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Posted in: 5 Japanese evacuees from Wuhan taken to hospital; 2 have pneumonia See in context

They were all sat on the same plane as the people without fevers... so far! This could get very serious, very quickly

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Posted in: Japan confirms 1st domestic case of coronavirus infection See in context

Yes but the broader chances of dying once you've caught the flu are like 1 in 800 but the chances of dying once you've caught the Wuhan Coronavirus are around 1 in 25. It's a much more deadly disease once you have it. That's the point.

Where'd you get those figures? With the official death rate at 100 but there being thousands and thousands of cases there's a fatality rate of 3%, but that's probably an overestimate given that plenty of people might have the virus but not now (it doesn't cause serious problems for everyone).

I'm not saying it's safe and precautions should be taken but don't throw silly figures around like that without evidence! Here's my source: https://amp.theguardian.com/science/2020/jan/27/what-is-coronavirus-symptoms-sars-china-wuhan?CMP=twt_gu&utm_medium=&utm_source=Twitter&__twitter_impression=true

@mods I think it might be a good idea to update your policy to make people show evidence for claims to stop the spread of fake news

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Posted in: Japan's top business lobby calls for review of uniform base pay rise system See in context

I can't properly get behind performance based increases in Japan. The reason being is that will it actually align with production or will it be just another way to force overtime on employees. I can easily picture a scenario where the person that put in the most hours receives the highest pay increase even if that person was not the most productive.

I didn't think about it but this could easily end up the norm if attitudes don't change. However, through my business English classes I have met a lot of people on performance-based evaluations who are actually evaluated on their productivity so there's hope! I also heard Fuji-Xerox banned overtime without approval too to get people to do their jobs within the alloted time frame.

The bigger companies are more interested in saving money and getting a good ROI but it's probably the family-owned SMEs that are more of a concern if their owners want to do things 'their way' rather than anything based on evidence

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Posted in: Japan drops to 3rd place in U.S. News 2020 Best Countries rankings See in context

It's not 3rd place for women, that's for sure

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Posted in: Japan to send chartered flight to Wuhan to bring back its nationals See in context

My conference in Seoul got cancelled because the government there raised the threat level from yellow to orange and Chinese and American institutions told their staff not to go apparently. This is turning into a right mess, I hope the J government is prepared

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Posted in: Tokyo prepares foreigners for potential disasters See in context

You'll need more than English, try adding Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, French at least...

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Posted in: Beer, wine, spirit makers pledge age-restriction labels on drinks See in context

The difference it will make?


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Posted in: Prince Andrew called uncooperative in Jeffrey Epstein probe See in context

I'd quite happily swap him for Anne Sacoolas, he's an awful person anyway

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Posted in: Russia expels Japanese man accused of gathering secret data See in context

Is Japan trying to go back in its word after it signed an internationally recognized treaty?

Yes, they haven't heard of irony it seems

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Posted in: China's outbound group travel ban a blow to Japan's retail, tourism sectors See in context

Some years ago I stated Japan needs to focus more on rebuilding its economy domestically instead of relying on foreign investment and tourism. This travel ban will drastic effects in so many regions of Japan because they cannot survive without the Chinese tourists. This outbreak will no doubt also effect the Olympic visitors as well.

I frequently pass through the Hankyu department store mentioned in the article and I wondered why it's been so quiet recently... it will be a massive loss for a lot of companies that rely on tourists but to be honest Japan shouldn't be relying on them as it's such a fickle industry.

After every natural disaster people stay away, cancelling what they've booked and it makes people think twice about even planning a trip. If the virus spreads in Japan even more it will put off tourists from other countries... just think that woman got sent back to her hotel! I wouldn't want to stay there

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Posted in: Japan to repatriate citizens from virus-hit Wuhan in chartered plane See in context

Well, lets see - the last patient identified in Japan was told to go back to her hotel and just stay there.

That is honestly one of the most ridiculous things I've read in my entire life, someone else suggested it was because the hospital wouldn't take them on as a patient as they didn't have health insurance!

Think how many people may have been infected now because of that...

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Posted in: Japanese Red Cross renews partnership with busty-heroine manga series for new blood drive See in context

Hey, if it works, it works...

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Posted in: Virus death toll in China rises as U.S. prepares evacuation See in context

It looks like the number of dead doubled overnight, and the number of cases is either growing exponentially or they're being recognised at a faster rate... neither case is good because the second possibly means the first was missed.

I've got to present at a conference in South Korea in about 2 weeks and this is going to have got even worse by then, I'm not looking forward to it now

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Posted in: Japan keen to attract U.S. tourists ahead of Tokyo Olympics See in context

Considering America's evacuating from China I doubt many more are going to come to Japan unless Chinese tourists are stopped from entering. I doubt that's going to happen though because the Chinese outspend the Yanks, priorities

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Posted in: Survey says more than 70% of Japanese people think gender inequality exists in Japan See in context

I want people to ask if and how it should be changed. All the researchers asking these surveys infer that people actually care about it and by extension want it to change.

