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If I couldn't pay the tax to leave, would they let me stay indefinitely?  I would be ok with that.

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My issue with Streep's speech is that the outrage is selective. She's outraged by what Trump might do, but she was silent when the Obama administration wiretapped the Associated Press. She was silent when the Obama administration wiretapped James Rosen and his family. She was silent when the Obama administration hacked into Sharyl Attkisson's computer and pressured CBS News to shut down her reporting. She was silent when the Obama administration got the court to rule that it could force a journalist to testify against a source (Jeffrey Sterling). She was silent when Obama made it black letter law that he could jail someone indefinitely without charging them if he suspected complicity with terrorists (the NDAA). For that last one journalists challenged that in court arguing that it could be interpreted to allow the jailing of reporters simply for interviewing a terrorist like Mike Wallace did with bin Laden. The journalists lost. I have little use for uninformed demagogues - whether they're being sworn in as president or accepting awards for acting.

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I always try to go to the Meij Shrine when I am in town because the grounds are so beautiful. If I'm very lucky, I get to see a wedding procession too. They have such great weddings there. Best wishes to the bride and groom.

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