolutely nothing.

A deep routed social problem like this won't be reduced by an application but from the core.

These oyajis at the helm should instead remove all the semi pedo-pornography magazines and manga from the market and invest in the media in stopping idolizing teenager girls dressed up like dolls and behave submissively.

But Japan being a centered man society won't do such kind of approach to definitely eradicate the problem.

Again,as usual nothing will change.

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Posted in: Kishida to align Japan with G7, NATO over Ukraine, China at summits See in context

Kishida is in every world meeting where military is required but does not care about any social reform to improve life of it’s people.

This small Japanese rightist elite cares only about the “prestige” of their country with weapons and influence but little about the vast majority of it’s own population.

Not much changed in Japan’s political class from the Edo era.

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