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Posted in: Trump pressed aides on Venezuela invasion, U.S. official says See in context

Hmmm, but why not also pressed invasion against North Korea?? Isn't NK is as bad? Is it because NK posess nuke?

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Posted in: EU 'possibly as bad as China' on trade: Trump See in context

Well if they are "smaller" how can they be "as bad"?

Well, knowing Trump, he probably can't tell the difference between peis and a vaina.

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Posted in: Canada tariffs on U.S. goods from ketchup to lawn mowers begin See in context

NAFTA was not a good deal for the U.S

It was a good deal for US and when it no longer serve its purpose decided it's no longer a good deal.

Did those countries put a gun in US head to sign the deal or was it the other way around 25 years ago?

US is becoming like a third world country, ie, North Korea, where the paper is not worth what it's written on.

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Posted in: Trump reacts to EU trade reprisals with threat of steep auto tariff See in context

I notice none of Trump supporters provide any concrete, logical explanation for their support in Trump action.

Boy, how I love Trump and his supporters. At the end of his terms (hopefully 2 terms) when the dust have settled, how much damage Trump has done to US and they still have no idea what hit them.

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Posted in: 31% of Japanese women admit to cheating on lover; 6% say they got caught See in context

Going out to eat with someone is not cheating. There is nothing wrong with it. I do it quite often, and my spouse knows of it. It is no big deal. I just put one on the calendar in our kitchen yesterday.

In itself, of course it's not cheating....but there's a higher chance it may lead into something else if two are chemistery compatible. Of course not all going out to eat end up like that, just saying. Also, depends on the reason for going out, is there a need for two to go out? Quick Lunch? Romantic Dinner?

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Posted in: Trump revises Comey firing; Giuliani blasts 'lynching mob' See in context

The best US president. Why? No previous presidents ever have constant inconsistencies, when speaking looks like he is on drugs (watch his facial expression), make personal business deal on his presidency. What else, oh, primary school knowledge of how world economy works.

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Posted in: Trump tariffs on U.S. allies draw retaliation threats See in context

Keep doing what you are doing US. Love to see how you self destruct yourself. You think the world owe you?

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Posted in: Newborn baby boy left in Kagoshima park toilet See in context


It makes even less sense than to kill the baby in the womb as you suggest

How so? Unless you are anti abortion. If heavy cost involve in having abortion then that is a different story.

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Posted in: Man kills sick wife; then jumps to death from nearby building See in context

Should bring in euthanasia law

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Posted in: Pompeo: U.S. will need to give Kim Jong Un security assurances See in context

With Trump at helm, for some reason, I trust Kim's word more than Trump.

Trump thinks he is taking all the credit but U.S. may just be the biggest loser in all this.

In return for denuclearisation the U.S will provide N.Korea economy guarantee (that is for U.S own self interest), do you think N.Korea will gladly take the offer? Sure, it won't hurt, but there are many other countries, eg, China, who would step in to fill the role.

Who N,Korea will choose for its economy partner? You can guess.

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Posted in: Newborn baby boy left in Kagoshima park toilet See in context

If you don't plan to keep the baby, why not have abortion when there was a chance? You carried it for 9 months and left it at the park makes not much sense.

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Posted in: Finance Ministry officials given lectures on sexual harassment See in context

May be it should be pointed out to those attending that at the end of the seminar there will be mandatory questions to be asked based on the contents of the presentation.

Failing to get a pass mark on the questionnaires will result in 30% pay cut and compulsory in re-attending the course again and will also be reflected in their performance management to take into account of their, if any, future promotion.

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Posted in: 2020 Olympics could paralyse Tokyo's subway, study warns See in context

Being a regular visitor to Japan, 2020, is definitely the year to avoid Japan. Not sure the benefits of Olympic will bring to Japan (or the Japanese).

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Posted in: Trump reimbursed lawyer for payment to porn star: Giuliani See in context

God help those countries that rely US for regional security especially with this kind of President that say one thing and act another way.

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Posted in: Australian Muslim activist refused entry into U.S. See in context

Who cares if you hold Aussie passport. You can be holding God's passport and still be denied entry to US.

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Posted in: N Korean missile flying over Japan makes Tokyoites more wary See in context

Let say the missile passed through Japanese territory (which from news, it did), why the Japanese and US not dare to shoot it down? After all, it's about sovereignty, isn't it?

Or do you wait till it really hits on the land then the allies nuke on NK? Or maybe they can do like what they did to Osama?

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Posted in: Do you believe North Korea will launch missiles toward Guam? See in context

NK has been threatening for decades. I for one would like to see them try. But Kim is too gutless.

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Posted in: Citizens of many U.S. allies trust Putin more than Trump See in context

I would say, give me Putin anytime over Trump. Trump barks a lot, no action. The thing that comes out from his mouth is like kindergarten kid.

People talk about Putin invading, disappearing citizens, etc. As if US is not doing that.

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Posted in: Japanese residents in Beijing batten down ahead of parade See in context

Military parade for peace purpose. Hmm...

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