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Posted in: China, U.S. assert rights after exchange over South China Sea See in context

Japan needs to increase the size of their Air force and Navy. There Navy should also have Aircraft Carriers. With the help of the UDA in training at least two Carrier fleets.

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Posted in: Okinawan governor determined to press U.S. to move base off island See in context

I will contact My US Senator and Congressman and inform them, the citizens on the island want our military off the island. But be careful of what you ask for. But understand we are there to help protect the people of Japan from China and North Korean aggression. Should we leave and China and North Korea acts negative toward Japan! The people of the USA would be reluctant to return. I would strongly recommend that Japan I crease their military capabilities before such a money by the US military.

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Posted in: Man arrested for stabbing 14-year-old girl in Himeji See in context

We in the USA have attacks like this allot. I think it has to do with bad parenting skills and what children see on television.

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