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Sometimes the message is the medium. I think Sasoriza is very warm in her thinking.

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I'm also interested. Welcome aboard, Mike!

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If you suspect hypoacidity might be an issue for you, there are some basic non-prescription things you can do: avoid drinking liquids with your food - it dilutes stomach acid. If this is a bad thing for you, your stomach will probably feel 'heavy' after a large drink. Also, burping may follow. Some people take a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a small amount of water just before eating. This may stimulate stomach acid production. I tried this, with little effect, though. What worked for me was supplementing with Glutamic Acid HCL.

'Glutamic Acid, or glutamate, is an amino acid that occurs naturally in the body. Generally recognized for its power as a neurotransmitter, glutamic acid is a hydrochloride (HCL) and often used to flavor food or as a supplement to promote digestion.'

The product I used contained mainly glutamic acid HCI, but also pepsin, bromelain, betaine HCI. In my case, taking the normal dose (3 pills with each meal) completely stopped by heartburn issue before I had finished the 180 tablets, and it was cheap. Some time later I damaged by digestion with poor food and alcohol and the heartburn resumed. I was able to stop it immediately with the same tablets. Years later and it never came back.

Anyhow, sorry for the flood, but I think it's worth sharing the info after I suffered for so long to learn it. I have also successfully helped a few friends with the exact same issues. It's pretty common. Hope this helps someone :)

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I'm not an MD like the author of this article, but I'll add my two cents to the GERD/heartburn topic. I suffered with this terribly for a while some years ago, and did my own research on it.

My heartburn was very intense, with stomach acid rising into my throat at time, doubling me over. My doctor's solution was to suppress the stomach acid with medication. However, it turned out my issue was actually caused by insufficient stomach acid production. This leads to food staying in the stomach for far too long, leading to irritation and reflux.

Hints that this might apply can be burping excessively after a meal, constipation, gas, irritable stomach, and gluten intolerance. You stomach needs to maintain a good pH to protect against bacterial infections. If hypoacidity is your problem and you keep treating it with antacids, you will exacerbate the problem and create a gateway to infections such as Helicobacter Pylori - which has a direct correlation to the creation of ulcers. The HP bacteria thrive in a low-acid environment, and once they are in place antibiotics may be required to eliminate them.

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The nutcase also questioned this in his manifesto: The interesting question is, why are not Japanese and South Koreans demonized as the Nazis and fascists?

Foxie, I think those terms are mainly used for caucasians, conservatives, Israel and its supporters. Perhaps Japan and South Korea will get some heat after the West toes the party line.

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actually you know it is control and power freaks who kill their fellow humans. some of them are on the right. But 100 million were killed in the last century by communists / socialists, like the National socialists in Germany , the maoists in red China and the Stalinists in Soviet Russia.

I appreciate you pointing this out. More than a few readers are apt to glaze over the 100+ million who have been killed under the left-wing banner in their seemingly gleeful rush to denounce right-wingers, such as myself, tarring us as violent, ignorant racists.

Kill 100 people for an ideal and you're an insane madman. Kill 100 million people for an ideal and you're the leader of a Glorious Revolution.

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The solution is pretty simple really. Replace Shimizu with one of the many iron willed know-it-all posters from this board. They will be down there in a pair of cover-alls with their balls out and have everything fixed in short order. After that they will go on T.V., look everyone in the eye and give them the straight dope. Next order of business will be scrapping all reactors, working or not, and just shrug off the multi-billion yen loss, because that is how real men do it.

Hands-down, the best response to the JT peanut gallery I've read since this debacle started.

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I've watched worse.

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Sarge, they had more honor than those who fly predator drones by remote control or those who drop bombs from aircraft knowing no one can touch them. I do not approve of these guys either, but at least they knew they might die when they started it. As for killing more than their targets, I would say they are about on par.

I think I need a definition of what "honour" means, as this seems like pretty medieval/fundamentalist thinking.

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What an attitude to the parents of this girl. I commend them for making this decision to help others.

“If there was something to be said, she would say it,” he said. “I liked the fact that she would help the kids that were being bullied, that she’d step up on the bus and say, ‘Hey you can sit with me.’”

