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Dinner and a movie is the safest type of date one can go on. It can either be an excuse to not talk, or another way to get close to someone (particularly if they or you are shy) by holding hands or putting your arm around a girl when you are sitting in a dark movie theater together.

Also, it is fun to surprise a date with a picnic or a bottle of something good or fun like champagne, wine or beer, in a movie theatre. I have done this a number of times, and always with good results and good feelings!

If you make going to a movie a way to share an experience, and maybe act closer in a new way, it can be a great time!

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Posted in: 45% of children tested near Fukushima plant have radioactive elements in thyroid glands See in context

That this story comes out now is very suspicious. The children were tested in March. This is nearly 6 months later.

So what is the real truth for children near Fukushima and other parts of Japan, after 6 months of exposure to radiation?

Please, let's be honest and open with the people of Japan.

It is unfair and disrespectful to Japanese people and others to continue to withhold and massage the true story.

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Yuko was maybe trying to reach out to you and take a bit of risk by talking to you in English.

I like helping my Japanese friends learn English. One of the biggest frustrations in Japan is that young people study English for as much as 8 years on average, and never learned good conversational English.

I actually find that some of them like the fact that I speak multiple languages, and that there are so many fun ways to say something simple like "Thank you" or "beautiful".

To say that you can't teach English means that you are a bit selfish and lack confidence in yourself. When you have children, how will you expect them to speak with you if can't teach them their first words?

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Posted in: Gov't, TEPCO reiterate goal to bring Fukushima plant under control by January See in context

You people in Japan are doomed by the lies and idiocy of the government, Tepco, SMBC for funding these people continuously, and your own overly submissive culture.


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I wonder if comedians like Jay Leno, David Letterman or Jimmy Kimmel will have some fun with this latest comedy of idiocy brought to us by those idiots at Tepco and PM Kan's government.

SMBC, turn off the money flow and shut these morons down.

Keeping Tepco alive is like handing the keys to a 7-series BMW to a drunk driver. Reckless endangerment.


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These poor people were either killed by the radiation, taken out be Tepco so they could not show us the truth or just gave up.

In any event, TEPCO needs to be replaced by someone else, and shut down. All Tepco leaders must be carted off to a Turkish prison. PM Kan and his closed loop world should be sent with them.


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Criminal negligence is the minimum charge against Kan and his staff, and the supporting bureaucrats.

If Kan went to see SPEEDI get used, and he claims he does not understand it, so what was he doing that day, was he drunk or just plain ignorant. If the PM can't understand a system like SPEEDI and isn't intelligent enough to ask some simple questions then get rid of the useless, careless idiot. He should repay Japan for all of the salary and benefits paid to him.

I mourn for the innocent people who trusted the government and stayed in Harm's Way after the Fukushima disaster took place.

Stop all of the posturing and excuses... GET TO THE TRUTH!!! NOW!!!

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The top officials of Japan and TEPCO, not these vice or deputy ministers who were probably following their bosses' orders in the usual Japanese, respectful way, should be forced to resign NOW and where appropriate IMPRISONED FOR LIFE in prisons with poor conditions.

Prime Minister Kan himself broke Japanese law by not reporting the nuclear disasters within 15 minutes of receiving the news through the normal channels and procedures.

In Japan, the problems and misinformation start at the TOP. These leaders have abdicated their right to receiving RESPECT from Japanese and international communities.

Please stop the misinformation, open the the gates to more accurate stories, and find leaders who can deal with reality and develop practical solutions in the short and long term.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't intervenes to stem yen's rise against dollar See in context

The Government's intervention is good for Japan's export oriented and international businesses, but it is a short run tactic.

If Wall Street and its currency trading partners believe the dollar is only worth 75 or even 70 Yen, then that is where the exchange rate is headed.

Currently the futures markets are indicating the Y/Dollar FOREX rate will stay where it is through the December http://futures.tradingcharts.com/marketquotes/J6.html

However, the March 2012 futures are not trading actively at this time as I would bet that traders are highly uncertain.

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Posted in: 1-yr-old baby girl dies after being left in car for 6 hours while parents play pachinko See in context

****Are people so selfish and distracted that they can ignore their child while they play a childish game like Pachinko?

I had one of these machines at my parents house here in LA. It was fun but I don't understand these people.

