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Posted in: 60% of Chinese execs say they cannot work with Japanese firms See in context

Someone above said something like "China and SK are such babies, crying about comfort women..." (let's not forget the killings too)

wow, that is some very insensitive rhetoric. I mean, if your mother was taken and forced to have sex all day long with soldiers, how would you feel then? what if this is your sister? your girlfriend? wife? You'd just sit by and do nothing? You feel okay with that?

The Japanese culture has a tendency to shove issues they don't want to deal with under the rug and don't like to talk about it. This may work sometimes, but most of the time, no.

As someone else commented above, Japan needs to take a page from Germany and admit what they did was wrong. Not just Germany, I believe within the last few years an Australian PM apologized to the aboriginal people for killing most of them off so that Europeans settlers can live there.

Japan needs to admit that Japan made a mistake, that trying to conquer by killing was wrong. Japan can't change the history by not talking about it, they can't change world history by not teaching Japanese students what Japan did in WWII. This is too big of a thing to sweep under the rug. Everyone in the world knows what Japan did during that period. By openly apologizing, Japan, SK, and China can finally get past this issue and would at least open the door for building better relations in the region.

I don't understand all the haters commenting here... It's very obvious which side you're on... Do you think animosity will help in any way? Do you want war? Do you want to see people dying left and right? and for what? If those of you who wants to live in a war torn area just go to Syria or Afghanistan or any such place and you'll know what violent conflict is really like.

And another point, there are probably many who don't want to see a strong bond between China, SK, and Japan. Can you imagine? It would be an economic powerhouse few can topple.

So think smart, peace and harmony is the only answer. Anything else that makes you feel any different are interests that has other agenda.

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Posted in: 18-year-old boy arrested over murder of woman in Kichijoji See in context

The lenient juvenile law is just ridiculous. Let's give people under a certain age a free pass to kill. Oh, it's okay, kill someone while underaged and go to jail for a few months, a year maybe, then it's all okay again. Imagine how many lives Japan could have saved if they just changed the law. But this is Japan we're talking about, so.....

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