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Posted in: Hotline service to begin for foreigners in Japan for virus inquiries See in context

Nice of them but it's taken a bit too long, this would have been very handy months ago to help stop the spread of the virus (especially for Chinese speakers)

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Posted in: Taiwan demands apology from WHO chief over virus 'slander' See in context

Taiwan deserves our support, they're a true liberal democracy!

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Posted in: Aichi Prefecture to declare its own state of emergency See in context

People are starting to get impatient with the government dragging it's feet...

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Posted in: Zoom hires ex-Facebook security chief as Google bans desktop app See in context

My uni has even shifted the discussion-based courses online which I'm not looking forward to...

I'm just about to have training run by supposed 'experts' working for an eikaiwa chain and given how poor their output has been in the past (the 'senior curriculum specialist' can't even write an academic reference properly, or spell basic words for that matter) I'm not expecting much

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Posted in: Japan records 503 coronavirus infections on Wednesday; biggest daily jump since start of pandemic See in context

If you look at graphs showing the number of cases you can see how it's accelerated in the last few weeks...

Even though movement in Tokyo is supposedly down, don't forget people have gone to other prefectures and will more than likely cause the virus to spread so I don't think this is going to go away in a month

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Posted in: Major Japanese cities quiet after state of emergency declared See in context

Any business that expects employees to wear a suit is most likely not essential and a good measure of whether companies are shuttering or not...

I.e. the less suits you see, the better

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Posted in: Which do you prefer: the state of emergency that has been declared for parts of Japan, that does not involve penalties for non-compliance, or the strict lockdowns in some other countries where police can fine people who are non-compliant? See in context

The UK's plan to pay everyone to stay home was good because people are actually staying home. I think with Japan though businesses would need to be forced to be closed because unless the person at the top says it's okay nobody will do it.

The government could frame self-isolation as a patriotic duty instead of the current half-assed nuisance status it's given it

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Posted in: Trains run as usual, some retailers shorten hours during state of emergency See in context

I expect infections will continue to the point where the government has to do more and people may end up just being too sick to keep the country working properly.

Even with low testing so we don't know what's really happening things still seem manageable. I'm worried this is going to drag out over 6 months or more. I wanted to leave Japan in September but I won't if other countries keep travel restrictions in place

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Posted in: Tokyo hotel prepares to accept virus patients with mild symptoms See in context

I hope there are more places like these because they could run out space quickly...

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Posted in: 'Escape from Tokyo' hot topic ahead of state of emergency See in context

Watch the number of infections shoot up elsewhere now

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 83 new coronavirus infections Monday; down 60 from Sunday See in context

Hopefully there won't be even more today


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Posted in: Tokyo running out of beds and gear, medical staff say See in context

With months to prep and literally seeing people dropping dead all over the can we, one of the most capable and wealthy, still not conceptually be ready??

The Olympics

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Posted in: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson moved to intensive care See in context

I hope he gets better asap...

I also hope the government can actually deal with what's going on. Obviously they weren't adequately prepared

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Posted in: Tone-deaf or tuned-in? Coronavirus epidemic proves a minefield for celebs See in context

Consumption of celebrities' waffle is a non-essential good...

Pass the pasta, please

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Posted in: Many schools in Japan reopen after monthlong coronavirus shutdown See in context

I suppose the responsibility will pass to the governors.

The state of emergency is limited to certain prefectures even though some others want it. The gov might extend it, but only if the problem gets worse... I saw this described as "whack-a-mole"

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Posted in: Lockdown, Japan-style: Pressure to conform, but no penalties for non-compliance See in context

From what I understand, New York hasn't declared a total shutdown but almost everyone is off the streets

Hopefully Japan's strategy is effective, but a lot relies on Japanese people going along with it which they weren't doing only a week ago. The gov does also need to support businesses though to encourage them to let people stay at home and stop the virus spreading

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Posted in: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson hospitalized with coronavirus See in context

I wish him a speedy recovery to face the music arranged and mangled by his incompetent cohorts.

Same here. Absolutely botched it... Cummings has a lot to answer for too, I suspect he had a large amount of influence in it

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Posted in: What is the safest way to get some exercise without exposing yourself to the danger of being infected with the coronavirus or infecting others, in case you unknowingly have it? See in context

For cardio, on the weekend, take a train (which are fairly empty now) and head to the nearest hills for a day hike. Sorted!

