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Posted in: Japan may consider further stimulus package for COVID-19-hit economy: Kono See in context

Another sign of tax increase later. Definitely not a free meal. Ouch!

This is what everyone forgets somehow

Throwing money around isn't cheap, who would've guessed...

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Posted in: Popular Japanese pub chain shuts 20% of its locations due to virus See in context

Just stop buying Chinese stuff if you want to punish China

Us giving them money just fed the dragon

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Posted in: Saizeriya president calls requests not to eat out for lunch ‘nonsense’ See in context

If you don't want the coronavirus just lock yourself in the house and wait until 2025 or something. The rest of us will get on with life, it's not your right to lock us in too

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Posted in: Bumpy road ahead for global COVID-19 vaccine rollout, experts say See in context

I might take it in ten years after everyone who for some reason trusts Big Pharma has taken it. I mean, this exact same process isn't unprecedented:





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Posted in: AI chatbot introduced to tackle alarming rise in coronavirus-related suicides See in context

More people died in Tokyo from media fear-mongering and lockdown-induced economic suicide than from the virus itself.


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Posted in: Hiroshima to conduct PCR tests for 800,000 to battle COVID-19 See in context

I hope they weed out false positives and use a CT value of 25 or something because otherwise it'll probably cause unnecessary panic

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Posted in: Xi asks Starbucks to help promote U.S.-China cooperation See in context

Starbucks should denounce the Uyguy genocide instead

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Posted in: Comparison between Capitol siege, BLM protests denounced See in context

The amount of property destruction and violence carried out by 'the left' has been incomparable to 'the right' though. One MAGA march where the police actually let people in and didn't really smash that much up versus a whole summer of destruction? Come on, here's the audio of BLM commentary dubbed over the top: https://youtu.be/0MzpZsd7zuc

Now here's what DC looked like when BLM were actually there: https://youtu.be/qkew_ngvps0

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Posted in: Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez to perform at Biden inauguration See in context

with security stepped up in Washington against threats by extremist supporters of outgoing President Donald Trump

Given the imbalance in violence between BLM/antifa and The Proud Boys, I bet there will be less violence than at the 2017 inauguration (which, like the riots in summer, seems to have to been forgotten about): https://youtu.be/SCu2gxVZ4E8

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Posted in: Kono calls U.S. Capitol riot shocking; yearns for 'good old days' See in context

To be fair American politics used to be much less partisan. It would be good to return to those times so stuff can get done. The Democrats also need to stop calling for violence like this: https://youtu.be/gKFrhb_njcc

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Posted in: Japan's 2nd state of emergency met with public indifference See in context

This is what happens when you get massively exaggerated fear-mongering that doesn't reflect reality: people see the huge discrepancy between how scary it's supposed to be and how weak it actually is then go about their business with the reality in mind.

The people on here might call them 'covidiots' and whatever but have you ever thought it's actually you who's the one that doesn't get it?

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Posted in: Head of medical body says nationwide state of emergency an option See in context

the country's cumulative confirmed infections topped 300,000 the same day

Irresponsible scare mongering to not also give the figure for people who have recovered, which I calculate to be 295,711 (cases minus deaths).

So, about 99% of confirmed cases do not result in death. Also, if the people on here who are adamant that the virus is sweeping across the country like a tsunami but it's not being tested for are correct, then it's probably something like a 99.9% survival rate.

A virus so deadly you don't even know you have it and recover from 99% of the time

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Posted in: Chinese city tests millions amid fresh virusoutbreak See in context

Obviously their lockdowns worked so well

Even after literally welding people in their houses until they died as well

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Posted in: Japan to expand virus state of emergency beyond Tokyo as cases top 300,000 See in context

Japan likes to boast it is a rich country, but this could result in 50% of the working population living in poverty

Such a weird thing to say when lockdowns cause more poverty, eg: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/09/16/yelp-data-shows-60percent-of-business-closures-due-to-the-coronavirus-pandemic-are-now-permanent.html

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,433 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 5,871 See in context

People are complaining about the low number of tests but there aren't bodies in the street, are there? The number of serious cases even went down...

Let's hope the strategy keeps the economy afloat as well as people out of the hospital

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Posted in: Domestic violence cases in Japan hit record high in FY2020 See in context

These figures are for the time before Corona virus.They are from 2019 to March last year so we cannot blame the situation ob working from home.

I fear it's going to be even worse now in reality then, just like suicides have killed more people than the coronavirus: https://edition.cnn.com/2020/11/28/asia/japan-suicide-women-covid-dst-intl-hnk/index.html

Of course, everyone thinks really hard about that when they scream for lockdowns

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Posted in: Gov't to support suppliers of eateries hit by virus emergency See in context

They're not really being hit by the virus though, are they? It's the state of emergencies and orders to stay inside that are encouraging people to stay inside. You can't beg for everyone to be shut inside then complain about the effects.

