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wiwaneko comments

Posted in: Japanese prosecutors seek life in Briton's death See in context

I read an article with what he says happened ( http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2013013/Lindsay-Hawkers-killer-throws-revolted-parents-sickening-pantomime.html ) and it was terrible. I think he deserves to hang, since the only remorse he's shown has been for himself and she BEGGED him to let her go.

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Posted in: Hokkaido schoolgirl commits suicide, blaming bullying See in context

It would also help if the teachers actually paid attention to their students more. I wish this girl would have found a better way to get over this, instead of killing herself.

This is exactly like the show "LIFE" - girl is bullied by classmates, teachers don't notice, parents don't notice, she speaks out about it, the administration completely ignores it, etc.

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Posted in: Yoko Ono reflects on John Lennon's 70th birthday See in context

Ugh, this lady. That's all I can say.

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Posted in: Murdered schoolboy's last act was to save female companion See in context

LoveUSA at 10:54 PM JST - 5th October The boy is a hero. real man despite being a teenager.

I agree. This is so sad...what's wrong with people?

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Posted in: Ichihashi sends letter of apology to Hawker's parents See in context

What a douche.

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Posted in: What do you think of Facebook? See in context

It gives my family (immediate and distant) the ability to stalk me and see everything I do.

It would just feel wrong to deny their friend request...

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Posted in: High school girl slashed in neck by man in Chofu See in context

That's scary...being the same age as the girl, I know I would freak out if that happened to me.

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Posted in: Ronald McDonald under fire from child obesity opponents See in context

Maybe if these kids quit eating so much junk food and sitting around on the computer they wouldn't be so fat. Give them some strawberries or carrots and take them for a bike ride. People always complain about how fat they/their kids are. Maybe if you lay of the potato chips a bit and got some exercise, you wouldn't be fat.

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Posted in: Detroit police say 7-year-old girl shot dead in home search See in context

That's Detroit for you.

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Posted in: Muhammad cartoonist head-butted during lecture in Sweden See in context

Why aren't the peaceful mainstream Muslims and their religious leaders speaking out more about this crap? Their continued silence tells me much.

These "few" extremists, which I don't think are so few, create a very negative image to the rest of the world about their supposedly tolerant religion. Muslims speak up if you don't condone this type of close-mindedness.

Exactly. I'm a Christian, but I don't get all butt-hurt over someone making fun of Jesus (which happens all the time). It's like most Muslims seem to be stuck in the stone age with all the public hangings and fanatical mobs. To me, the religion seems to be hypocritical because none of the 'good' Muslims speak out about how not all of them are violent freaks. I've completely lost respect for the religion of Islam.

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Posted in: Child's body found in car of couple caught stealing at supermarket See in context

“He was just so cute, we couldn’t throw him away.”

Because that's not creepy at all.

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Posted in: From bombed-out Iranian town to Japan's entertainment world See in context

Definitely someone to look up to.

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Posted in: 4-yr-old girl falls to death from 6th-floor hotel window See in context

I don't really see what's so wrong about a kid jumping on a bed; I did it all the time. I can see how doing it next to a window would be a problem, though. I think it's just a freak accident, because we don't really know what happened with the parents. They could have been telling the kid to stop, when she flew out the window or they could have just been watching TV and not paying attention. You don't really know.

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Posted in: What do you think are some of the most spectacular scenes ever filmed in movies? See in context

Phoebe Cates on the diving board in Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

Ahaha! I like all the parts with Jeff Spicolli.

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Posted in: Man stabs 28 children at kindergarten in China See in context


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Posted in: 4-year-old boy dies after 12-story fall from Chiba apartment See in context

I see lot of moms who get fed up with their kids, and then leave them sitting there on the sidewalk or in the middle of the shopping mall. the kid is screaming for some reason, and the mom is just walking away.

That's what my mother did with me.

I'm not a mother (only 17), but I would never leave my four year old home alone, even if they knew the dangers of things.

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Posted in: Body of newborn boy found floating in Tokyo river See in context

Oh dear. Poor kid.

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Posted in: The flip side of metabolic syndrome - being too skinny See in context

It's the same thing in American high schools. If you're over 100 lbs., you're fat. I'm 135, but I'm definitely not fat or overweight. I also have big hips and a rear, while these tooth pick girls run around calling people fat. It makes me sad that girls -and guys- actually starve themselves because they don't think they look good.

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Posted in: Tokyo experiences coldest mid-April day in nearly 50 years See in context


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Posted in: 'Heroes' actress Hayden Panettiere gets chilly reception in Taiji See in context

She's so stupid - of course they'll be cold towards her - she's trying to change their culture and make them look like they're bad because they kill whales and dolphins. I don't see what's wrong with killing animals for food, unless they're being completely tortured to death or something. I highly doubt Japan is the only place that hunts for dolphins and whales, so why single them out?

She seems to think that just because she's a 'big' actor in an American tv show that she'll be able to persuade this town to give up something they've been doing for many years.

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Posted in: 13-yr-old boy finds newborn baby's body in planter on veranda See in context

People amaze me with their stupidity these days.

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Posted in: Do you believe in life after death? See in context

I believe in God, though I admit that I do doubt his existence at times...a lot, actually. I also think people take the Bible too literally. I think it's more like a book of..."lessons", maybe? It seems more metaphorical than anything.

I try not to think about what's beyond death and just live life. I don't think we're meant to know, really. Whatever your beliefs are, I think the most important thing is to be able to say you're proud of your life when you do die.

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