I'd avoid all trains unless you live in the countryside or actually need to use one.

You can just walk around your neighbourhood and keep a safe distance (~2m) from other people

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Posted in: Tokyo confirms 143 new coronavirus infections Sunday See in context

Even during the time that this story has been up it's already become 143 (and might even go up more)...

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Posted in: Abe cautious about declaring emergency despite spike in virus cases See in context

I do not think Japanese need to worry so much. Abe is taking the Swedish model:

It does seem a bit of a gamble though... this is what a Swedish person in that article had to say about it:

“For us, a total lockdown is a disaster,” she said. “But I am worried Sweden will explode at some point. I feel like I’m living in a huge experiment, and I was never asked if I wanted to sign up.”

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Posted in: Abe cautious about declaring emergency despite spike in virus cases See in context

I reckon he'll call it this week, maybe Thursday to go in to effect on Saturday

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Posted in: Japan sees record 4,300 cannabis offenders in 2019 See in context

I agree that cannabis is not particularly harmful and definitely much less so than alcohol. A scientific ranking was published here:

However, people

aged 14 to 19

shouldn't be smoking weed or drinking really

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Posted in: Smartphone vs virus: Is privacy going to be the loser? See in context

If you're worried about it you can just turn location data off on your phone for a start. You only need it to use certain apps and if that happens I just turn it on while I'm using the app then turn it off afterwards - it saves your battery too, after all.

You can still be traced if you are connected to the network, and I think even with airplane mode on there are some ways to do it, but you can do some really simple stuff to stop corporations watching you.

If a government tells you to stay inside for two weeks to stop infecting people though don't be an ass and try to go out, it's not exactly a prison sentence

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Posted in: Communist Party fights underwear color rules in Japanese schools See in context

This is Fake NEWS There are no rules for underwear color in japan schools. 

If you read the article, the schools themselves disclosed the information

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Posted in: Tokyo area sees daily coronavirus cases top 100 for first time See in context

These infections could have been from two weeks ago, what's it going to be like in two weeks? Even with countries locked down it still spreads somehow, better sooner than later probably though

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Posted in: Japanese police investigated 11,000 foreigners in 2019: NPA See in context

The crime rate for Japanese nationals is higher than for foreigners.

In 2003 25,000 foreigners were arrested. By 2019, the figure becomes 11,000.

That's actually a very good point, especially when there are many more now too

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Posted in: Japanese police investigated 11,000 foreigners in 2019: NPA See in context

Therefore, for every foreign person investigated, about 15.5 Japanese were too..


But that news is boring isn’t it. Japanese people don’t want to read about Japanese people getting arrested. This is far more interesting. Disgusting, I know, but it’s japan so...

My comment was removed 'for some reason' but this puts it in perspective even better

11,000 crimes investigated out of nearly 32 million visitors. About 30% of the crimes were for visa violations. The percentages are very low.

Less than 0.5%.

Context is important, I wonder why it was omitted in the article

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Posted in: Brokerage worker loses paternity leave appeal in Japan See in context

I never explored that. The unions have bite? I mean that they will actually stand with a gaijin and help? No blaming or gas lighting? Then if thats true, I should of joined one.

Yes, unions are a constitutional right. I have had quite a few pay rises and job security from being a member... the university I work at even guarantees that the number of classes for union members will never be reduced if possible! Of course, it's worse for people who aren't members because employers take it out on them, but they can just join?

It's so easy really, I don't know people let themselves get screwed over

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Posted in: U.S. Embassy sounds alarm on coronavirus in Japan See in context

I think this warning was poorly worded because it makes it sound like ALL Americans should go back to the US even if they live here.

The UK embassy in Tokyo is much more nuanced and says people who live abroad aren't being instructed to go back for the sake of it, it's only for people travelling...

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Posted in: Google releases location data to show if coronavirus lockdowns working in 131 countries See in context

A good reminder that Google is essentially running a panopticon across the whole world...

My location data isn't even turned on on my phone. Of course, I can still be tracked other ways, but I'm not volunteering it

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