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Posted in: Father held over fatal abuse of daughter rearrested for earlier assault See in context

What is happening with all this violence and abusing against children.

I agree that such elements need time in prison and face the justice,but any deterrent that it will be taken,even chemical castration which I totally disagree simply because is a mortification of human dignity won't solve the problem.

Draconian punishment won't change these people mind,the government in my point of view should work on the education,on preaching to respect children and women.

Only a good education in human values can really reduce such terrible events.

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Posted in: Activists file suit to stop dolphin hunting in Japan See in context

As a westerner I find this practice horrible,unfortunately in our point of view Asians have different values in animal and human rights than us,we can try to explain as much as we want but I think the more we do the more they become defensive.

Sadly there is nothing we can do in their domestic waters and territory,it's their call.

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Posted in: Renault denounces Nissan over Ghosn investigation: report See in context

Nissan won’t get away with this.

The Japanese law system and media have been exposed to the western now.

And France rightfully so won’t let things get away like this.

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Posted in: S Korean assembly speaker says apology needed from Japanese emperor See in context

The South Korean government it’s frankly getting to pushy in this matter,now ask the Emperor to apologize?

And what next? Do they want him to bow in front of the assembly?

South Koera obviously want to humiliate Japan and it’s people.

Japan should absolutely ignore these Koreans muppets.

The emperor is one of the nicest person and a man of peace which deserve respect.

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Posted in: Japan, Germany share responsibility to work toward global peace, prosperity: Abe See in context

Germany and Japan together as part of the G7 and old traditionally ally can achieve good things in the international panorama.

Both countries are leading the European and Asian diplomacy and economy.

Germany and the European Union together with Japan are moving to the right direction about several matters.

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Posted in: A-bomb survivors worried about U.S. plan to withdraw from arms pact See in context

I respect these people from Hiroshima and Nagasaki,despites our political views they know what is the atrocity that such weapon can bring.

Maybe the world leaders should start to listen to them.

Shame on the big guys in command of such powerful nations that are reverting us back to the cold war era.

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Posted in: Nissan to cancel plans to make X-Trail SUV in UK: report See in context

The majority of the British wanted to separate from the European Union in the name of diversity.

They already have been treated by the E.U. with favours when they were part of the Union,but that wasn’t enough for them.

Now they have to face the consequences of such actions,and I agree with Juncker and Brussell that there should be given no more favours to them.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't urged by lawmakers to take action against S Korea See in context

In this case I tend to agree with the lawmakers,it is time to get a stronger instance against South Korea,otherwhise they will become more bossy and insistent.

No matter what Japan will do or say, or compensate (again and again)

They will eventually bring all this crap back.

South Korea is not a reliable partner and it’s becoming a joke in the face of the international community.

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Posted in: Osaka court dismisses Chinese citizens' wartime forced labor suit See in context

So what is this trend now? every Chinese or Korean association from their central governments to local movements ask to Japan compensation for WWII?


Japan already payed and compensated the war victims,this is honestly becoming a puppet show.

How sad to see these people still living in grief after over 70 years.

Chinese people are brainwashed by a propaganda that tells them about what Japan did in the WW II.

Japan was wrong and payed the price for it,now let's see the situation in 2019.

China is still ruling with iron fist Tibet and East Turkistan,and deported thousand of these people in concentration camps and forcing them to stop being humans.

So how about Chinese people recognize such problems that are actual and first liberate these territories and compensate the victims of such massacres that are still ongoing.

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Posted in: More details emerge over fatal abuse of 10-year-old girl by father See in context

This man deserve a very long time in jail,and his wife should be investigated as well.

If all such abuses were perpetrated during months or even years she might be involved too.

Sometime humans are capable to extremely despicable acts.

Poor little girl,may her soul rest in peace.

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Posted in: As nations turn on Maduro, Venezuelan leader parades with military See in context

Fred Wallace wrote:

> So your solution is invasion/ sanctions/ coup? Have you learnt absolutely nothing this past 70+ years?