However, lots of my female university students and those of the other teachers (1/3 on average) openly state they don't want to work and want to get married, have kids etc with a man doing the earning. I have asked if they would like to work and a lot of the time they say they just don't want to work. Not that the pay is bad or they'll be treated unfairly, they just want to stay at home because it looks nicer to them. When I went to Hong Kong a fair few women told me they actually thought Japanese women were lazy and were shocked at how many weren't interested in contributing financially. It's interesting to hear women's perspectives on it and they are more varied than you would think given how this is reported in the media.

Like with a lot of white women voting for trump, I think a lot of Japanese women wouldn't want the status quo to be changed to be honest. If conditions were favourable they might be expected to work even if they didn't want to and this was actually shown in a survey where more men than women wanted the wife of a married to work! Also, note that men are never asked if they'd like to stay at home with the kids https://japantoday.com/category/national/1-in-3-japanese-women-want-to-be-housewives-poll

If we extrapolate from that survey, it could well be that there are actually more men than women in total who are in favour of gender equality...

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Posted in: Chinatown patrol See in context

Why bother? It just looks like they're putting on a show, "Look, we're not scared of a measly virus enough not to remind you of the state's power!"

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Posted in: 'Hostage justice?' Japan fights back with an internet FAQ See in context

I can't believe they actually acknowledged that suspects get interrogated without a lawyer present, especially for such a BS reason too...

Keep on embarrassing yourselves!

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Posted in: Japan confirms 2nd new coronavirus infection See in context

Funny how everyone is banging on about masks when the CDC says nothing about them but does says this:

wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds

avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands

avoid close contact with people who are sick

Read to check if you actually care about not getting sick


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Posted in: Man on trial for killing 19 disabled people contradicts defense claim he is not mentally competent See in context

I wonder who came up with the 'reefer madness' defence, his lawyer? Even the defendant thought it was stupid, wow...

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Posted in: Coronavirus spotlights Japan contagion risks as Olympics loom See in context

Another reason to stay inside during the Olympics

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Posted in: French investigators to move ahead with Ghosn prosecution over palace party See in context

To be fair, I trust the French system more

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Posted in: Japan should ban confiscation of foreign employees' passports, lawyer says See in context

Japanese people in general have a rather lax attitude towards visible minorities' personal information and documentation... hotels need to stop copying passports (even the Canadian government warns against letting it happen) for one. Even the other day a subcontractor for my university emailed all the direct hire staff asking for copies of their visas with no instructions about how to protect the information, they were expecting people to just casually send them scans when it should have gone directly to the university

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Posted in: Mayor of town hosting nuclear plant admits receiving ¥1 mil from construction firm See in context

Japanese politicians are cheap

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Posted in: Japanese prosecutors hit back at Ghosn's '8 hours of questions' claim See in context

It's a massive face palm how the Justice ministry think they can get away with a dumb linguistic sleight of hand. Think of the endless meetings they must have sat through to come up with that because they don't have anything better to 'fire back' with...

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Posted in: Downtown Tokyo's homeless fear removal ahead of Olympics See in context

Yeah people sleeping rough aren't as common as in America but that makes it easier for the government to do something about it and it's a shame they're not really doing anything other than just try and cover it up (under 'international pressure') as well. Typical J management attitude, just sweep it under the rug.

The same happened in Osaka and homeless people were just given blue tents to move out of the downtown areas. Homelessness is a huge problem in the Nishinari area and people occasionally protest (they locked themselves into the day labour centre last time https://youtu.be/acaCLGK97o8)

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Posted in: Shop fearing Wuhan virus bans Chinese visitors in Hakone See in context

Is this discrimination based on national origin legal in Japan still?

As the article noted, it said 中国人种 which means ethnically Chinese, not just PRC nationals. So even Chinese people born in Japan would be turned away in theory. It's also legal as far as I'm aware?

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Posted in: Japan has trade deficit for 2nd straight year See in context

I wonder how Japan can pull itself out of this

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Posted in: Japanese maker pushes umami overhaul for much-maligned MSG See in context

Regardless of whether it's safe or not, if you need MSG in it it's probably not worth eating. Anything with it on the label screams WASTE OF MONEY to me

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Posted in: The surprising truth about cheating on one's partner in Japan See in context

Again more evidence that relationships in Japan are more about mutual services than love. Women say they don't care as long as they don't know, by which they mean the money keeps coming in. I'm sure the guy won't notice either as long as he gets clean clothes and a hot dinner

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Posted in: Ghosn's aide Kelly stands high chance of acquittal: ex-prosecutor See in context


With the exception of Ghosn and Kelly, the audit committee is not planning to treat individuals benefiting from improper handling of compensation from share appreciation rights as responsible for misconduct. There is no reason to believe that any of these individuals were complicit in misconduct, since they were unaware of the improper methods used by Kelly and others to increase their compensation and they did not at any point direct or request that such methods be used.

What a whitewash, they just magically happened to not notice a load of extra money turning up in their bank accounts and neither did the accountants notice it going out, the people supposed to be checking

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