The unnecessary death of a helpless one year old girl is a serious crime. It is murder. She was strapped into a car seat and left in a closed up car with no ventilation. Also, no one was with her, there was no supervision of her.

These "parents" should go to JAIL FOREVER! And whether they believe in religion or not, I want GOD to make them rot in HELL FOREVER...

SO SAD in a country where many do nothing about anything important.

WAKE UP JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Posted in: Record high radiation reported at crippled Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

I have said this many times. We do not understand nuclear properties and radiation. We have no business applying something to commercial purposes and deploying it in an unstable place like Japan, nor any where else.

There are many good scientists out there who have been studkying this field for nearly 100 years. Everything about it is still basically theoretical.

As I have said on other occasions, people in the USA and Japan need to be held accountable for the terrible situation Japan is in now, and for nuclear accidents in Japan that have been swept under the carpet by people like Tepco.

The young people in Japan need to "Step Up", take leadership and make their voices heard loudly...

Prime Minister Kan, his government and Tepco leadership must pay for their behavior and irresponsibility.

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Posted in: Gov't names 4 more radiation 'hot spots' near Fukushima plant See in context

There are several forces at work here that contribute to the terrible disaster of Fukishima and other accidents throughout Japan. All of these are being swept under the carpet as much as possible.

First, Prime Minister Kan should follow through with his promise to step down. He should then be immediately arrested and jailed, in a Russian, Turkish or Mexican prison "Death Row" for the following, (1) Violation of Japanese law and procedures by failing to declare a Nuclear Disaster for over 4 hours (according to NHK) after receiving the report from proper channels, (2) Significantly understating the seriousness of the Fukushima Disaster and not acknowledging Tsukugawa and Onagawa accidents. (3) He created an insular culture that hid the truth in a segregated confererence room. (4) He was complicit with Tepco in allowing a policy of non-communication or mis-communication to occur.

Second, Tepco is totally inept. Their acknowledgment, immediate response, subsequent recommended actions and executive level behavior towards the Japanese people, world press, their own bankers and Keiretsu, etc. are separately and together inexcusable. The top 50 people in Tepco should be arrested, sued for all of their property and wealth, punished severely with Prime Minister Kan, etc. from the government... Turning Tepco into a government enterprise would just make things worse. Government institutions are more process oriented than Japanese companies. There is no accountability possible.

Third, someone like the US or Israel, who has some better understanding of Nuclear Technology, Power Plant design/operation and an action orientation combined with wise pragmatism should be brought in to manage the situation, at Tepco and Japan's expense. Maybe the IMF or World Bank would underwrite such an effort as it would be costly and require the issuance of a substantial amount of debt.

Fourth, the attitude of this generation of people in Japan and other places needs to change drastically. Get away from your TV sets, Internet, Facebook, etc. Get out into the real world. Set goals. Stop trying to survive by just going along with processes, cultural norms and belief systems that are badly flawed. Take a stance, do what is right!

Fifth, no one seems to value the lives of people in Japan or even in the USA West Coast. Raising radiation exposure standards in Japan, just institutionalizes a society that will have to bear the terrible costs of illnesses like cancers. In the USA, the EPA has raised the radiation standards for drinking water in the aftermath of Tohoku and Fukushima.

I can go on for hours and hours if someone wants to talk about it and figure out how to take some constructive action.

To the USA, I say, stop the wars in places like Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria etc. Focus the resources on bettering mankind, and righting the wrongs and eliminating the dangers in Japan.

It is time to WAKE UP everyone...

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Posted in: Japan bans all cattle shipments from Fukushima over radiation fears See in context

BBC.co.uk said "More than four months on from the earthquake, radioactive material continues to escape from the facility (Fukushima Dai-Ichi)". When will the so very nice, intelligent people in Japan realize that the radiation is such a serious problem?

People's lives are going to be hurt because people are not being told enough of the truth, fast enough. This has been the case since the early days after the Tohoku Earthquake. Nothing is changing. The news keeps getting worse.

Young people are arriving in the USA in greater numbers because they are realizing the sad truths of the nuclear radiation situation. I am learning that people in Japan do not like to talk about bad or sad things. But many people are doing what they should -- they are leaving!!!

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