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Dropping the atomic bombs in Japan was a necessity to end the mass killing that would continue the WWII, whereas as the random killings by the Japanese soldiers in Nanking China resulted in millions of defenseless civilians and the raping and killing of hundred of thousands of Chinese women there was much worse than the atomic bombs dropping in Japan. While Obama paid visit to Japan to express sadness of deaths of Japanese civilians as a result of their government wrongdoings, he should express a much deeper sadness on the bigger scale of deaths committed by the Japanese soldiers against the Chinese innocent civilians in WWII.

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According to the Chinese, they were sailing through their own sea space, what's the problem?

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Posted in: China's Xi says Japan's wartime atrocities 'fresh in our memory' See in context

This is a no win situation for both countries and their people if Japan and China go on fighting each other in the coming years. The world no.2 and no.3 economy will both suffer. On the other hand, if they can somehow be friends, there is no other combination in the world can block their advance. For people who really love their countries in Japan and in China. Please think hard on this suggestion as it will mean life and death for these two countries and their people in the future,

W. Chan

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