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Some of the right winger posters are really entertaining.

If an alien land to earth today and listen to their version of history it seems that Japan instead of fighting along with the Axis was an allied country and was bullied and victimized.

History can’t be changed and the modern georgraphy bears the consequences of the aggression that the axis committed.

Modern Germany and Italy learned to live with it so should this country.

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Japan should convince Uncle Sam to lease those disputed islands for 99 years and transfer the giant US bases in Okinawa there first before China will.

Are you so naive to think that “Uncle Sam” can impose any territorial dispute to Russia?

They weren’t able to stop Russia to get back Crimea,they weren’t capable to keep a any form of stability in Iraq and especially in Afghanistan.

And you believe Uncle Sam can make Russia shake on his boots?

Maybe you watched to many Hollywood films.

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Japan did not start a war with the USSR

You’re very good in twisting history and numbers on your own way.

Japan willingly joined the Axis and when Nazi Germany invaded the USSR Japan decided to keep going with their triple alliance so they knew from the moment that Soviet Union became officially an enemy.

So stop victimizing always Japan and don’t twist history.

Totally non sense.

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Ainu people and Okinawa people live 10x better then living under Russia. 

Russians living on Japanese Islands would have a better life under Japan/Tokyo then under Putin Russia, most corrupt regime around. Handled Covid 100x worse.

What an outdated thinking worth for the past early century.

According to your “logic” then Russia should return Kaliningrad (Königsberg) to Germany because the local people would live better under German rules than Russia.

Japan as Germany and Italy started WW II and they lost territories as they lost the war.

Stop,basta,Schluß and live with it.

Better live this century and it’s present rather than focus on a time gone.

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Feel sorry for the Japanese kicked off their ancestral islands

Do you even know history?

Japan’s ancestral islands are Kyushu and Honshu not the northern ones which are originally from the Ainu.

Japan lost a war which started.

The islands are Russians and there is nothing that will change it.

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Asked about Japan's ban on new entries of foreigners, Michael Ryan, head of the WHO's Health Emergencies Program, said at a press conference Wednesday, "Epidemiologically, I find it hard to understand the principle there. Does the virus read your passport? Does the virus know your nationality or where you are legally resident?"

Well spoken Mr Ryan.

But what you don’t understand is that the country is rules by an affiliation called Nippon Kaigi which believe in the Nihonjinron which makes it clear that they belong from a different branch of humans.

So unless the international community press them to lose face they won’t change their beliefs.

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Posted in: Man arrested for sexually molesting woman in Yokohama See in context

Japan should deal with these sex offenders from the core of it’s society.

Teaching children to equally respect women,stop publishing and selling weird mangas about young girls in sexual activities and stop sexualizing young women in the music and entertainment industry.

They need to work this out from the core and to fix such mentality it needs a new and fresh generation educated in such things.

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“I think that Japan, Taiwan and all the democratic countries need to keep urging President Xi Jinping and the leaders of the Chinese Communist Party not to step onto a wrong path,"

This is the first and probably the last thing that I can agree with this guy.

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If some expats still have a chance to go back to their countries for good now could be the time.

The situation in Japan was already fragile for the foreign community with so little rights and many duties.

Japan became in the last years neither a suitable or good choice to live due to a huge variants of discrimination and violations of human rights.

Even long term residents feels no more save about their visas or rights.

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Posted in: 2nd Omicron case confirmed; Japan to bar foreign residents' re-entry from 10 African nations See in context

This is blatant discriminatory and racist toward the long term residents with strong ties and families here.

The worst part is that many locals don’t feel that these new rules are either discriminatory or unjust.

Japan sadly changed and it’s changing to the worst in the last ten years.

The people wanted these right wingers at the helm of their arcipelago and now they get what they deserve.

Very frustrating for the visible minorities.

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Posted in: France issues arrest warrant for Japanese woman over 'parental kidnapping' See in context

People misunderstand, lots of Japanese in the same shoes as Mr Fichot.

We do understand this perfectly,and just this makes it a very big violation of human rights and it goes against what Japan agreed and signed with other countries.

And on the top of that if you’re a foreigner no matter if male or female and go to court for children’s custody a Japanese will always win.

Pretty xenophobic.

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Posted in: France issues arrest warrant for Japanese woman over 'parental kidnapping' See in context

You have no idea what you are talking about. A French issued warrant has no validity outside of France and territories under French jurisdiction

You tend to forget that France is part of the European Union and the Union together have a massive power.

A warrant within one of the EU members will be applied in the other member countries as well.

So it is very relevant and Bruessels will side with France.


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Posted in: 3 dead, 6 wounded in shooting at Michigan high school See in context

The regular day in a sick country and its ridiculous nonsense love for guns..

I noticed in other posts of yours that everything that involves America you keep saying “what a sick country”

Let me clarify that I’m a EU citizen and not from the US.

And I’m also against the carrying rules of guns.

Saying that your comments are never constructive and only to bash everything that is American and praise whatever is Japanese.

Therefore such comments are toxic and malicious.

America has it’s problem yes,but so does Europe and believe or not even Japan.

