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Posted in: One in three Australian parliament staff sexually harassed: report See in context

Many couples first met one another in the workplace- it’s unavoidable when males and females are put together some percentage will become attracted to one another. The rules are that you must pretend that you are a strictly professional person that is not at all interested in others romantically. There are some clear cut and egregious cases of abuse. Most situations are likely mixed signals and a natural Darwinian pass becoming misconstrued for something inappropriate. As long as men and women work together the laws of nature say the problem will never go away.

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Posted in: The NRA could be winning its long game even as it appears to be in dire straits See in context

The NRA isn’t the Constitution regardless of what stand it takes on it. The Second Amendment to the US Constitution is a part of the Bill of Rights. The individual right to a gun for the purposes of self defense or for any other peaceful purpose is a civil right equal to the right of freedom of speech and the right to due process. It can not be interpreted away. If you are American and you oppose the Second Amendment, you should get to work to obtain the support to amend the Constitution to repeal it.. Otherwise you are wasting your time shaking your fist in anger.

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Posted in: Trial for U.S. actor Smollett accused of attack hoax begins See in context

The case got even weirder when Cook County prosecutors eventually dropped the initial 16 felony counts against him in March 2019.

There is a degree of systemic discrimination in many big cities that seeks to cover over the crimes of certain individuals based on their identity. That was definitely the case in this instance in the part of the authorities in Chicago. It was only after the Osundairo brothers spoke up that the cover up was abandoned as completely untenable.

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Posted in: Who is the real Ghislaine Maxwell: Epstein enabler or pawn? See in context

In the end I hope the prosecution can get the names of those men that were involved even if she ends up with a light sentence. She would have to be under witness protection for a few years until the trials of these rich and famous men are completed but it’s better than spending the rest of her life in prison.

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Posted in: Space law hasn't been changed since 1967 – but U.N. aims to update laws and keep space peaceful See in context

The UN’s laws on Earth haven’t done much to stop wars - how would their laws stop it outside the atmosphere?

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Posted in: 500 vigilantes gather in Mexico town, pledging to aid police See in context

Poor journalism. Calling these folks vigilantes is ridiculous. There is a huge amount of corruption in Mexico and the government is either unwilling or unable to protect the people. It’s crazy for journalists to insinuate that these people should be defenseless.

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Posted in: South Africa detects new COVID variant with many mutations See in context

More evidence, if any was needed, to get the world vaccinated to stop the variants developing.

I just got a booster a few days ago. However, a variant with a high number of mutations may not be covered by any of the current vaccines. We’ll have to wait and see.

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Posted in: U.S. invitation of Taiwan to democracy summit angers China See in context


And the fact you can't tell the difference between socialism (driven by the will of and well being of the people) and communism (authoritarianism driven to have the people serve the government in today's terms)

I don’t see much difference between the authoritarianism of the mob and of the strongman. It isn’t too hard to get people to vote away their freedom in exchange for comfort provided by others. What I don’t understand is the Left’s insistence on using the force of government to realize their socialist goals. They could easily create voluntary associations as has been done many times in the past. They insist on government force in order to coerce those recalcitrants that refuse to give up their personal liberties in exchange for personal comfort.

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Posted in: Houston highway project sparks debate over racial equity See in context

It looks like Biden is just maintaining the status quo, which probably is to be expected from a centrist politician like him

Huge deficits. Yes indeed - status quo. The raging inflation is a different story. biden and his family are spending Thanksgiving at a billionaire private equity investor pals place in Nantucket. This passes on the Left for Scranton Joe getting back to his blue color roots.


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Posted in: U.S. Justice Department to prioritize prosecuting violence on flights See in context

The DOJ should absolutely increase the prosecution of disruptive passengers. These self-entitled people endanger the flight crew and their fellow passengers with their behavior.

I am concerned that the FBI is stretched too thin by seeking to prioritize prosecuting passengers causing disturbances on airlines AND surveiling parents who are protesting the teaching of racism in their schools and the protection of those who are raping other students in school bathrooms.

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Posted in: U.S. invitation of Taiwan to democracy summit angers China See in context

Xi and the CCP must really regret not having the previous guy who bent down to their every whim...and continues to be their long-term business partner...

The preoccupation with Trump is nonsensical. He is no longer president. Besides, everytime someone brings up Trump it reminds people that the biden’s pulled billions out of Taiwan on business trips on the taxpayers dime. His son still holds a 10% share of a company with a relationship with the CCP


Given his copious use of executive orders to hinder the US energy sector it’s hard to tell whether biden truly wishes to promote democracy or if he is seeking to provide his old friend Xi with a pretext to invade Taiwan.

