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Posted in: Japan's big mobile carriers say roaming needed during network outages See in context

My Docomo phone signal just cuts out when I try to make a call even though it said full signal just a second before and I have no idea why...

Anyone else have this problem?

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Posted in: Conspiracy theories are dangerous even if very few people believe them See in context

Anti-vaccination content, whether about vaccines in general or specifically about the COVID-19 vaccines, often takes the form of pictures and videos purporting to illustrate disturbing side effects of vaccines.

Who needs social media when you have academic journals?









How many more do you want? 'Conspiracy theory' researchers are often the most arrogant and ignorant people around yet somehow think they are Judges of Reason...

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Posted in: Riken researchers develop rechargeable cyborg cockroach See in context

This is disgusting

This needs to stop, the slippery slope isn't a fallacy

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Posted in: GOP's hard-line tactics on migrants refocus midterm debate See in context

Martha's Vineyard residents calling in the National Guard and getting rid of them in less than two days says all you need to know about how much those people really care about illegal immigrants.

States shouldn't be forced to accept random people turning up. Anyone who says otherwise should volunteer their own home to house them first...

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Posted in: 'Anko' red bean paste the new chic way to stay in shape See in context

Bodybuilders in the United States regularly eat anko these days, he said.

I would love to see evidence of this because it sounds absolutely preposterous. Also, it could just mean two people haha

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Posted in: Looking at the global environment, Japan is lagging in attracting high-skilled and knowledgeable foreign human resources. See in context

How about making sure Japanese men get better salaries to improve the birth rate?

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Posted in: Central banks worldwide tighten policies to cool inflation See in context

Stagflation incoming...

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Posted in: Japan intervenes in currency market buying yen for dollars for first time since 1998 See in context

Down to 140 yen to the dollar

I like this site because it does ten years of history


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Posted in: U.S. becoming a 'developing country' on global rankings that measure democracy, inequality See in context

Those places that had problems with their water sure did seem to be run like a developing country

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Posted in: Global Fund seeks $18 billion to end HIV, TB and malaria See in context

The War On Viruses

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Posted in: U.S. bank CEOs warn of 'daunting' challenges from inflation See in context

They're all insolvent, none of them have the assets they should to cover the debt they hold and they're just waiting like pigs at a trough for a bail in (look that up if you don't know what it means)...

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Posted in: Japan weighs plan for ban on hotel guests without masks: report See in context

The hysteria continues, I see

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Posted in: Hitachi develops touchless operating panel for elevators See in context

Does this work with gloves on? One building I work in has electrostatic buttons but you need bare skin for them to work

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Posted in: The Japanese government plans to launch a nationwide travel discount program in October to support the hotel, restaurant and transportation industries hard hit by the pandemic. Do you think this is a good idea? See in context

Spend now, pay later with interest.

It would be better if they just stopped trying to make everyone panic over the flu.

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Posted in: New UNICEF ambassador seeks to give louder voice to climate change victims See in context

Climate change 'victims' now, what on earth are they talking about?

You know what that means though... someone (or a group of people) will be accused of a 'crime'.

This is beyond silly

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Posted in: How the strong U.S. dollar can affect everyone See in context

This looks like a melt up

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Posted in: Buddhist metaverse in development at Kyoto University, includes AI Buddha See in context

I don't see the point of the Metaverse at all to be honest

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Posted in: Donor beware: Pause before you give to any cause See in context

'Charity' often just seems a ruse for fraud... what happened to the $90mln that Black Lives Matter got in 2020 alone?


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Posted in: As 'buy now, pay later' plans grow in U.S., so do delinquencies See in context

The coming financial crisis will make 2007 look like a hiccup...

Buy tangible assets and keep all your cash out of the bank

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Posted in: 60% of people with foreign roots questioned by Japanese police: survey See in context

I've been stopped multiple times on the street and they just ask for ID and a few other questions relating to my residency status, nothing particularly intrusive in that regard. For some reason they occasionally visit the building I lived in to ask people to register with the police station but I realised you could just not open the door and they'd go away without a problem. Weird thing is I moved into the building next door and they never come? Don't know how that works.

At least Japan has a visible police presence that deters criminals. The UK has foreign rape gangs that proliferate in an environment where they're ignored. i much prefer it the way it is here to be honest

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Posted in: The way people spend their time at hotels has changed amid COVID-19, and more guests are enjoying time spent in the hotel itself. See in context

I've talked to Japanese people who just randomly spend a night in a hotel in their own prefecture merely a train line or two away.

I don't see the attraction personally

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Posted in: U.N. warns up to 345 million people facing starvation See in context

Are we doomed to pay for other countries woes ?

There will be a time when on Earth limit will be attained ?

Where there is no local food naturaly, there should be no more people.

War is no good but shall not cover that objective assertion.

After decades of throwing money and food in their direction people should be questioning what good has come of it

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Posted in: TikTok search results riddled with misinformation: Report See in context

Searches for information about “mRNA vaccine," for instance, yielded five videos (out of the first 10) that contained misinformation, including baseless claims that the COVID-19 vaccine causes “permanent damage in children's critical organs.”

What, like their heart? How could they have come to this conclusion I wonder when The Science says things like this:

risk of myocarditis was highest among young males (aged 16-24 years) after the second dose


Rates of hospitalization were high with 84% of all myocarditis reports associated with hospitalization in the 0-19 age


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Posted in: Singer R. Kelly convicted of child porn, enticing girls for sex See in context

Weird how many people there are like this at the top of society

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Posted in: Bill Gates: Technological innovation would help solve hunger See in context

You'd think this cause was a bottomless pit for the amount of money poured in it

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Posted in: Long COVID's link to suicide: Scientists warn of hidden crisis See in context

Long COVID is a complex medical condition that can be hard to diagnose as it has a range of more than 200 symptoms - some of which can resemble other illnesses - from exhaustion and cognitive impairment to pain, fever and heart palpitations, according to the World Health Organization.

So nobody knows what it really is then or even if it really exists

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Posted in: Seeking right tone, new British PM Truss had to quickly change gear for queen See in context

Zoom in on the Queen's hand and you can see something that looks like a big bruise - obviously wasn't in the best condition even then

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Posted in: Vietnamese man fatally stabbed in Kawasaki See in context

The Vietnamese etc do have a few clashes,but at least they keep it amoung themselves.

For now...

I hope the perpetrator is found anyway.

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Posted in: When tragedy becomes banal: Why news consumers experience crisis fatigue See in context

In the not so distant past people would not be exposed to this level of sensationalism on a daily, nay hourly basis with smartphones.

It is not natural for everyone to be so concerned with issues so far removed from their own lives, and to what end? There is little the average person can do and the opportunities to discern fact from fiction are limited (cough cough 'Ghost of Kyiv' cough) so there is not much point giving it much heed...

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