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Posted in: France issues arrest warrant for Japanese woman over 'parental kidnapping' See in context

My sympathy and support goes to this brave man and all the people in a similar situation.

Also being foreigner in such cases is another minus here.

Unfortunately Japan in many ways like this or the forced confessions or light punishments for rapes etc is still stucking it’s head in a Showa era style and it’s reluctant to change things.

I believe many of the few foreigners left in Japan deep in their heart regret to have made this country their home.

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Posted in: Japan confirms 1st case of Omicron variant See in context

And again as proved before total lockdowns won’t contain the spread of the variants around the world.

I agree in locking travels from certain danger areas in the world but a total lockdown and ban every foreign is xenophobic and ineffective.

we live in Sakoku 2.0.

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Posted in: Japan's October jobless rate falls to 2.7% after state of emergency lifted See in context

These numbers aren’t impressive at all and should be read cautiously.

In Europe for example,especially in our nordic countries there is a minimum wage per hour and a limit of work hours plus payed holidays.

In Japan a good part of these workers are freelancers with long working hours and no benefits.

So really nothing to envy about these numbers which serves only for their propaganda.

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Posted in: Kishida says enemy base strike capability an option to boost defense See in context

Knowing the past of the militarism of this country and knowing the revisionist idea of Kishida and his affiliates this looks preoccupying.

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Posted in: Kishida wants businesses to hike wages by more than 3% See in context

Kishida and his previous PM from his party are so very good in wanting,pledging,promise and then nothing comes from it.

So many words without a stable welfare plan,without social reforms and improve the quality of life in an already very strict society.

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Posted in: Japan seeks extra defense budget amid China, N Korea concerns See in context

How many times are we reading the same thing since Abe and his LDP/Nippon Kaigi took the helm of the nation?

More and more money for the military and defense and leaving the welfare which is the core for a healthy country.

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Posted in: New Omicron variant stokes world fears; triggers travel bans See in context

Aly Rustom wrote:

If the developed world does not help the developing world get vaccinated the pandemic will be prolonged AND supply chains will be further disrupted. We are all interconnected, for better or worse. We either all sink or swim together.

I couldn’t agree more with your words,excellent post.

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Posted in: Taliban ask Japan envoy to reopen embassy in Afghanistan See in context

Okada also sought that the Taliban respect the rights of "all Afghans including women and ethnic minorities" and build an "inclusive political system," 

Well,coming this from Japan and from an LDP politican doesn’t really sound good.

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Posted in: German scholar urges Kishida to carefully handle defense issues See in context

Would Japan be more secure after doubling its military budget? Most likely not

Exactly,the dramatic military expense increase of the ultra conservative Japanese government is preoccupying and shows how little they care of common people in order to preserve their “prestige and honour” with the display of deadly weapons.

Japan in all these years almost forgot his duty to it’s people without a good welfare.

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Posted in: Gov't to create database aimed at preventing child poverty See in context

So many empty promises but it has done so little about welfare in a country where corporations and inequalities are the de facto a reality.

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Posted in: Japan, Vietnam look to cyber defense against China See in context

Preoccupying how many of these east asian countries are rapidly increasing their military spending and opting to less democratic approaches and way of living.

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Posted in: CDPJ leadership contenders remain committed to opposition alliance See in context

Am I the only one or the photo of these politicians of the opposition party look more humane and relaxed compared to the old LDP lords?

I wish them well and hope that someday the country will be less apathetic and will for a change.

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Posted in: JR East launches bullet train 'office cars' for teleworking See in context

Only in Japan or in some other east asian countries can this work.

Imagine if they try to come with such system in Spain or Italy.

I’m very sceptic about this.

An already very rigid society with a lot of pressure on competition of work need relaxation not this.

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Posted in: Japan to host Quad meeting with U.S., Australia, India next year See in context

Man in every article that this QUAD is mentioned you get super hyped and always end comparing it with NATO.

On a personal note I am pro QUAD and every association or union that can limit the tyrranid expansionism of communist China.

But compare this new Quad which has only a fraction and even not a real unity as NATO does is simply ridiculous.

Numbers,the NATO powers "mainly North America and Europe" combined together are still the mightiest armed forced in this planet.


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Posted in: Sting: 'We're in a very dangerous political climate' See in context

"It has left them vulnerable to demagogues, to right-wing nonsense, fakes, snake oil salesmen."

Couldn’t agree more.

These days are way more unstable that in the time of the cold war.

At least back in the days you had two super powers sided by minor allies and they both kept a balance in the world.

Now we have many crazy variants and more autonomous and terrorism.

And on the top of that a breed of new politicians less capable than the old guard.

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Posted in: Japan to increase daily border cap to 5,000 people from Nov 26 See in context

Just open the borders already. Japan is always one decade lagging behind the developed world.

Correct,and let me add that this government being ultra conservative is doing this face service just for showing to the international partners that they’re not completely closing.

But truth is that they would love to have a Sekaku 2.0.

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea balk at sharing news conference stage after U.S. talks See in context

This is the clear consequence when you have governments lead by right wing nationalists,stubborn,full of pride and “honour”

The mass voted for these politicians so they got what they deserved.

My admiration goes to Sherman,the only one with some common sense and responsibility.

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