I recommend reading into what you advocate for: https://ccpgloballockdownfraud.medium.com/the-chinese-communist-partys-global-lockdown-fraud-88e1a7286c2b

Prominent Lockdown Supporters Have Proven Unusually Indifferent to the Devastating Consequences of Their Policies

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Posted in: Travel body calls vaccine requirement by airlines discriminatory See in context

What I don't get is why are so many people concerned about other people getting the vaccine because once you've had it yourself there should be no risk to you?

Strange logic

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Posted in: Australia records handful of new coronavirus cases as national frictions grow See in context

"We've had COVID deaths in this nation but we are going to have more deaths from mental health, from people being locked away in isolation,"

Every country needs to go publish a cost/benefit analysis because people seem to forget there are other problems in the world. Lockdowns cause poverty, suicide, starvation, domestic abuse to increase amongst other things but for some reason they're left out of the conversation

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Posted in: Japanese firms take e-commerce livestream plunge as Chinese splash out See in context

Sounds nice but we seriously need to keep China at arms' length

They're going to go on a buying spree now everyone else is desperate for cash and we have to resist selling out or we'll lose our souls to them if we're not careful

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Posted in: Japan's current account surplus rises 29% in Nov; up for 3rd straight month See in context

This is good news, at least there's money coming in

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Posted in: Gov't to expand state of emergency to cover Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo See in context

Does an SOE mean that businesses that show lower than usual sales can now get paid by the government for lost income? Is that why prefectures want an official SEO instead of the usual?

Yes, this is why I assume. The governor of Osaka actually ruled out being included only last week and I don't see why Kobe and Kyoto also need to be included. Case numbers in Osaka have been on a downward trend for months now too

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Posted in: Disinfecting during pandemic puts asthmatics at risk See in context

Another subject overlooked

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Posted in: Do you find it troubling that Big Tech can silence a U.S. president, or anyone, for that matter? See in context

In this case, yes because the rules were so unequally applied. The Grand Ayatollah can call the destruction of Israel, no problem at all

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Posted in: There are many students undergoing hardships both physically and mentally, such as freshmen, who have difficulties connecting with other people, and international students, who typically work part-time jobs for many hours. See in context

Don't worry, these people don't matter to those who support lockdowns.

Nothing else matters, in fact. The number of cases is like their stock market, detached from reality but all their is to life

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,219 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 4,876 See in context

I am with Hubert on this. I find it very weird how people just seem to forget about literally everything else as if it didn't exist.

Latest study I've seen showing on the whole they do far more damage than good: https://twitter.com/andrewbostom/status/1348271129887191041

It's actually very weird talking to people who are pro-lockdown, like they are hypnotised by fear induced by media hysteria and can't think about anything else

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Posted in: Most COVID-19 patients have at least one symptom 6 months on: study See in context

Um, a percentage of those hospitalized is the key phrase! Most are not hospitalized, and many that are die, so what stat number game is the media playing once again?

Exactly. This is the problem I have with the media allowing 'cases' to be confused with covid-19 - most people wouldn't know that they are related but not the same thing

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Posted in: Universal basic income proposal by Suga adviser may be hard sell in Japan See in context

I used to be in favour of this, but after witnessing such poor performance by staff at Japanese corporations, I think it might actually be a very bad idea. Maybe it'd be good during a war or something, but having everyone dependent on the government does not seem like a good idea

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Posted in: Apple, Amazon suspend Parler social network from App Store and web hosting service See in context

The weird thing is Twitter is what people accuse Parler of, but for left-wing types. In fact, Parler just applies its rules more equally, which is why it's seen as 'soft' on the right when in fact it's just as soft on the left, whereas Twitter only censors the right.

This has led to the ludicrous state of affairs where on Twitter it is perfectly acceptable to post "I want to kill TERFs" but not "Sex is real", antifa can organise assaults on government buildings, paedophiles are free to announce their desires, and, bizarrely, the Chinese Communist Party can extol the virtues of its genocidal campaign against the Uygurs (https://menafn.com/1101411593/Twitter-finally-deletes-Chinas-nasty-tweet-on-Uyghur-women). Also, it permits all sorts of other things, like the Grand Ayatollah of Iran has an account to call for the destruction of Israel even though ordinary Iranians are banned. Considering all this, banning the President of the United States has very sinister implications in this context.

And somehow only Parler is criticised, extraordinary

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Posted in: Signal, Telegram see demand spike as new WhatsApp terms stir debate See in context

I'd get off Whatsapp asap because Facebook will eat your phone from the inside if it can

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