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Posted in: Historical documents show Japanese gov't role in providing sex slaves See in context

Good that the records proves the cruelty of these monsters.

What a paradox,the two former major axis allies after the war took so different paths.

On friday Miss Merkel visited Auschwitz condemning the atrocities done by the Nazi and asking to keep the guard high against any form of racism and apologizing again to the millions or families that suffered in that place.

And on the other hand we have a nationalistic revisionist government that tries to deny the evidences of history and even wish to rewrite the truth.

But history can’t be rewritten.

Good that such thing came out as expected as documented.

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Posted in: Japan's households tighten purse strings as sales tax, typhoon hit See in context

This is something expected,after all things didn’t change that much from the feudal era.

The mass still must take everything that their warlords throw on them and suffer in silence “gaman”

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Posted in: Actress Sawajiri indicted on drug possession charges See in context

Amazing how this is still a national news.

The local media and the justice system reminds me the puritan American one back in the early ‘50es.

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Posted in: As scandal simmers, majority of Japanese firms want Abe to finish term See in context

Even if he will be forced to resign which I don't think it's the case,or he won't candidate again for another mandate nothing will change,it is not just about him.

Jiminto and the association behind many of it's members rules the country,and then just another PM with the same revisionist and conservative think will take the "throne"

Sadly to say for me but Edano or even Reno and what is left from Minushito have 0% chance to compete against them.

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Posted in: Dentsu again found violating rules on overtime hours See in context

Whit an apathetic population very little is going to change.

The local government will issue some “advices” and “urges” to the corporations just in order to save the face in front of the world press but the old good boy club will still be there and the lack of human rights won’t end.

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Posted in: Afghans hold candlelight vigil for slain Japanese doctor See in context

goldeneagleToday  11:55 am JST

Be like Israel and send in the Mossad to serve up some justice.

this would be against everything the noble Doctor stood for. 

He spent his life in rugged mountains to save lives not the other way around.

Well said goldenagleToday,but I think he means revenge not justice.

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Posted in: Afghans hold candlelight vigil for slain Japanese doctor See in context

alwaysspeakingwisdomToday  09:14 am JST

The big question is what is Japan going to do about this? And here's a hint...........

Be like Israel and send in the Mossad to serve up some justice.

But unlike Israel you don’t have the Mossad.

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Posted in: 'Evangelion' anime studio chief arrested for taking photos of nude teen See in context

This is just a consequence of the strong hypersexualized figure that women and especially young girls get from many weird animations and comic books.

Until they keep to produce such material and selling practically everywhere nothing won’t change.

It is time for this kind of weird boys industry to crumble.

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Posted in: Japan planning to send 270 MSDF personnel to Middle East to guard ships: report See in context

This is all they care?

About their military prestige abroad to show off to some other G- whatever country how powerful and important they are.

Meanwhile the local economy is impoverishing the average people with almost no social welfare and little rights for employees.

But yeah,if I’m not wrong since 2012 the military expense raised and other domestic values still have problems.

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Posted in: Gov't compiles ¥26 tril stimulus package to prop up economy See in context

This move doesn’t really make any sense and logic indeed.

Releasing more liquid money won’t ease a stagnant economy.

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Posted in: Japanese beer exports to S Korea fall to zero See in context

Of course this will effect their economy

I know the right wingers hate Koreans but it’s a fact that the two economies are strongly tight to each other.

Most Asashi market abroad is for Asia not for us Europeans certainly.

Japanese beer is good of course but honestly with all the high quality of selection we have back home such kind of “exotic” beers are a niche.

And for Gambare,I seriously doubt your statements.

Have you tried Franziskaner? Weißbier?

Kölsch? Or Adler?

That is the problem with nationalistic people,no matter what their products are always the best.

But it was the germans that thought you to brew bier in Tchingtao.

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Posted in: Tokyo court to allow Ghosn to talk with wife via videoconference See in context

I sometimes wonder what if Goshn instead of claim himself innocent and heavily criticize the prosecutors and the Japanese juridical system would have pledge guilty,display some fake remorse and bow deeply asking forgiveness, maybe in this way he could have a penalty and a suspended sentence and probably be back home.

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Posted in: Tokyo court to allow Ghosn to talk with wife via videoconference See in context

How magnanimous from them (sarcasm)

So basically they ripped off every civil right to a man that is not even sentenced guilty and on the other hand Sakaizawa which admitted his crimes is free to retire and enjoy his wealthy life without any consequences?

