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Posted in: Woman arrested for abandoning newborn baby in Internet cafe toilet in Yokohama See in context

...this story broke my heart. Let me first criticize this 30 year old female as a stupid *** of a for abandoning the baby in such a despicable and heinous sense...she could have dropped it off at a hospital as a few others had frustrates me as a person who cannot bare children myself due to internal problems caused by no fault of my own. I always end up crying whenever I see tragedies like this happen. To wrap a baby up in a damn plastic???? She could have at leas used a tshirt or pants...or...something more proper than a freaking plastic bag.

...Now to judge her as a person...who knows, she might have been forced and pushed into the sex-trafficking hence why she went missing...and these poor things that get forced into sex-trafficking always end up getting pregnant and/or HIV/AIDS in very little time. Nobody mentioned the situation of this 30 year old female. And when females are victimized in such ways, their sanity breaks and they turn into someone who has the same mentality as those that used heroine/cocaine for like 10 long years...they're state of being is stripped away along with everything else. These women can never get their life back and physical pain just turns into numbness and they come to a point where they give up on defending themselves because they become literally unattached to reality.

BUT IF SHE WAS JUST A Promiscuous run-away-whore, then she deserves far worse than hell. But then again, nobody knows her real state of mind and how her life was lead up until that it's best to just pray that the baby is uninjured, safe and has a warm place with someone nourishing the poor thing...he doesn't need a mother like that either way.

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Posted in: Race little altered by 2nd McCain, Obama debate See in context

cough cough

You can clearly see the level of maturity between Obama and McCain...Obama always speaks respectively regarding should I put it..."rivals" in this campaign, meanwhile McCain has childishly mocked and ridiculed Obama like a whiney, preppy, spoiled little brat that needs a good old beating because he has no real facts to win against Obama except that ridiculously low-class mockery that's committed by bullies from grade school. ;)

WHO would anybody that's on the side of LOGIC, to say the least, want running ANY nation for that matter...let alone the mighty nation of the RED BLUE & WHITE who can't shake off the paranoia of other nations making WMD meanwhile, they themselves, have WMD as well, and cannot practice what they preach...and to suppress other nations with violence...yet again, like a school bully. ;)

We all know that nothing good ever comes when the USA steps into another nation, can only wonder what will happen if people voted Obama out based on popularity contest on who's giving the best "disses and jokes" like McCain's mentality. ;p

PS: me pointing out the stepping into other nations refer to Iraq, Afghanistan, and now...Sri Lanka (which I doubt many are noticing at this point)...but the USA had been wanting to make Sri Lanka into a military base since the beginning of invasion on that tiny, kawaii little island...AND McCAIN SUPPORTS IT 100%!!!!!!!!

Maybe I should be childish and middle finger McCain for being ridiculously childish and give thumbs up for Obama for being an adult worthy of running anything at all, and make such an important campaign of literally life-vs-death (if you think about it, it's actually true), and continue to mock the USA since they sure love to covet their greed under the name of "war on terror" and other typical BS. MEANWHILE OBAMA...continues to be an adult, and seemingly a lesser-moron than McCain...and did I mention McCain is representing his childish behavior to state why he should win anything at all???? ;D

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