Yes,that all the countries that lived under such kind of regime ended up in deep poverty and without the right to express their opinion or they would have ended in a Gulag or some concentration camp,

Vietnam,Romania,East Germany,Ukraine,Bielorussia,Poland an many many other countries like them.

The U.S. are no saint but at least you have the right to express your opiniom thanks to them as you obviously refer from the last 70 years.

As long as I remember West Germany,Italy and Japan were not conquered but free from dictatorships.

Maduro is no exeption.

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Posted in: As nations turn on Maduro, Venezuelan leader parades with military See in context

One of the few countries left in the world with a communism dicatorship and bunch of corrupted politicians at the helm.

Maduro and his men are the negation of democracy and human rights.

I hope these events will make crumble this horrific regime.

And Moscow lost the Soviet Union but didn’t lose it’s dispotic arrogant behavioir.

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Posted in: Amid tensions with Japan, S Korea to boost world awareness on wartime sex abuses See in context

This is frankly becoming ridiculous,Korea is making itself a joke in front of the international media.

Japan should totally ignore these whiners,time to move on.

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Posted in: Nagasaki's educators changing perspective on A-bomb teachings See in context

The atrocities of the A-bombs are a crime against humanity,but after saying that there are reasons and background for such action,I am myself no fan of alAmericans as most Europeans,but we also have to admit that they didn’t drop these bombs magically.

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Posted in: Tokyo court denies Ghosn's latest bail request See in context

Japanese juridical system is very stubborn and racist,no wonder that Ghosn get such treatment.

The media is guilty as well with this inquisition atmosphere,human rights at it's lowest point.

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Posted in: Japan may accept Russia peace pact if it can get back 2 of 4 disputed islands See in context

I think if the Abe government didn’t play hard against Russia in the previous meetings and had a more compromising approach and with some huge amount of “donations” the two southern islands could have been returned.

But Russians like Japanese are stubborn.

So I think they played their cards badly.

I won’t see any constructive outcome in the next meeting unless both sides try to low down their ultra-patriotic feelings which I think it won’t happen.

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Posted in: Russians protest any Kuril islands handover to Japan See in context

All this fuss for 4 rocks,nationalism is coming back at full speed.

What a pity.

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Posted in: Japan-U.S. ties in deep uncertainty as Trump enters 3rd year in office See in context

This is pretty interesting,because from our prospective in the European Union the U.K. and Australia have stronger and deeper friendship rather than with Japan.

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Posted in: Abe, Putin on collision course over islands See in context

Maybe Germany should start to ask Russia to get Königsberg back?

That area is way more than four rocks and it was inaliable Prussian territory.

Or Italy could start knocking at Slovenia and Croatia to get back Istria which was inaliable Italian-Venetian teritory for centuries.

Russia is far to be a saint of course,but Japan so as Germany and Italy started the war and it’s obvious to accept it’s outcome.

All this right-wing propaganda is frankly getting boring.

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Posted in: Lavrov asks why Japan only country in world that can't accept results of World War II See in context

Interesting how many anglo-saxon point of views are shared here,as a neutral one I have to say that Soviet Union was no saint and Russia the same but the U.S. are neither,all the "defensive system" that they imposed to their NATO counterpart to be installed nearby Russian soil are just a consequence of such new cold war system.

NATO is obsolete now,and I hope someday the E.U. will leave such a silly alliance.

And Japan should accept the outcome of the WW2, or maybe the U.K. can return Gibiltair back to Spain.

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Posted in: Moscow says Japan must recognize all Kurils as Russian See in context

OssanAmericaToday  12:24 pm JST

William77Today  10:41 am JST

Gambare Japan wrote:

“The rest of the world does not believe they are Russian Islands.”

Well,from where I come from which is a westerner country we learn that they are Russians.” nowadays.

Maybe it’s time to update your world map.

Well I come from a western country too and my county recognizes the Southern Kuriles to be Japanese territory under Russian administration, a euphemism for occupation. Likewise the U.K. and the European Parliament recognize them as Japanese territory. What "western" nation are you from that teaches that they are Russian territory?

