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Posted in: Man gets 23 years for beating stranger to death outside park toilet See in context

Wft? I get he wanted to go to jail. So why no go to a bank, say this is a robbery, and then wait for the cops? Why murder? He should not get jail, he should hang. And no danger of mistaken identity here either.

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Posted in: Trump believes N Korea will denuclearize; says he gave up nothing See in context

Wow, TDS is still rampant. No matter how clear the Trump success, the TDS sufferers and CNN believers will contort it into some sort of failure.

It has gone from sad to funny to truly bizarre, imho

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Posted in: Trump hopes 'something good' comes from Olympics despite N Korean warning See in context

Trumps NK policy is spot on, and it will lead to some sort of negotiate situation that will guarantee survival of the Kim clan while ultimately giving a long term path to Korean unification. Something that Trump can and will pull off, unlike the warmongering globalists of the Clinton ilk.

Count your blessings that the corrupt deep state operative did not win the election.

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Posted in: Trump says Republican memo vindicates him in Russia probe See in context

Trump is simply stating a fact, and there is not enough lipstick in the world to beautify this pig. Clinton, the DNC, and their activist hacks in the FBI and DOJ have committed treason. It is sight to behold though to see the fake corporate media trying to twist this into something else, including this misleading article here itself.

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Posted in: Syria rebels down Russian plane, pilot killed See in context

MacCain / Clinton / Obamas magnificient "vetted rebels" again. I so hope that Trump finally ends the swamp policy and clearly states that only the Assad government can end the sunni jihadist insurgency. Alas, on his foreign policy it seems there are too many swamp voices in his cabinet.

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Posted in: Trump steps up fight over Russia probe after release of FBI memo See in context

Got to love these twisted headlines by the lamestreamm media. (Any wonder why they are becoming a laughing stock?) Fact is that this memo (unsurprisingly to those who read outside the echo chamber of CNN and NYT) clearly shows the Clinton family and DNC as what they are... criminal organizations who tried to undermined the rule of law. Now watch how the lamestream media tries to put lipstick on this pig....

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Posted in: Authorities warn parents of Setsubun soybean choking risks for children See in context

Another non-issue. Government bureaucrats finding ways to make themselves relevant.

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Posted in: Woman's body found in Shinjuku love hotel See in context

The hotel said that a few hours later, someone pressed a buzzer calling for staff. An employee went tot he room and saw the woman lying on the bed. The man said they were going to check out.

This part does not make sense. Never heard of a love hotel where you call staff to check out.... the usual procedure is to simply leave the room and deliver the key at the front desk (and pay extra in case of overtime).

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Posted in: Arabs, Europe, U.N. reject Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital See in context

Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama all said they would recognize Jerusalem as the capital and move the embassy there.

The only difference is that Trump actually follows through on the promise, while the other three lied.

So now the low-information crowd bashes Trump for the crime of.... keeping a promise.

I guess one of the TDS symptoms is selective memory...

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Posted in: Hamas calls for Palestinian uprising over Trump's Jerusalem plan See in context

So Hamas calls for a Palestinian uprising. What exactly is new about that? Hamas actually has the destruction of Israel in it its constitution. Read it. If Hamas (and PLO for that matter) had accepted the existance of Israel, they might have a argument here. But all they are saying is that they will continue to fight against the existance of Israel, no matter what. Talk about a non-argument.

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Posted in: North Korea says U.S. threats make war unavoidable; China urges calm See in context

Smoke and mirrors. There won´t be a "war" between a superpower and a tinpot dictatorship with an economy the size of Shibya-ku (if that). Besides, the situation of course does not exist in a vaccum. The issue is chaing the NK regime while letting the Kim clan survive. And Trump is working on that by talking to China.

Anybody who takes the propaganda emating from the likes of North Korea TV and CNN at face value outs hirself as a low-information consumer.

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Posted in: 3 people dead, 1 injured after knife, sword attack at Tokyo shrine See in context

Maybe I am dumb, but even after reading the article several times, I only see it mentions one woman being killed. Who is the other one?

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Posted in: Trump recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital would fuel violence: Arab League See in context

More extortion by the islamists. Yes, of course they would immediately start a new intifada. But the fact is that the EXISTANCE of Israel is what irks the entire islamic world. But most of our politicians still believe we can counter that with ever more appeasement.

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Posted in: Korea tensions rise ahead of U.S.-South Korea joint military drill See in context

LOL.... so tensions "rise" suddenly. Meaning they were low before? Good grief, who writes these articles.

In the event, it is funny to see how many people fall for the Kabuki theater playing on the surface. Behind the scenes, it is obvious that Trump is putting pressure on China and that this is working.

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Posted in: U.S. quits talks on global migration pact over sovereignty clash See in context

As if to demonstrate why so many people are supporting Trump.

Bad hairstyle or not.... he is the ONLY one opposing the globalist, nation-destroying agenda.

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Posted in: Half of Britons support a second vote on Brexit, poll finds See in context

Ah, the old EU playbook again. The plebs voted the wrong way... so lets just repeat the vote, until we get them to vote correctly, and then it is final.

And the corporate fake media are fully on board with this, unsurprisingly.