What a noble example of democracy.

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Posted in: Activists hope Pope Francis will sway Japanese opinion on death penalty See in context

As a christian and a catholic I admire the efforts of peace that Pope Francis is trying to do coming to Japan.

I’m myself against the death penalty and I believe that besides religions a civilized society should try to rehabilitate and bring back the people that commit crimes rather than just punish them.

But I highly doubt that his message will be truly comprehended in Japan.

Japan’s value of human and animal life are very different,they still rely on harsh punishments and strict orders which should be obeyed without questions.

Also as someone mentioned before a death penalty or even a suicide is viewed by them as a “release” from the burdens.

Add that they have a legendary stubbornness and hate to be told what to do by non-wa or alien religions you can get the picture of the results of his trip.

Still a noble efford.

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Posted in: One year after arrest, Ghosn seeks to throw out case against him See in context

A technological country that excels in many fields like science,robotic etc with a feudal juridical system of holy inquisition,time to change and pair with the first world democracies.

The "innocent until proven guilty" is sacred for every free human society,and as people posted before me why Sakaizawa isn't getting the same treatment?

After all he admitted his guilt unlike Goshn that clams to be innocent.

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Posted in: Hong Kong police storm university held by protesters See in context

AkieToday  10:00 am JST

zones2surf said "So, again, riddle me this. How do the people MAKE the HK government enact policies the people want when the government is not chosen by the people???"

You are growing up with culture of lies, aren't you ?

If HK govt are not supported by the people, how could she survive from the terrorist attack since the end of Colonial terrorist occupation ?

Are you kidding?? YOU speak of terrorist occupation meanwhile China STILL occupies Tibet,East Turkestan,Northern Mongolia and keeps territorial claims all over Asia?

The Chinese arrogance and stubbornest is legendary.

Therefore good old Europe,north America,Japan and all the democratic forces in the world must stand united against these communist threads.

Honk Kong people deserve their freedom of press and expression,China is a dictatorship.

As simple as that.

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Posted in: Pope Francis to bring anti-nuclear message to Hiroshima and Nagasaki See in context

The holy Pope is doing a noble mission and I'm sure his voice will be heard by the millions of roman Catholics around the world,besides his holiness already expressed concerns to Putin and Trump about the nuclear thread when both presidents visited the Vatican.

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Posted in: Japan's health sector continues to lure Filipinos workers 10 years on See in context

Most westerners which I can say is a good 95% leave Japan after they found out how strict and complicated life is there.

The very few that stays do it because they got marry there.

And about these filipino laides that will come here I hope that they can get the same respect,rights.salary and dignity that the Japanese will get,though I highly doubt it.

Also we’re talking about a very small number of applicants,less than 400?

It’s nothing compared to the needs of a quick aging population like Japan.

This seems a flop,like the flop that the new visa system is.

And these are official numbers,can’t argue against them.

Truth is that Japan is little attractive as a living place,still great to visit as a tourist.

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Posted in: Japan may slide toward recession as Abenomics impact fades See in context

Why some of the guys here that blindly try to defend the ultra right wing conservatives always use the “what about” topic in order to change the negative aspects of their country?

These kind of people rather than bring a constructive benefit to their nation keeps it blindly in a bad spot.

The smart people and civilized societies always try to improve and change their point of views if someone else comes with better solutions.

Abe and his government with the obscure and sinister Nippon Kaigi behind had done nothing good.

The only three arrow I see are these:

1 Dramatically worsened the relationship with their neighborhood

2 Built an impressive self defence force and for what reason?

3 Empty the pockets of the normal civilization with taxes and no welfare help but make the pocket full for their associates which are 1% of the national population of your country.

Really well done.

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Posted in: University entrance exam to test reading, listening for English See in context

Always the same stuff,they can’t take examples from norther european countries about the english educational system, won’t they?

And here after many years they keep this methodic way of memorizing english words combined with loads of grammar and then ending up without being able to strike a simple conversation in English.

They will never change,to stubborn and one eye sided for that.

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Posted in: Japan, S Korean envoys, execs discuss ways to cool tensions See in context

Some people miss the point here,this is not just throwing the money on the face of the other and get away with it simply rewriting history textbooks and portraying a country from the agressor to the defender of Asia against the west.

