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Why shave your head to renounce the world when you are just going to put on make-up? Only be a monk if you are serious about it, otherwise don't bother and do stop pretending.

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Posted in: 2 women in their 80s hit and killed by car; driver arrested See in context

@zurcronium - we don't need driverless cars. We need humans who drive responsibly.

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Posted in: Woman killed after her car crashes into truck during police chase See in context

@AustPaul- It is not the job of the police to follow someone if they just flee for no apparent reason. You can move away from anyone who makes you uncomfortable. If the police want to assume you are moving away from them because you may be hiding something, that's their problem, not yours. That's probably why "nature" was chosen instead of "job". It's their job to follow someone to arrest them. If you are standing on the sidewalk and the police approach you, you can walk away. If they follow you, that's harassment. You don't have to talk to them. If they ask for your ID, show them in silence. In Japan you have to show your ID. You do not have to say a word or stay with them unless they are arresting you. 'Arrest" means "to stop", in case you've forgotten. Now if the woman, in the article, broke the law while fleeing, then the police can pursue her as it is their job.

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