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Still human created climate change has not been proven beyond a reasonable doubt

Indeed. Of course human activity has an influence (as does an unlimited number of other factors), but the claim that it is the only influence is phantasy.

and still no proof humans can lower the global temperature, reduce natural disasters, and control the weather/climate. 

...and even if you accept the claim that humans can control the climate like a thermostate via the carbon emissions, there is still no line from here to there, as it is irrelevant if a few Western governments limit their emission, because the vast majority of mankind is not in on this scheme. For example, in 2020 China put into production more coal burning power plants than the entire European plants in existence. Even if the US and Europe magically disappeared from the planet, that would still not freeze or stop human carbon emissions. So the rethoric simply does not match reality.

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You misremember, even at the time scientists were clearly saying the trends in the changes pointed to the opposite of cooling,


Really? Check here for example:


And that was not an isolated article. I clearly remember how global cooling was all over the media, and my parents bought warm clothes and even installed a wood-burning stove in the house, just in case...

Re-writing history a la 1984 a bit?

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Posted in: Japan's births fall 3.6% to 370,000 in Jan-June See in context

No children = no future. In the short term, demographics is nothing, in the long term it is everything.

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If the summary of this paper by Professor J. Sean Curtin is accurate, this would be an absurdly simplistic, childish paper. I have difficulties believe a university would produce something as ridiculous as this, but these days one never knows.

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Read old articles. This has been predicted for decades, and each prediction has been wrong.

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Posted in: Student in Tokyo arrested for giving illegal haircuts to thousands See in context

I did not realize there is something called an illegal haircut.

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Haaa Nemui

Agree. Start with removing Putin, Kadyrov, Lukashenko.

Why? They are reacting to Nato expansion and the violation of the Minsk agreement, which was supposed to prevent all this. (Both Merkel and Macaron have admitted in recent interviews that they like and never intended to follow up on Minsk. You missed that?)

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They are also continuing to shell evacuees from the area around the Dnipro River flooded by the Russian destruction of the dam.

Russia blowing up its own dam, that is used for water supply to the Crimea and the nuclear plant down stream? That makes as much sense as the claim that Russia blew up its own Nordstream pipeline. (Then again, possibly you believe that too)

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I do not believe propaganda from either side, but fundamentally I would like to know what the point of this "counteroffensive" is. Is it to march all the way to the red see and separate Crimea from Russia? Or even to re-occupy Crimea itself? There is no world in which ANY Russian government could accept so an existential threat. If the US and its European followers keep pushing this, we will get nuclear World War 3. It is time to put some responsible leaders in charge and stop this reckless behaviour.

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While I believe that everyone has the right to a legal defense (to keep a check on the justice system), I can not imagine how the defense lawyer feel, trying to find an angle to excuse this murderous creep.

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It took a very large amount of explosives to blow the dam.

Not necessarily. The dam was already weakened by previous Ukrainian shelling, and it is not sure how well the turbines were maintained. Note that not the whole dam was destroyed (that would have had a massively bigger impact), but only the top part of one section. So for the moment, the nuclear plant downstream still gets some cooling water, and the Crimean still gets some water supply.

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Offensive's not over yet. There is still the possible of removing terrorists from more of Ukraine.

You mean the Azov regiment that is embedded in Zelenskis military? Yes, removing them will have to be a condition for a settlement.

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Posted in: Japan to provide $5 mil in support after Ukraine dam collapse See in context

Cogito Ergo Sum

. Japan and Co keep throwing fuel in there but not pursuing peace..

Exactly. Without US funding, this war would stop tomorrow, and the issue could be resolved (fundamentally by implenting something similar to the Minsk accord again, but this time with guarantees). The US posturing about supporting the Zelenski government "as long as it takes" is completely irresponsible, and that the J government goes along with it is sad.

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Posted in: Honduras opens embassy in China after cutting ties to Taiwan See in context

CCP money speaks loudly and clearly. By the way, before American politicians start pontificating about the issue they should remember that the US also switched diplomatic recognition from Taiwan to Peking.... in 1979 already.

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That crime stinks

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Sweden joining Nato is a terrible idea, and Japan has no business opining on it.

What is next? Japan wants to join the "Northern Atlantic" treaty orgization and participate in the next US proxy war?

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Michael Machida

This would not be a thing if China never indicated they were going to take Taiwan by force. Remember that.

That comment would make sense if the US actually recognized Taiwan as an independent country. But they do NOT, ever since Nixon signed the "one china policy" in 1979. So the US is trying to having it both ways... on one hand profitably outsourcing cheap production to the CCP and on the other hand arming Taiwan as a vassal state. This contradiction had to erupt eventually. Remember that.

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Posted in: 2 dead, 5 wounded in shooting after high school graduation ceremony in Virginia See in context

I am sure shooters were all legal gun owners, and not affiliated with any criminal activity. Otherwise, the article would surely have mentioned that. Cough.

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting acquaintance with beer stein See in context

He thought he was at the Oktoberfest? Injuries from beer steins are one of the typical cases in the Red Cross tent there...

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Posted in: Ex-lawmaker GaaSyy arrested upon return to Japan See in context

I like Japan, but the corrupt justice system is one of its dark sides. This is ridiculous.

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Posted in: China seeks dialogue, says clash with U.S. would be 'unbearable disaster' See in context

China seeks dialogue, says clash with U.S. would be 'unbearable disaster'

No friend of the CCP, but he is simply stating a fact here. The current US warmongering against the other major nuclear powers is totally irresponsible.

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Posted in: Couple arrested for leaving partially burned newborn baby found on Shizuoka coastline See in context

Ken Holcomb

Low birth rate coupled with a seemingly high infanticide rate bodes poorly for Japan's future.

The birth rate is even lower in neighboring Korea and China, so Japan is not alone in this pickle. Actually, Europe is in it too.

The demographic future belongs to Africa.

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Posted in: Prigozhin says Kremlin factions are destroying the Russian state See in context

Prigozhin has been a drama queen for a long time. No surprise he continues this.

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Posted in: U.S. seeking TNT in Japan for Ukraine artillery shells, sources say See in context

The US government has no money for its own citizens, but endless money to finance its war in Eastern Europe.

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Posted in: 85-year-old man arrested for stealing condoms from convenience store See in context

2 thoughts come to mind:

1) I want to be as healthy as he when I am 85

2) Frigging great to live in a country where this is national news

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Posted in: Inside South Korea's race to become one of the world’s biggest arms dealers See in context

"European hunger for arms" = supporting the US war machine. None of this would be necessary without the endless US proxy wars all around the globe.

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Dango bong

first lesson of a criminal: TURN OFF YOUR PHONE

Is the location tracker disabled when turned off? I thought not. At least in China, this is an important part of population control.

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This is one reason I never frequented hot springs and public spas in Japan. You never know how frequently they change and treat the water. Also, you never know what 'hot spring terrorists' have been doing in it.

All of life is taking chances. Do you ever eat in restaurants? Do you ever sleep in hotels? By avoiding hot springs and sento, you are missing a great experience and health benefits.

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Posted in: Japan's own 'embarrassing ways to die' challenge Darwin Awards See in context


I find it disgusting laughing about people who have died.

Hate to break to you, but we all die.

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Posted in: When the new mask guidelines kick in, what should you expect? See in context

I do not expect a change. The population here is now so conditioned to wear masks outside (where it makes zero sense) and take them off when going to bars (where one can theoretically argue they make sense) that nothing will change. The maskery has become some sort of strange dresscode.

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