The leaders of the three great powers – the Soviet Union, the United States of America and Great Britain – have agreed that in two or three months after Germany has surrendered and the war in Europe is terminated, the Soviet Union shall enter into war against Japan on the side of the Allies on condition that: ... 2. The former rights of Russia violated by the treacherous attack of Japan in 1904 shall be restored, viz.: (a) The southern part of Sakhalin as well as the islands adjacent to it shall be returned to the Soviet Union; ... 3. The Kurile Islands shall be handed over to the Soviet Union.

The Potsdam Declaration states the following regarding the Japanese territories: "8. The terms of the Cairo Declaration shall be carried out and Japanese sovereignty shall be limited to the islands of Honshū, Hokkaido, Kyushu, Shikoku and such minor islands as we determine".[13] The islands comprising the Northern Territories are not explicitly included in this list, but the US subsequently maintained, particularly during the preparation of the Treaty of San Francisco, that the phrase "and such minor islands as we determine" could be used to justify transferring the Northern Territories to Japan.

The Cairo Declaration of 1943 did not explicitly mention the Kuril Islands but stated: "Japan will also be expelled from all other territories which she has taken by violence and greed".

These are facts,so there is no white or black point in this dispute as you want to claim for everyone,furthermore in the world maps they are stated as Russians/


SO do me the favour to don't impose your thinking to the others.

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Posted in: Moscow says Japan must recognize all Kurils as Russian See in context

Gambare Japan wrote:

“The rest of the world does not believe they are Russian Islands.”

Well,from where I come from which is a westerner country we learn that they are Russians.” nowadays.

Maybe it’s time to update your world map.

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Posted in: Nissan CEO calls for Renault board to review Ghosn findings See in context

I agree with the poster above,in order to make this case more visible in the international press France should raise his voice through the European Union channel,Japan is good at hiding it’s dark side from the world media.

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Posted in: Moscow says Japan must recognize all Kurils as Russian See in context

Americans like to play the part of the police of the world,Russia only reacted to all their missile installment nearby Russian territory.

Japan should put this dispute aside and move on.

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Posted in: Russia accuses Japan of whipping up tensions in islands dispute See in context

Interesting how Mr.Abe and the politicians in charge in Japan always talk one side without even listening to the others,besides that Russia made clear that they won't return the islands back,how do they expect to have even a slight chance to get the two southern islands if Japan has a defensive alliance with Russia's strategical rival the U.S?

Now I am no fan of Russia and Putin but it would be dumb from them to give strategical territories near Vladivostok to the US-Japanese alliance.

Abe and his ministers should play their cards better,and all this nationalism will bring no benefits to the region.

What if Germany will suddenly start to knock on Poland,Russia and France to ask them to return back their lost territories?

History is made sadly by wars,won and lost,and we have to accept the outcome of it,especially if we started one.

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Posted in: Abe, Dutch PM Rutte working to avoid no-deal Brexit See in context

Here in the European newspaper no one is talking about Abe visit to a minor member of the Union,his influence to the deal between the European Union and the U.K is equal to zero,such kind of news seems relevant only in Japan,so the people will have an impression about how politically strong is their PM.

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Posted in: Red Sox fans celebrate World Series title; parade on Wednesday See in context

I never understood why the call it World Series if it's just an American thing.

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Posted in: Japanese-Americans oppose Trump's immigration policy, split over trade See in context

I am far to be a Trump supporter and I’m not even American,but I think that these people before critizing his politic agenda should look how their country of origin is treating foreigners and how strict is it to them.

After all America for centuries was a sanctuary for immigration and new opportunities,can we say the same about Japan?

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Posted in: Kono says Japan will accept more foreign workers See in context


Japanese government should understand that we're not living in a Star Trek universe and they are not the Borg.

You can't expect a Mexican become a Russian or a Madagascar person acting like a Finnish.

The proper word should be integration,you cannot force people with different cultural background like you but you can accept diversity allowing these people to integrate pacifically and with a mutual respect from both sides,the foreigners that live in the host country and the local that live with them.

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Posted in: Gov't denies defense chief's reported role in alleged coverup of logs See in context

Nippon Kaigi

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