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Posted in: 22-year-old man arrested over murder of woman in Tokyo apartment See in context

Japan Today:- Correction!

Narimasu is in Itabashi Ward. It is not in Toshima Ward.

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Posted in: Islamist Morsi says he will be leader for all Egyptians See in context

I don't trust Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood. I feel sorry for the Christians of Egypt.

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Posted in: Deportation order issued against Nepali granted retrial in 1997 murder case See in context


Japantoday is a place for people to learn. What is the point of insulting someone who didn't follow your idea?

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Posted in: Deportation order issued against Nepali granted retrial in 1997 murder case See in context

It seems a lot of us here in Japantoday just jump into comments about the Japanese system without taking the time to follow what is in the news about the case of this Nepalese guy and some few similar cases. There was a lot in the media about this case.

1- The same day the court ruled for retrial, the Nepalese guy was transferred to Yokohama Immigration. 2- His lawyer said that the Nepalese wants to return to his country together with his family as soon as possible. He wants to see his mother who is very sick. I am sure the man is more than HAPPY for the deportation order. (Man; to come out from LIFE IMPRISONMENT to FREEDOM and join your family........for me, is just like being born again. If it were me, I wouldn't think of compensation)

The issue of compensation will come up after the court rules that he is completely innocent. Mr. Govinda's lawyer will raise this case with the court even without his presence in Japan. And it is a case that will take years to finish because it is a civil case against the government. It wouldn't take long if it were a case against an insuarance company.

Please let us not jump into blaming the Japanese judicial system and the government of being bad to foreigners. Let us remember the case of Mr. Toshikazu Sugaya, the bus driver for a children's nursery who served 17 years in prison. He is Japanese and was on death raw. The court ruled that he was completely innocent. And there is still no news of his compensation.

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Posted in: 70-year-old woman defrauded of Y20 million See in context

I think the woman is sick. Because a 70 year old Japanese woman is not that too old not recognize the voice of her own son.

Well, another part of my brain is suspicious of the son. There is a possibility that the son played a part in scamming the mother...!!

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Posted in: Property tycoon Minoru Mori dies at 77 See in context

RIP Mori san. I always admire the work you did in Roppongi and Akasaka areas. You will for sure be missed.

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Posted in: 8-yr-old girl stabbed by man while walking home from school in Matsudo See in context

That is the reason why I always tell my friends that death sentence should be kept in place. Because idiots like this devil should not be kept in prison for long. He should to be put to death by hanging.

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Wow.....a very beautiful photo. Great job Mr. DAVE MACDONALD. Keep up your photography skills.

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Posted in: Israel strikes Gaza in 2nd day of attacks; death toll tops 280 See in context

"This is also terrorism"

What about all the rocket and mortar attacks that have traumatized southern Israel?

Sarge: All the rocket and mortar attacks are Chritmas presents from Palestinian Santa Claus to Israel. They are not meant to harm or kill anybody.

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Posted in: U.S. serviceman held for breaking into woman’s apartment in Kanagawa See in context


Why shouldn't JAPANTODAY not report this when it is on the National TVs news?

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