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Posted in: Drug cartel gunmen kill 9 U.S. citizens, including 6 children, in ambush in Mexico See in context

CSToday  09:28 am JST

Close the borders COMPLETELY

Nothing IN, Nothing OUT


Enforce E Verify

Fine Companies who employee ILLEGALS

NO WELFARE for ILLEGALS, they will return on their own......

Let them SOLVE the PROBLEMS in MEXICO and SOUTH AMERICA or be destroyed by the Crime and Violence.....


I totally agree with you.

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Posted in: Yokohama legal firm refuses to return passport to Filipino woman See in context

1) Illegal

2) Report it stolen at the Philippine Embassy.

3) Call the Japanese police and report it stolen

****This may not be relevant, but my friend told me that English language schools in China and Middle Eastern countries do the same thing all the time, so it isn't only Japan.***

Well this is relevant,because Japan being part of the G-7 and looking at the western democracy shouldn’t have some middle eastern country or China as an example.

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Posted in: Yokohama legal firm refuses to return passport to Filipino woman See in context

towingthelineToday  11:27 am JST

Why would you hand over your passport to your employer in the first place? That makes no sense. They are your employer, not immigration or passport control officers.

If my employer asked for my passport, first I'd say "no" then I'd ask "why would you possible need my passport"?

I'd be happy to show them my passport, but I would never let anyone keep hold of it.

I basically agree with you with this,but you have to consider that these people come here to escape from poverty or to give better live conditions for their families back in their countries,so they don't really have any options but to accept the inhuman conditions of many of these Japanese companies.

The point is that these company must learn to respect and give dignity to every foreigner,no matter their nationality,especially if they bring benefits to their pockets.

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Posted in: Yokohama legal firm refuses to return passport to Filipino woman See in context

Incorrect,the number of westerners compared to years previous 2011 dropped in number.

The number of other asian countries people increased dramatically, especially from Vietnam and Myamar.

And these people come here for necessity not for just pleasure.

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Posted in: Yokohama legal firm refuses to return passport to Filipino woman See in context

marcelitoToday  08:58 am JST

Maybe, Japan should stop allowing foreigners to work in Japan. So, they can't money "off the backs of Foreigners"

Yeah, maybe they should allowing them in , then we could all sit together and watch the J-economy fall off a cliff ...then who,s gonna pay the uyoku troll pensions when the finances dry up?...didnt think that one through huh...:)

Well said Marcelito,some xenophobes would love to go back in time right?

We live in a global society and homo sapiens in his history always moved through continents.

I find such kind of treatment for this poor filipino woman outrageous.

And something must be done about it.

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Posted in: Japanese tourist arrested in Australia over child porn possession See in context

Simply disgusting,I’m sure the Japanese media won’t make a fuss about this case.

But if something like this might happen the other way around then the holy inquisition will move to stigmatize those evil peski gaijin.

That guy deserves a few years in a good Australian detention centre.

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Posted in: Yokohama legal firm refuses to return passport to Filipino woman See in context

No wonder the number of westerners living in Japan dropped in the last 10 years.

Who wants to live in a society with such a medieval system?

I’m sure that people from southern asia will find more attractive locations to work in the future,this is not the way the treat human beings.

Japan has the economy of a G-whatever country but the comprehend or human rights of an ancient time.

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting passerby who warned him about smoking outside station See in context

Interesting how some posters here want to rule sentences and send people to jail,fortunately there are the right people like judges that will make a decision.

The guy that punched that guy is totally wrong and I hope that he will realize the bad thing he did.

But like someone suggested send a year in prison for a broken nose is exaggerated.

The assaulter should first apologize,pay to the victim the medications and propably he will be fined by the government.

Or get a suspended sentence,but go to jail for this I don’t think so.

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Posted in: IOC Tokyo Olympic marathon edict should give pause to other cities See in context

“ While Tokyo's blistering summer heat is an issue, it's not much different climate-wise than Atlanta (host of the 1996 Summer Games) or Athens (2004) or Beijing (2008), the latter also plagued by thick pollution that added to the athletes' risk.

What is the author of this article talking about?

I’m southern European and I spent every summer holiday back in Greece.

Athen like Rome are hot in august but the Mediterranean climate is totally different than the one in Tokyo.

We have a drier summer and at night the temperature goes below 20 degrees with breeze that makes it very comfortable.

Japan have more of a tropical weather compared to ours which makes it very uncomfortable.

I know they want to defend Japan no matter what,but write incorrect things is just wrong.

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