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Posted in: Kishida keen to arrange G7 leaders' meeting next year with A-bomb survivors See in context

This hawkish PM and his far right group are good at always play the victim’s card in front of the world.

If someone wouldn’t have a basic knowledge of history one might even believe that Japan was the victim of an unjustified attack.

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Posted in: Japan's outdoor mask relaxation yet to filter through See in context

It is soo deeply ingrained in their mind that it won’t end up easily.

Japanese are becoming more difficult in socializing with others because of this mask thing as well.

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Posted in: Family of dead Sri Lankan detainee demands apology from Japanese gov't See in context

The nationalist and xenophobic government is the same one but with a different administration that implemented “morals” at school to brains wash their kids with “patriotism” and “nationalism”

The media and the sheeples people won’t care much about this issue because it’s just not touching their lives.

This shows again how backward is this country going compared to the rest or the civilized world.

Wishma’s memory demands justice.

But unless there is more media coverage of this without the government propaganda people will keep ignoring such tragic issue and for all the people that will be abused and suffer because of these racists.

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Posted in: Japan calls for defense spending hike; notes threats to Taiwan See in context

This political scenario is a dream come true for the ultra right wing nationalists of Nippon Kaigi and most of the LDP.

Abe’s dream to rearm and recreate a “beautiful” Japan is a real possibility for them in order to honour their grandfathers like Abe and Aso told publicly.

Don’t forget that this current PM and most of his cabinet are Nippon Kaigi affiliate as well.

The masses are becoming poorer and there is no real deal with the welfare problems that Japan is facing.

It will only get worse,and this is how our gaijin taxes will go.

To fully rearm them.

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Posted in: Ex-Tokyo Olympics chief Mori displeased at backlash over sexist remarks See in context

This shows how insincere were his apologies,but this is how it works in Japan which is all “tatemae”

All these dinosaurs and a lot of middle age Japanese men keep this archaic belief of the man’s superiority.

And Mori could release his inner true only in front of his LDP sexist friends.

And then some people wonder why Japan still is so low in the gender gap ranking in 2022.

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Posted in: Japan to ask foreign tourists to wear masks, take out COVID insurance See in context

Completely non sense and racialized as always in Japan.

Besides,the forced group touring might work for some limited extend with the other northern eastern asian tourists like Koreans and Chinese which mostly travel around the world in groups as the Japanese also do.

But for sure this won’t work with Westerners which prefer to travel on their own.

Japan is mocking itself around the world with these North Korean style forced group tours.

With all the beautiful location in the world most people won’t take the burn to come here for travel.

The Nippon Kaigi is fulfilling it’s dream of a Sakoko 2.0 and spreading it’s xenophobic agenda among the obedient media.

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Posted in: Monetary tightening not suitable at all: BOJ chief Kuroda See in context

Another young (77) and dynamic politician from Japan inc.

No wonder that with all these seniors at the government they lack behind the modern world.

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Posted in: S Korea, U.S. launch 8 missiles in response to N Korean salvo See in context

PTownsendToday  01:46 pm JST

@Ptownsend is S.Korea a western nation?

Google, Baidu, and Yandex are your friends. But I say no, still I wonder why someone would ask that question ,based on my above comment.

It seems that you need more a notion of the definition of the “western world” and “western countries”

Culturally and historically the western world refers to all the country that came from Europe.

The actual notion of the western world is North America/Europe/Australia/New Zealand.

Which doesn’t mean a free nation or democracy.

Japan like South Korea are free and democratic nations but not western nations.

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Posted in: Japan test tour by 4 Thai people canceled after COVID infection See in context

I’m not surprised at all,but why would tourists come to a country that has a deeply and ingrained xenophobia and unable and unwilling to deal with the world in an equal way?

Doing like this is self isolating their nation from the world community and giving a low image about how they treat foreigners in general.

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Posted in: Kishida says foreign tourists should follow Japan face mask rules See in context

anon99999Today  07:24 am JST

What rules? Wear the mask when driving alone in the car? Wear the mask cycling? Wear the mask walking alone or with you partner in the open with no one around you? ( This is what I see most people doing daily) . In fact I thought recently the government was advising outdoors was NOT necessary. 