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Posted in: All 3 men charged in Arbery's death convicted of murder See in context

One trial proves there is no racism anywhere in the entire system? If that's how your thought processes work, it certainly adds context to your posts.

No system created by human beings can possibly be perfect. But the jury system is the best way forward. Americans need to stop looking at everything through a racial lens as is all the rage on the Left. The Democrats have given up on MLK’s dream and have opted for a racial spoils system - repeating the same old mistakes that has gotten the country to the point it is now - deep racial division. They are erasing the gains made over the last 60 years and are actually endorsing segregation for various purposes and stressing differences over what unites. They are stuck in the past with no path forward. I hope they will at some point come to their senses. It’s never too late to start doing the right thing.

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Posted in: All 3 men charged in Arbery's death convicted of murder See in context

The American justice system proves once again that it isn’t racist at all despite the campaign waged by the Democrats. It will be interesting to see how they make the Waukesha mass killer Darrell Brooks Jr into a victim. Rest assured, MSNBC, CNN, biden, the Squad, etc. will surely find a way to blame the Dancing Grannies slaughter on white supremacy or some such made up excuse.

The divisions the Democrat’s have sown into American culture by injecting race into all aspects of society is a continuation of two centuries of appealing to the worst of humanity for the sake of political gain. The use of a racialized lens to view all of America is tearing the country apart.

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Posted in: Ishikawa makes public apology for COVID quarantine violation See in context

Nothing to be ashamed of if you are fully vaccinated. I got fully vaccinated in Japan and don't feel golf or a drinking party are risky events to me or others. If so, what was the point of the vaccine?

The original purpose of getting vaccinated was to protect people from death or serious illness. Most people are vaccinated now and it turns out that huge numbers of people are still dying. In the US, more people have died this year with the vaccine than died the previous year mostly without one. I think it’s a good idea to get vaccinated and not take a chance but the results promised by the experts has not come to pass. I don’t think they have any idea what works at the moment.

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Posted in: Conspiracies about a 'catastrophic takeover' by Jews have long been an American problem See in context

AOC and her “Squad” seem to be as worried about Jews as the looney, yet minuscule far right. They keep on about the influence of Jewish money in American politics and are all in support of undermining Israel. The antisemitic Left in America is vast and can be seen throughout American universities and broad based movements like BLM. I have never understood why people are so hateful towards a group of people who are generally very intelligent and successful. They have a culture that values hard work, education and success. There is much about Jews to admire. I think it comes done to envy - which is pretty much the driving force for the ideological Left the world over.

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Posted in: New Zealand to stay closed to foreign nationals for another five months See in context

It’s telling that no matter how hard Ardern tries to keep covid out, she continues to fail from keeping it from getting in.

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Posted in: 8-year-old child injured in Wisconsin Christmas parade crash dies, taking toll to six See in context

8-year-old child injured in Wisconsin Christmas parade crash dies, taking toll to six

Well, those seeking to reform the criminal justice system and defund the police calling it social justice cannot say they haven’t been warned about the consequences. Lawlessness begets more of the same.

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Posted in: U.S. to release 50 million barrels of oil to help bring down energy costs See in context

Gasoline prices are at about $3.40 a gallon, more than 50% higher than a year ago, according to the American Automobile Association.

I think the president has a sense that things are not going so well but is helpless to change course. He is doing everything the arch Leftists are telling him to do yet his poll numbers are continuing to slide.

It would have been nice if his regressive policy of higher gas prices only affected him and his wealthy Cape Cod buddies. The doubling in the price of gas isn’t something he has to be concerned about on a personal level. He’s got his numerous mansions from his lifetime of “public service”. biden’s mentor former president Obama stated that it is necessary to raise the cost of energy in order to save the planet. The poor would just prefer that they not have to sink into poverty to achieve the dreams of Obama, biden, Kerry, and Al Gore - all multimillionaires with no worries about having to choose between milk for their children or gas for the car.

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Posted in: U.S. to release 50 million barrels of oil to help bring down energy costs See in context

pathetic gesture from this total disaster of a "president"

His energy policies are blowing up in his face. He is just grabbing at straws with this pro Big Oil move.

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Posted in: Waukesha parade crash suspect's bail raises questions See in context

Though you extremists think more should be locked up.

