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Posted in: Huge Japan pension fund sees worst loss since financial crisis See in context

If you're a foreigner the best thing to do is when you leave Japan use the lump-sum payment and get as much back as you can.

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Posted in: Diet member wants Japan to get with it on tattooing See in context

I'm not 100% sure but I've heard South Korea also requires artists to have a doctors licence, so that would make Japan not the only country in the world. From what I heard tattoo parlours don't exist much in Korea. I guess they enforce that law more than they do in Japan because there are a lot of tattoo studios in Japan.

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Posted in: Ariana Grande abruptly cancels Japan tour See in context

I always thought Ariana would be a beautiful name if our child was a daughter (turned out to be both boys), until I heard of this twat and the name's image was ruined. Just as well I didn't name my sons Beiber and Kayne.

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Posted in: Google may return to China with Android app shop: report See in context

I hope so

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Posted in: Woman's body found in Kanagawa bay See in context

What a waste of a (his) life. RIP to the dead woman and serve up whatever punishment if found guilty but as a father/husband I can't imagine how on earth you would do that to your own family.

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Posted in: Son demotes dad in battle for control of S. Korean conglomerate Lotte See in context

It's a shame that running these zaibatsu can turn their founding family members against each other. I guess there'll always be power struggles like this in so many different scenarios. When you're 60 and your dad 92, enjoy the fact that you're richer than you'll ever need to be and cheerish your family before they depart from this world (and head to the next one: Lotte World :)

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Posted in: U.S. woman sets out from Japan on 9,600-km Pacific crossing by rowboat See in context

I wish her all the best! Good luck!

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Posted in: Risa Yoshiki is back to yell at us, help us become better workers See in context

Eveyrthing she says just comes across as cute

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Posted in: Michelin-star sushi restaurant in Tokyo defends foreigner rules See in context

Someone should start on of those online petitions to encourage the governing body to revoke their stars.

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Posted in: New Zealand police probe threat to poison baby formula See in context

1080 has been an issue in my country for a long time but it's pathetically low that somebody would threaten young children in such a manner. I hope they catch this scum bag asap

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Posted in: Parents arrested for forcing children to shoplift See in context

Unbelievable that they then try to pass the blame on to their own children even when present with video evidence.

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Posted in: Man hit and killed by train at Nakano Station in Tokyo See in context

I used to live in Nakano and once saw a jumper there. A young 20 year old girl. Her limbs were torn right off and spread along the tracks. Not a pretty sight at all.

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Posted in: 13th-floor apartment See in context

These weekly occurrences really make me want to re-think living on the 17th floor with young boys

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Posted in: Woman arrested for attempted murder after strangling 2-year-old son See in context

These incidents don't deserve being treated as mental illness. They're just cold blooded evil murderers and should get the appropriate punishment. Such crimes against children is unforgivable and no second chances should be allowed.

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Posted in: Mother holding 1-year-old baby jumps in front of train in Tokyo See in context

If I had the money I'd like to take out a full page ad in the major Japanese newspapers and magazines saying something to the effect that there's nothing more selfish than a parent who kills themselves and their child for whatever reason. Whether or not they'd let me publish such an ad is a different story but somehow people need to change their mindset. It just seems to be happening so much recently and it's so heart wrenching. Thank god the child survived, as well as that 11 year old boy who was stabbed the other day by his mum.

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Posted in: Pop idols’ management demands Y8 million in damages after two members caught dating fans See in context

Is it just me or does the Japanese on the photo make me think they're a bunch of stoners?

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Posted in: 21-yr-old mother, friend arrested for starving baby son to death See in context

I'm getting depressed more and more each week when I see this kind of news. I'm sitting here trying to think, I was 21 once, I'm a 32 year old father now. At 21 there are lots of irresponsible people (I was one but I knew what having a kid meant at least), but just what kind of mindset does one at that age have to leave a 5 month baby alone for several (insert sad expletive here) days? It makes me want to cry. Do they consciously think "I've had enough, I just can't take it anymore so instead of dealing with the situation I'll just leave them for a few days to let the problem sort itself out?" or is it more cold-blooded and they just want their own child to die without getting their hands dirty so to speak. I know the only one who knows the answer is the mother. God I feel like that title shouldn't be used for someone so evil. End of sad depressing rant.

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Posted in: ANA pulls TV ad after online furor See in context

get over it already, any foreigner who has a problem with this has bigger problems they should worry about that (says me, a big nosed blonde white guy who doesn't take any offense)

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Posted in: Japan considers tax on digital music, books bought online from abroad See in context

Good luck in trying to implement / enforce that.

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Posted in: Winner See in context

Not quite true @gogogo, there's a gym down in Fukuoka that accepts tatoos. Myself, along with lots of other Japanese and foreigner patrons, were fully covered in wabori and never had problems. No doubt there's other gyms like that too around the country.

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