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Posted in: Australian police arrest man accused of plotting New Year's Eve attack in Melbourne See in context

Tost heretic:

It can be left leaning or right leaning, it can be religious. Religious terrorism included Crusades against the Muslims and Cathars. It can include todays efforts. Nationalist, Islamist, anarchist etc.

The crusades were a REACTION to the islamic jihad, which had conquered the holy sites of the Christians and was intruding into Europe at the time. Without the crusades, Europe would be islamic already today. Please read some history.

But that aside, am I the only one finding ironic that, while some JT readers in this forum lecture us that islamic terrorism supposedly does not exist, Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, the guardian of Meccah, is hosting a meeting with 41 heads of (sunni) muslim countries with the topic of how to combat islamic terrorism? Our experts here here should tell these poor souls that what they are meeting about really does not exist, and when we have it in the West, it is just the result of use bad Westerners ourselves...

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Posted in: Emperor Akihito to abdicate on April 30, 2019 See in context

Finally the Kunaicho is giving the poor man a break. But do they really have to drag it out for a nother 2 years? Planning the ceremony surely can not that that long.

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Posted in: Seoul: N Korea's new missile could reach Washington See in context

Smoke and mirrors. Both sides know that Kim will not use any of this. But is playing the propaganda card well. Meanwhile, while the low-information crowd and CNN are focussed on the PR nonsense on the surface, Trump is working out a deal with the Chinese to put a damper on NK.

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Posted in: Trump likely to delay move of U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem See in context

He should do it. The idea that one can appease the Jew hatred of the Middle East away by appeasement is wrong from the start. But his advisors will press him not to do it, and I expect he will give in.

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Posted in: Pope urges respect for human rights in Myanmar; avoids 'Rohingya' row See in context

The pope avoided a diplomatic backlash by not using the highly charged term "Rohingya" in his addresses to officials, including leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

Nonsense. All he cares about are the muslims, he does not give a hoot about e.g. the Karen tribes, who incidentally are Christian. This pope would be funny if it was not so sad.

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Posted in: Berlin Christmas market opens one year after attack with tight security See in context

We now need police patrols and concrete barriers for Xmas markets.... how quickly times have changed.

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Posted in: Australian police arrest man accused of plotting New Year's Eve attack in Melbourne See in context

Toast Heretic:

And I'm old enough to remember IRA and loyalist terrorism.

I remember that too. I also remember Brigate Rosso in Italy and RAF in Germany. And I remember that at that time we talked about the ideology behind the terrorism and how to address it. I do not remember the media chanting that terrorism exists everywhere, has no particular ideology behind it, and everybody does it. Do you?

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Posted in: Australian police arrest man accused of plotting New Year's Eve attack in Melbourne See in context

Tost heretic:

Wave of jihad? Talk about exaggeration.

Just off the cuff, by no means complete: Paris, Stockholm, St Petersburg, London, Lyon, Chunnel, Melbourne, Copenhagen, Tolouse, Manchester, Essen, Brussels, Berlin.... Maybe you are so young that for you this is normal. I remember a time not so long ago when we did not have this jihadist terror moguro tataki all over the Western world. No exaggeration at all.

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Posted in: Myanmar has 'no religious discrimination', army chief tells pope See in context

If you look closer at the Rohinga problem by looking a local sources, you find the Rohinga problem is not different than the one in South Thailand and Mindanao. Of course, the "liberal" Western press is eager to believe to believe the fake victim stories.

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Posted in: Trump says there is a 'Pocahontas' in the U.S. Congress See in context

Ummm . . . Maybe because the Disney movie was about the actual person and in no way derogatory, which means it wasn't racist.

So Warren is not an actual person? And she did not actually make this ridiculous claim that Trump is referring to with a wink?

Conservatives clearly don't have the mental capacity to argue in a logical way.

Looking at this thread, I would say that applies to those afflicted with TDS. I hesitate to call them "liberals" because what current "liberals" have come to stand for is everything but liberal.

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Posted in: Britain not fazed by mixed-race fiance for Prince Harry See in context

The election last year of Sadiq Khan, whose parents migrated from Pakistan, as London's first Muslim mayor also showed the declining importance ascribed to racial backgrounds, Rifkind said.

Islam is not a race for crying out loud. It is bad enough that the corporate media always bring up this fake talking point, but a government official? Embarrassing.

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Posted in: Trump says there is a 'Pocahontas' in the U.S. Congress See in context

Tommy Jones:

I have multiple sources that show it's racist,

So Disney makes racist movies? How come nobody has complained about that before?

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Posted in: Trump says there is a 'Pocahontas' in the U.S. Congress See in context

"Racial slur", LOL! So what race does Warren belong to? Has she ever clarified that?

The TDS afflicted corporate media are hilarious.

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Posted in: Australian police arrest man accused of plotting New Year's Eve attack in Melbourne See in context

Now why on earth would a Somali immigrant want to kill so many people in Australia?

Not different from the Chechen immigrant who wanted to kill so many people in Boston, from Iraqi immigrant who wanted to kill so many people in Stockholm, from the Algerian immigrant who wanted to kill so many people in Paris.... you could go on for pages and pages about the wave of jihad sweeping the world. Talk about a misguided question.

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