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Posted in: The ideology of Mishima still appeals to many people after 40 years. Japan still hasn't achieved real independence, is still caught in a legacy of wartime. See in context

It's been about twenty years since I read Mishima, and I am thinking it's time to pick his books up again from and older and hopefully wiser perspective. I have to wonder how he is received by younger Japanese today.

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Steve Tyler... I hope that's not indicative of the rest of the film's direction. Aside from that, I am hoping for the best as someone old enough to remember the original on TV.

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This might also come as a shock, but fellow riders DON'T want to know; 1. what you just had for lunch 2. what you plan to have for dinner 3. that you think you are getting fat 4. How darn-tootin' busy work is lately 5. your latest tattoo is infected 6. your best bosum-buddy just broke up with her boyfriend, and 7.you met a totally hot guy at Gaspanic last night.

I am sure I have been subjected to that conversation. Over and over. I imagine such people cannot imagine that they are not endlessly fascinating to the rest of us, or that their phones have volume controls, which is why they feel compelled to project such gems as if they were speaking at a political rally.

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AND of course, all of the peaceful Christians have banded together to stop the non-peaceful Christians...ditto Jews, ditto Humanists, etc.

Yes, and they collectively called it "civilization". It's a work in progress.

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Oh, it's no world for an old man any longer. What sort of a world is it at all? Men on the moon, and men spinning around the earth, and there's not no attention paid to earthly law and order no more.

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This reminds me of an amazing family photograph in my family's "Walk of Shame" hallway, in which every single member of the family has amazingly, uniquely horrible hair. Re: Yakusho "...a Japanese Jackie Chan on weight major loss program." He's not fat, he's just fluffy.

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It wasn't even "Drunk and Disorderly". He was drunk, he fell, the end. It's sad that someone died, but what if the guy wasn't drunk, what would they charge him with? Being clumsy? If thats the case I see about 5 people breaking the law every morning on the subway. If he's charged, it would open up the floodgates for people being arrested/sued for being drunk. Oh, and this has nothing to do with drinking and driving, comparing them is just silly.

My sentiments, exactly. Well said MrDog and Frungy.

I am far less concerned about a drunk falling down (I always watch where I stand near train lines, no matter which country I am in, lest I am bumped for any reason) than I fear living in a society of people who are slow to reason and quick to condemn their fellow man to a life in prison based on a scant few lines. Oh, the self-righteous outrage of the teetotaler. If this is the best thinking sobriety has to offer, I'll take a country of alcoholics.

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There need not have been any informant or loose lips on the grower's part. A grow-op here in Canada is almost always in a house, or a secluded building. They are busted by several things: a strong smell noticed by neighbours, a heat signature noticed from the air, a huge draw on the local power grid, and there is an excessive amount of moisture, so damage to the premises via water and mold is likely. Blinds are also usually closed all the time to hide it. In an apartment, I can't imagine how he could have kept it hidden. You could smell it anywhere on that floor, surely - and elsewhere via open windows.

Perhaps we could host some of these young entrepreneurs in Canada, for training purposes. Safety first!

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The title carries a disappointing lack of originality :-(

That's not the title.

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she doesn't do humanitarianism. She does business.

Well put.

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When people turn to science for answers, they get a lot equivocation.

Scientists, not science.

I think thepro said it best:

Not too hard a decision. Fly, and you might die. Don't fly and you will be alive.

Perhaps this science could come up with an accurate formula for determining at what point personal convenience becomes more important than a very high probability in arriving alive at one's destination, or the collateral damage a jet-powered aircraft causes upon crashing. As a friend said, "If it's so important, pay the ten grand for a helicopter flight."

It seems we already have a fair appreciation of the science involved, we just don't like the answers. I sure wouldn't want people testing the theory in airspace over my home.

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To properly remove the "bad" substances from instant noodles is fairly simple: after cooking the noodles, drain the stock down the sink, then carefully dump the noodles into the rubbish bin. Recycle to container if applicable.

Otherwise, just admit it's a food substitute to enjoy on rare occasions. It's not just the additives: refined flour products are always unhealthy; think sugars, diabetes, fat. I know, I know: I've eaten my share, too. I like to add fresh greens and an egg.

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Excuse me, but do either of you wonderful ladies happen to have the time...?

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have no idea if the character is supposed to look like that, but I get a kick out of the one in pink. Great smile!

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