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Posted in: Readers share their picks for Kyoto’s top 'hidden' attractions See in context

My wife and I enjoyed walking along "The Philosoper's Path," and enjoying a delicious Italian lunch with our Japanese friend and guide.

Also, staying 4 nights in a Ryokan was unbelievably relaxing. We had a private bath and garden.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka's coach wins 1st WTA Coach of the Year award See in context

Actually, it means "Women's Tennis Association."

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I have such fond memories of this amazing fish market. I was in Tokyo on a business trip, and a dear friend suggested that we go together at 5:30AM to have sushi at Tsukiji. I thought sushi at 5AM. Hmm, worth a try.

So, with my friend as a guide we arrived around 5:45, and waited in a reasonably long line. What amazing sushi! And, I think I only paid 3000¥.

Then we wondered around this hyper-busy place to simply enjoy the spectacle of people purchasing fish. This was in 2003, so yes, an unforgettable experience.

My wife and I have returned to Japan several times since as tourists, and spending a few days in Tokyo, and as well, visiting Tsukiji was always on our itinerary.

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I watched the match on TV here in the US. Naomi clocked a serve at 197kph (122mph). 9 aces altogether. And I think 24 winners. Her astonishing great forehand kept Dominika on her heels, and she too is an excellent player. All I can say is WOW ! I'm really looking forward to watching Naomi's rise to the #1 player in the world.

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Posted in: Serena Williams fined $17,000 after U.S. Open final outburst See in context

The most respected, and now retired, WTA tennis player, Martina Navratilova said, and this is a paraphrase, "Serena may have a good case here, but she picked the wrong place to resolve it."

Chris Evert after a post match interview with Naomi said, "Naomi is a breath of fresh air for the WTA." Mary Joe Fernandez and the other commentator (a woman) agreed.

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Posted in: Serena Williams fined $17,000 after U.S. Open final outburst See in context

I see that all the Williams supporters are pulling out the ‘racist’ or ‘sexist’ cards - pathetic

This always seems to be the excuse and in this case I don't believe it is applicable.

I once attended an Andre Agassi tennis match in San Jose, Ca (Just South of San Francisco). He lost the second set to a young fellow, and immediately broke his racket. When the umpire called him on this, he said the F* word 4 times, and thereby, defaulted the match. The umpire was a man and right on target. My friend and I paid $120 to see Agassi play. I noted that Andre should have stood at the exit and handed out $20 bills.

Pulling out the sexism/racism card is an over worn cliche. The punishment equals the act. And if one regards the matches press coverage, it's almost all about Serena. Sicko ...

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Posted in: Serena Williams fined $17,000 after U.S. Open final outburst See in context

I too watched this rant, and it reminded of my 4 year old's temper tantrums. She's 18 and has outgrown them. Clearly, Serena has not while the Champion, Naomi Osaka easily won by her world class play and behavior both the grand slam and the hearts of the entire world. To me she demolished Serena with her 6-2, 6-4 outstanding tennis.

I read several international news papers to get the world's take on this. I think the French summed it up best.

I've translated the relevant parts, and by the way, every where Naomi goes she will definitely get a standing ovation the minute she steps onto the tennis court to play:

I don’t know if you read French but this is right on:

Bourrée d’autodérision, la jeune femme de 20 ans est réputée pour être timide, douce et toujours polie. Quand on lui demanda si son titre allait lui donner confiance, elle eut cette réponse : « Disons que ça n’est pas exactement mon caractère. J’essaie simplement de m’amuser à chaque match que je joue parce que le tennis, à la fin, ça reste un jeu. Et parfois, quand on est joueur professionnel, c’est quelque chose qu’on oublie. »

I try simply to have fun in each match that I play because the tennis, in the end, it remains a game. And sometimes, when one is a professional player, it’s something one forgets.

Sur le terrain et en dehors, la cadette venait de donner une leçon à son aînée.

On the tennis court and off, the youngest gave a lesson to the oldest !!!

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Spoils of war is pure BS.

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Posted in: FBI clears Clinton after new email review See in context

It's very fast to check 600,000 emails if in fact some of them are identical to those previously found in the first analysis of Hilary's email. Each message is "hashed." A hash is a unique identifier generated by a mathematical routine that guarantees different messages will have different hashes.

So, they hash all of the 600,000 or so emails. This should only take a minute or so given current computers' processing power. Then, they compare these hashes to the existing hashes and toss those that are identical. This is actually very, very fast, and the entire process will take at most a few minutes. Note that one need not compare the hash, say, h1, to the hashes of all 600,000 to see if it has a match. A simple technique is a binary search (look it up on Wikipedia). In this case it will take less than 20 comparisons per message, and on the average it will take about 10.

Certainly, the FBI hashed all of the previous messages. This is quite standard for enabling quick data searches. And note that hashing works not only on text but on all data as well.


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