This statement is just to appease the backlash he is facing by the Japanese masses fearful of the COVID wave that will come with the opening of the country again to foreign tourists eventhough the foreign tourists will be in supervised controlled tours not free to go anywhere.

Excellent post here,and let me add that with this xenophobic statement of Kishida it will give to some random Japanese right wing gaijin haters the authority to harass the foreigners randomly on the street,and now this will include even us residents living in Japan.

I am afraid to say that their xenophobia (fear for the outside) is becoming more evident day by day.

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Posted in: Japan to resume accepting guided foreign tour groups from June 10 See in context

These forced tour groups are making Japan look more like NK than one of the G6 (excluding Japan) countries which Kishida wants to emulate.

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Posted in: 7 from U.S. arrive in Japan for 1st test tour before tourism reopening See in context

And here we go and again this is how Japan totally racially profiles people.

These tourists with mask included could totally pass for Japanese.

So much for diversity and this shows again how Japan struggles to accept other ethnic groups due to their ingrained xenophobia (fear for the outside)

This poster photo is to reassure local people with more “familiar” faces.

Nothing changed and nothing will ever change.


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Posted in: China voices firm opposition to Biden's remarks on Taiwan See in context

China should mind it’s own business and stop bullying it’s neighborhoods and stop provoking Taiwan.

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Posted in: Kishida announces Hiroshima as host city for G7 summit in 2023 See in context

Ah yes,Japan love to play the victim card in order,so it is always about Hiroshima or Nagasaki when it comes to these g7 meetings here.

It almost makes me believe that they were the victims in the last world conflict.

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Posted in: Biden urges N Korea to right 'historic wrong' of abductions of Japanese See in context

I’m sure the old oyajis ultra conservatives are pleased with this farce which Biden as every US president must attend in order to please the J-government.

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Posted in: Businesses rattled by gov't caution to ease restrictions for foreign tourists See in context

The Japanese government(s) prefers to damage it’s own economy rather than let these pesky gaijin let in their country.

It was and remains all about xenophobia (fear of the outside)

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Posted in: NPA urges police to avoid impression of racial profiling in questioning people See in context

I have been living in Japan for ten years and their police is such a disgrace.

I got stopped like eight or nine times for the crime of being caucasian/foreing looking.

And I’m just an average guy.

Japanese police is deeply racist with prejudice against visible minorities.

Oh an hope to never be involved in a quarrel with a Japanese,because no matter how right you are in the end they will always side with their nationals.


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Posted in: Human rights lawyer from Korean community in Japan undeterred by hate See in context

OssanAmericaToday  11:28 am JST

jeancolmarToday  11:00 am JST

Granting Koreans born and raised in Japan full citizenship would go a long way in deflating prejudices against them.

True, But my understanding is that such ethnic Koreans living in Japan under the Special Permanent Residence status (instituted after WWII ended) have always been able to choose to apply for Japanese nationality. Why some ethinic Koreans, especially those younger ones who are mentally totally Japanese don't choose to get citizenship is very puzzling.

You are always trying to justify anything about Japan.

Have you ever heard of dual citizenship?

Most civilized countries allow this.

And I am a double as well,with two mother languages and two passports.

Japan doesn’t allow this for the archaic thinking that if their country will go to war they have to swear fidelity only to Japan.

Really racist and old mined thinking if you ask me.

These zainichi even after being born and growing here still have to choose to either keep their family identity or be assimilated cutting their bloodline.

I feel it outrageous and not from a so called civilized nation.

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Posted in: Japan still divided on revising war-renouncing Constitution: survey See in context

The world doesn’t need a rearmed Japan.

Everytime they did we know what happened.

And especially with this government/sect in charge.

LDP/Nippon Kaigi.

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Posted in: Kishida to visit Southeast Asia, Europe to discuss Ukraine crisis See in context

Ah Kishida is finally coming to us.

