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Posted in: Two female suicide bombers kill 38 on Moscow subway See in context

Terrorism is never acceptable. Targeting innocent people to carry out some twisted religious belief is just flat wrong, regardless of which country it happens in. I hope the Russians are very effecient at brining these people to justice.

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Posted in: Cuban security agents break up protest march See in context

Its unusual for stories like this to come out of Cuba. Usually, they just go unreported. It must ahve been a slow news day at AP.

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Posted in: Obama finally appears on Fox News See in context

"Top officials have said it is a tool of the Republican Party and Obama has singled out the network for perceived bias."

Doesn't the President represent "all Americans". Strange that he is on Fox News now because he needs Republican votes for health care.

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Posted in: Yemen-American imam calls for U.S. Muslim revolt See in context

I always have a good laugh when the radical muslims call for Jihad. First, they presume that someone will listen to them, thus gives them importance. Second, they always presume they will win the Jihad. Have they ever won a Jihad?? Ever?? Allah should have a few words with these folks and set them straight.

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Posted in: Japan leading charge against bluefin ban See in context

Over the next few years (perhaps decades), this problem will take care of itself. Why argue about it?

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Posted in: Israeli apology gets cool reception in Washington See in context

The Jewish population in the US is a huge voting block, not only for votes, but for polictical money. US politicians do not overlook this fact when determining foreign policy.

I've come to the conclusion that the Israels and the Palestinians deserve each other. Long live the conflict!

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Posted in: Child abuse claims sweep Catholic Church in Europe See in context

The Catholic church is doomed. People are leaving the church in droves. The Church will need to radically reform itself to survive. Yet, nothing changes. Its a shame, the Catholic charities does a lot of good.

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Posted in: House panel approves Armenian genocide resolution See in context

Why would the congress want to pass such a meaningless, stupid resolution. This was something that happened over 100 years ago! This resolution serves no purpose except to ailenate Turkey, a US ally.

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Posted in: China backs diplomacy, not sanctions, on Iran See in context

"Headline: China backs diplomacy, not sanctions, on Iran

Article: Beijing remains in favor of addressing the Iranian nuclear issue through “the dual-track strategy” of diplomatic engagement and pressure through sanctions"

Translation: Let Iran have thier nukes.

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Posted in: Iraq early voting shattered by deadly blasts See in context

I love the use of action words like "shattered". Looks like elections and security are going very well, except a for a few idoits.

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Posted in: Palestinian president warns of 'religious war' See in context

Where have I been...... I thought there already was a religious war going.

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Posted in: Hamas: Suspects in Dubai killing include Fatah men See in context

I don't know why everyone keeps using the word "blame', when they should be using the word "credit".

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Posted in: Taliban's top military commander in Pakistan reported captured See in context

Lets dust off the waterboard and get Osama. Go Pakistan!

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Posted in: Venezuela seeks God's help amid energy crisis See in context

How is that revolution thing working out for you Hugo? Not so good it would seem.

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Posted in: Dalai Lama to visit White House despite China anger See in context

Exactly what does Tibet do for China? I can understand why China would like to get its hands on Taiwan, but Tibet?

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Posted in: Clinton says no prisoner swap with Iran See in context

Actually, Hillary wanted to swap Bill for the prisoners but Obama would not let her.

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Posted in: Skepticism over Toyota's fixes grows as probe widens to Prius See in context

I don't think Toyota will loose market share to US car makers. I think it is more likely that Honda and Nissan will gain any share that Toyota looses.

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Posted in: Obama prescribes election plan to Democrats: Lead See in context

Based on his proposed budget, I would say he is leading the wrong way.

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Posted in: Researchers sail to study Antarctic whales See in context

Six well aimed torpedo's would put an end to this "research" issue for good.

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Posted in: Bin Laden blasts U.S. for climate change See in context

Earth to Bin Laden, Earth to Bin Laden......Come in, over....

This man suffers from serious deluisons!

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Posted in: Venezuelan police fire tear gas at protesters See in context

How is that revolution thing working out for you, Hugo. Perhaps you could get some advice from Castro on how to stop protesters. He is really good at it.

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Posted in: Leftists slam capitalism at Social Forum in Brazil See in context

Yea......I think that the world should adopt the "Cuban" model for economic prosperty. And lets put Hugo in charge.

These people don't have a clue!

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Posted in: Baghdad blasts strike popular hotels, killing 37; 'Chemical Ali' hanged See in context

Hanging “Chemical Ali” was a big mistake. Iraq never had weapons of mass distruction.

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Posted in: Bin Laden endorses Christmas Day airliner bombing attempt See in context

Only in the twisted mind of a terriorist like OBL can he pretend to claim victory in a FAILED attack.

In fact, with all of the terrior attacts that he is responsible for, what has been accomplished? Nothing. He cannot show a single stretgic accomplishment except dead people. Sooner or later, even his supporters will take notice.

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Posted in: Cocaine found at NASA hangar See in context

I wonder how much cocaine is stashed on the international space station? I'll bet the Columbian astronaut stashed some last year.

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Posted in: Venezuela announces nationwide energy rationing See in context

Yea.....hows that revolution thing working out for you Hugo.

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Posted in: UK bans controversial Islamist group See in context

Clearly the common thread in radicalization is Islam. These radicals come from all countries, and all walks of life. It is very hard for me to understand how a large number of people can organize and kill others in the name of their relgion. Do they really think that this is what Allah wants them to do?

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Posted in: U.S. shifts Mideast peace strategy See in context

The words "Mideast" and "Peace" should never be used in the same sentance. The two words are not compatable.

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Posted in: Anti-whaling boat sinks off Antarctica See in context

Whaling ships: 1

Terrorists: 0

Whales: -1,200

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Posted in: 3 Malaysian churches firebombed in 'Allah' dispute See in context

Wow, I'm really confuded by this. JT used the word "Allah" seven times in the story. Does this mean that JT should be fire bombed? Most posters above, including myself have used the word "Allah" in our posts. Does this mean we should be fire bombed also? If so, this really sucks!

Are there any muslim readers out there that can clear this up? I sure this must be a simple mistake.

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