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Posted in: Social media yanking shooting videos faster - if not by much See in context

Why did he shoot white people if it's racially motivated?

Maybe it might be a good idea to leave the videos up so people can see what actually happened

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Posted in: Countries with lower-than-expected vaccination rates show unusually negative attitudes to vaccines See in context

Someone's tax money at work here

Universities are welfare programs for 'clever sillies' who can't do anything useful

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Posted in: The changing face of 'papa-katsu' as coronavirus bites harder and longer See in context

Men doing this are losers

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Posted in: Mixed-race Okinawans begin to find voice amid tensions over U.S. bases See in context

All I hear from mixed-raced children is anguish over their own existence, makes me think people from different cultures shouldn't have children if it's that bad

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Posted in: U.S. doctors reflect on exhaustion, trauma of one million COVID deaths See in context

Were they with or of covid though?

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Posted in: Twitter execs out; hirings halt as Musk buy looms See in context

There is a delicious irony to this

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Posted in: NPA urges police to avoid impression of racial profiling in questioning people See in context

I'd rather the police find illegal overstayers in return for being mildly inconvenienced to be honest...

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Posted in: Cases of COVID returning pose questions for Pfizer pill See in context

After reading this attempt to frame another drug that doesn't work as 'effective', I would put money on ivermectin being vindicated by future historians

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Posted in: Sometimes we overdo it, such as wearing masks all day because we are afraid of what other people think. I think we should review our mask-wearing measures for times when masks are unnecessary. See in context

They're wearing them because the government told them to and the media scared the hell out of them!

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Posted in: Will new vaccines be better at fighting coronavirus variants? See in context

mRNA didn't work this time so would it next time? This just reads like an advert

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Posted in: Can pee help feed the world? See in context

This is just an attempt to keep industrial farming practices going. Regenerative agriculture uses animals to do the same but it's easier to manage at a small scale so is overlooked https://www.renature.co/what-is-regenerative-agriculture/

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Posted in: Musk warns Japan will cease to exist if birthrate continues decline See in context

If the current trend of propagandising women to be corporate servants continues, then of course it will

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Posted in: If you are an employee of a company, educational institution or organization, do you like your job? See in context

Most eikaiwa and universities are scams now. The eikaiwas are all staffed with people who don't know anything about education and the universities accept students who shouldn't be there to keep the money coming in

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Posted in: Microbe-based faux beef could save forests, slash CO2 See in context

Or you could just raise cows on pasture where they recycle the nutrients in the soil in tandem with the grass. A factory, on the other hand, is full of steel, plastic and glass which use a lot of resources and produce lots of toxic waste and the very greenhouse gases they're supposed to mitigate.

I can't believe people will promote an industrial machinery factory over a green field...

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Posted in: New ‘Doctor Who’ star is ‘Sex Education’ actor Ncuti Gatwa See in context

This is a weird choice that doesn't bode well for the next series

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Posted in: 10% suffer COVID-19 aftereffects 1 year after discharge from hospital: survey See in context

"It is important to avoid infection," Yokoyama, a professor in Kochi University's Department of Respiratory Medicine and Allergology, said, urging people to get vaccinated and follow safety measures.

The vaccine doesn't stop infection at all though. Why is 'live the healthiest lifestyle possible' always absent from advice?

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Posted in: Chinese web users get creative to dodge COVID censorship See in context

China, like Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran and other authoritarian regimes has agencies heavily censoring information within China or in the other authoritarian states

Just like the West. You might scoff, but look at the reaction to Elon Musk buying twitter because gasp he might allow free speech! The Saudi billionaires who had a stake at the time should stay in place to quash the voice of the average person apparently

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Posted in: CNN+ latest failed attempt of cable news trailblazer to remain relevant See in context

audiences are gravitating toward new media platforms precisely because they are not legacy media.

It's not because it's 'not legacy media' but the fact so many people have realised what liars they are

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Posted in: Sweden reintroduces border checks, citing 'a serious threat' See in context

Sweden will become a failed state just like the masses swamping the country are used to

Unless they send them back

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Posted in: Fears mount for China's economy as leaders dig in on zero-COVID See in context

What i want to know is why these so called exerts care if china has high economic growth or not. The only reason why they are complaining is because they are losing money in the stocks and due to all their investment in china.

Exactly. I do not have much sympathy for them either since they were not entirely honest with regards to the coronavirus situation

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Posted in: It is important to pass on a sustainable social security system to future generations, and supporting child-rearing and youth generations is a pressing issue. See in context

Children are going to be your 'pension' since you can't rely on the government

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Posted in: COVID treatments: Still struggling for mass uptake See in context

Vitamin D, zinc and quercetin have worked fine for me. I don't understand why so many people don't take them when they are so cheap

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Posted in: U.N.: Obesity levels in Europe at 'epidemic proportions' See in context

It is obvious the modern diet is a disaster, we must return to traditional diets

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Posted in: Online media fueling divisions, global tensions: report See in context

It noted Russia, where state-run media overwhelmingly dominate and independent outlets are increasingly stifled, invaded Ukraine following a propaganda war.

Ukraine isn't perfect either. This is a report detailing examples of censorship that happen there before the war started https://www.indexoncensorship.org/2019/09/ukraine-press-freedom-violations-august-2019/

But it is okay as long as it pushes the right message, okay, that is how they want it https://europeanjournalists.org/blog/2021/08/26/ukraine-president-bans-opposition-media-strana-ua-and-sanctions-editor-in-chief/

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Posted in: Activists urge ad boycott if Musk turns Twitter toxic See in context

They are just afraid of open discussion about the one-sided toxicity that already exists on twitter.

I think fewer people would be bothered if the degenerate pornography and anti-white hate were removed, or the promotion of the LGBT agenda to children, but they just want to stop the other side being heard so they control the public dialogue

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Posted in: Japan considers programs to develop talent in semiconductors, batteries See in context

The more domestic skills, the better

Why rely on anyone else?

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Posted in: Debate on relaxing mask requirement starting in Japan See in context

I am a PhD in computational geophysics and I know a hell a lot about fluid mechanics and particles dynamics. Wearing a mask outside do not make any sense and never did. 

Unfortunately it stopped being about science and logic very quickly and devolved into media-driven paranoia. Most people still afraid can't tell you what proportion of people infected die from it, what their own risk profile is or what percent of their own population died from it without having any other medical problems.

We are living in the hypochondriacs' delusion

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Posted in: Measles cases surge 80%; other diseases could follow: U.N. See in context

More fearmongering

Measles usually starts to get better in about a week.


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Posted in: 51% of children in Japan get 1st smartphone at elementary school age: poll See in context

Completely unnecessary and exposes them to all sorts of weird stuff. If I have children they won't be allowed one until they're 18

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