We Europeans are struggling with this crisis and are waiting for his arrival.

Jokes apart,this guys presence in Europe is almost insignificant for us.

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Posted in: Japan says disputed islands illegally occupied by Russia See in context

Simian LaneToday  07:15 am JST

The combined might of the Allies would blow Moscow into smithereens. Pesky Putin would do very well to remember that.

You refer to NATO?

Well you are not part of our alliance,so we’re not forced to do your dirt job.

Furthermore the old right wingers at the helm of this very conservative country are showing their true face now that Russia is occupied on the other front.

Same sneaky tactic like Pear Harbour?

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Posted in: Group of over 100 lawmakers visit Yasukuni shrine See in context

I wonder how would people back in my continent react if Scholz and his party or Draghi and his coalition would send prayers to nazists and fascists.

On the other hand in a few days in Italy they celebrate the day of freedom which is april 25th.

The liberation of Italy from fascim,and it’s a national celebration.

Will ever Japan celebrate the day when the allied freed them from dictatorship?

I highly doubt it.

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Posted in: Group of over 100 lawmakers visit Yasukuni shrine See in context

There we go again,the same old ultra right wingers incompetent politicians who cares only of making money and restore the lost “honour” of their grandfathers like Kishida etc.

And the Japanese people mindlessly still vote them.

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Posted in: Hayashi concerned about human rights abuses against Russians in Japan See in context

Pure hypocrisy from Hayashi.

The minister should know that already every day in his country there are plenty of human rights violations against visible minorities in his countries from the daily denying of renting flats or entering in public SPA as the slave like status of the short term workers from Vietnam or Philippines beaten at their workplaces or forced to abort.

Or how their immigration detain centres treat the people with mental and physical abuses.

Pure tatemae from a country that want to display to the world that they are on the right side.

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Posted in: Presidents from 4 countries on Russia's doorstep visit Ukraine See in context

These countries in their past have been abused and even assimilated by Russia in different time of history,therefore theirs worries about what is Putin doing is totally right.

The three Baltic states could finally regain independence from the USSR back in 1991 and huge parts of eastern Poland were under the Tzar russian control in the past centuries and then as a whole country a vassal state of the Warsaw pact.

Good to see these wise presidents making a stand against imperialist Russia.

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Posted in: Tokyo police post tweet to put people’s minds at ease, but creep them out with weird illustration See in context

There are more creepy things about the J-police forces than a weird manga,how about the continuous harassment to visible minorities on the street or some of their "fine" officers fiming women's under the skirt and acts like that.

This country might still be an economical powerhorse but has a police system that still resemble the feudal era.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. hold navy drills off Koreas See in context

Lately most of the news related about Japan are about increasing of military expense,military drills,military alliances and the never ending story of the changing of the constitution.

But on the other hand we barely hear about the government trying to intervene on the welfare,improvement of human rights and the impoverishment of the middle class.

Awful how these aged Jiminto/Nippon kaigi use the taxes that we pay for this country.

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Posted in: Shiga inn stated on website it would reject Russians, Belarusians See in context

AntiquesavingToday  06:43 pm JST

William77Today  06:37 pm JST

I will say it again look at other news including BBC CBC, etc...

And I tell you again,I have different sources.

On the other hand I vividly suggest you to read the FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine) Le Figarò or the neutral Corriere Della Sera.

Different countries and different stories,again the world is not only the one side of one speaking country you look at.

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Posted in: Shiga inn stated on website it would reject Russians, Belarusians See in context

tiquesavingToday  06:24 pm JST

This rule is so discriminatory and so very Japanese.

Try reading news other than JT.

Are you mocking me?

I’m native German and Italian speaker and in the news I read from my countries (I’m a double) none is denying renting to russian citizens.

The world is not a huge anglo saxon agglomeration as you might think.

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Posted in: Shiga inn stated on website it would reject Russians, Belarusians See in context

And what do normal russiansor bielorussian citizen have anything to do with the actions of their governments?

This rule is so discriminatory and so very Japanese.

Welcome to the country or prejudice and xenophobia.

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