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Posted in: Welcome kiss See in context

Relax guys, he pulls himself together, a real latin lover would not stop at (air)kissing one hand.

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Posted in: Japan strongly condemns Iranian attack on Israel See in context

The world is polarizing again. Taking into account how human rights are handled in the respective states, I cannot be on the side of inhumane, criminal states such as the People's Republic of China, North Korea, Russia, Iran and so on. It is undeniable that the USA, Europe, etc. also have their dark sides; compared to the aforementioned cruel dictatorships, they are the lesser evil.

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Posted in: 'Oppenheimer' finally premieres in Japan to mixed reactions and high emotions See in context

Why were the bombs dropped upon civilians and not on military targets? That is the war crime.

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Posted in: Hiroshima grapples with 'Oppenheimer' Oscars success See in context

The atomic bombings of Japan were a war crime, as were the bombings of Dresden. No injustice justifies another.

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Posted in: Decaying body of baby found on temple grounds in Yamanashi See in context

Whoever did this wanted the baby to have a better life in the afterlife than here.

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Posted in: The logistics of war: How Washington is preparing for a Chinese invasion of Taiwan See in context

"That approach led to the cost-saving decision to create mega-bases, like Ramstein Air Base in Germany. Ramstein was safe from Taliban and Islamic State attacks."

It is questionable whether this assumption will still make sense in the future. On the one hand, Red China and Russia will act in concert and also orchestrate terrorists of all kinds, but on the other hand, everyone should be aware of the conditions in Germany, a lack of defense capability due to the ruined Bundeswehr and catastrophic internal security.

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Posted in: Why Germany is being hit by strikes almost every day See in context

The next step would then be to reform the EU, UN etc., i.e. to democratize them. Motto: one person one voice

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Posted in: Why Germany is being hit by strikes almost every day See in context

Similar to a due diligence investigation in business, organizations such as the EU and the UN should be thoroughly investigated. Not only on effectiveness and efficiency, but also on partisanship, corruption, nepotism and so on. For Germany, this would also be appropriate for the last governments.

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Posted in: Meta, Amazon beat expectations with stellar results See in context

"It, too, embraced "efficiency" last year eliminating some 27,000 jobs in a move it said was necessary after years of sustained hiring"

Hire and fire... Manchester Capitalism of the most brutal way

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Posted in: 'We don't give a damn about the feelings of Japanese concerning the so-called Northern Territories:' Medvedev See in context

Dictators have never cared about the right of self-determination of peoples, neither foreign nor their own. They only recognize rights as long as it benefits them.

Law, ethics and morality are meaningless to them; only power and violence count.

They see themselves as "...the Great", but they are just disgusting criminals, mass murderers.

Japan has wisdom, centuries of experience, strength and strong alliances and will act thoughtfully.

The barking of lap dogs is meaningless.

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Posted in: Navy officer jailed in Japan over deadly car crash transferred to U.S. custody See in context


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Posted in: Navy officer jailed in Japan over deadly car crash transferred to U.S. custody See in context

Don't get me wrong.

We need the USA to stand together against the People's Republic of China, Russia and the like. but on the basis of common values, on an equal footing. Under mutual recognition of the respective laws, sentences imposed must be served in the respective country without transfer to the home country of the perpetrators. This also applies to fleeing fathers.

A relationship like Rome's with its vassal states does not build real trust and makes alliances fragile.

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Posted in: Navy officer jailed in Japan over deadly car crash transferred to U.S. custody See in context

Unfortunately, another example of American exceptionalism thinking, as even the British had to endure, when a US woman was able to escape to the USA with the help of US services after she drove a teenager to death. This thinking may be less surprising as a victorious power against Japan and Germany than against its closest ally

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Posted in: Seoul says Japan inaction means 'comfort women' court ruling upheld See in context


In summary, the politicians of all the nations involved are only raising their voices to make a name for themselves. Trade and relationships of all kinds are more important, while women and their fates are secondary, if at all. Effective solidarity by influential women is not noticeable internationally.

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Posted in: Empress Masako turns 60; expresses eagerness to move forward See in context

Happy Birthday and all the best for the future!

Even if I have to admit, I'm a little jealous that we don't have such a young, extraordinary woman as an empress in Germany.

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Posted in: Why are bullies so mean? A youth psychology expert explains what's behind their harmful behavior See in context

Was bullied when I was a weak kid in the last century, which was normal for us kids. Violent education was normal, regulary slaps, blows with the cane, threats, by the parents, teachers but also other adults if you dared to speak back. So violence between kids also nearly daily, in school, in the neighbourhood, etc. Growing up it was payback time for several years for me, also when draftet, until I came into a peacefuller enviroment. Long time ago, but deep-seated hatred still breaks out in some situations, even today.

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Posted in: Europe's economic powerhouse Germany tests shorter working week See in context

This article is somewhat one -sided, the foundation and the Igmetal have a left -wing agenda and not the majority of employees.

If you want to be promoted and earn more than average salary, you have to do more and accept a over -tariff contract that includes a "trust in time". I.e. to work as many hours as the job requires, literally. On how many days a week is secondary, there are laws in this regard, but can hardly be monitored if you work at or from home additionally.

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Posted in: German government plans to allow asylum-seekers to work sooner and punish smugglers harder See in context

Only the results count, not the speeches. And the results have not been convincing for years.

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