It’s not extreme to want Christmas parades to be free of mass murder. Only people that need to be locked up should be locked up. There is no quota and there should not be one. People should be judged by their individual actions. What has changed in recent years is the emergence of a new paradigm of justice modulated on the offenders identity. That is what’s extreme.

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Posted in: JR East launches bullet train 'office cars' for teleworking See in context

I’m not usually super self-conscious but I think I would be embarrassed using sn elementary school desk with that ridiculous thing on my head. I am fine with my laptop on my lap.

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Posted in: Police: Parade-crash suspect was in a domestic disturbance See in context

Why was he out on bail?? Who would do that? What kind of judge would release him on bail on those kind of charges?? INVESTIGATION REQUIRED.

He was released just days after the attempt to run over his girlfriend by the Milwaukee District Attorney. John Chisholm is one of the DA’s that has pledged to minimize jail sentences for minorities as part of the social justice movements criminal justice reform efforts. Multiple assaults and illegal gun possession and his bail was just $1,000.


As a result of these social justice reforms, four people are dead and multiple injured among whom are old ladies and children.

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Posted in: Police: Parade-crash suspect was in a domestic disturbance See in context

I really can’t understand the US anymore. The country has seemingly gone crazy. There are so many groups of people, including the American media, that appear adamant about tearing the country apart.

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Posted in: Baseball star Ohtani turns down top Japan government award See in context

I so much admire the humbleness of great Japanese players like Ichiro and Ohtani. What is crucial for Ohtani’s place in his sports history is his ability to keep up with his performances over an extended period of time. That might be difficult to do but I hope he can pull it off. One great season doesn’t make a Hall of Famer. He is young and his future looks bright.

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Posted in: Atlanta airport checkpoint chaos: Man grabs gun, it goes off See in context

Not at all, we have medics with AR15s roaming on the streets today. 

This man might have been there to restore peace in the Atlanta airport!!!

Why the disinformation? Rittenhouse was carrying a rifle legally. The cops in Kenosha were ordered to stand down and watch the city burn. If the mayor was responsible there would be no need for people to attempt to step into the void to protect their property from theft or fire. Many people lost their property and livelihood the night before due to looting and random destruction. The Left doesn’t care. If the authorities won’t protect the people what choice do they have but to attempt to protect themselves? The idea of social justice appears to be to allow the “oppressed” to riot, destroy, and kill - to blow off steam. That’s nuts and the consequences are predictable. Authorities in countries with strict gun control laws never allow this kind of lawlessness .

The man responsible for the Atlanta airport incident was a convicted felon with a warrant for his arrest. In other words a criminal. It’s his fault. Not the civil right to self defense.

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Posted in: Japan to recruit first new astronauts in 13 years See in context

What’s the reason for lowering the height requirement to 149.5cm instead of a round number like 150cm?

Obviously it is to help women qualify (but of course there is no quota).

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Posted in: IOC transgender guidelines hailed but questions remain See in context

If being transgender is not an advantage, why is it we only see transgender women in these sports. Why are their no transgender men competing against other men in soccer and weightlifting? Maybe because there is a distinct advantage.

Careful. Such logic and rational thinking can have your life turned upside down by the radicals on the Left. There are self evident facts and viewpoints that are verboten and not allowed to be stated out loud in a public setting. When they say a biological male is in fact actually female- they mean it literally. No amount of scientific proof to the contrary will be considered. Period. The only facts they need are the ideology that underpins their thoughts.

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Posted in: Tokyo Tower lights up in celebration of Ohtani MVP award See in context

You see this often when it comes to Japanese and Asians achievements.

There are always naysayers and cranks but to say that people don’t want to recognize Otani’s achievements in baseball because he is Asian/Japanese is not a true statement in the least. Otani won the award. He won it in a non Asian, multi-racial country. He won it in a sports league based outside of Asia. The only one that appears hung up on the race angel is ReasonandWisdomNippon. There are only a limited number of foreign players even allowed to play baseball in Japan and most other Asian countries and none have won an MVP award as far as I know.

Do yourself a favor and enjoy the accomplishments of a very talented athlete without the made up negativism.

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Posted in: NATO monitoring Russian troops near Ukraine See in context

Merkel has been playing footsie with Putin with the pipeline. She is putting her country at the mercies of Russia and is not in any position to oppose Putin’s revanchist activities.

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Posted in: Disinformation spreading beyond the realm of spycraft to become a shady industry See in context

In the 21st century, Putin's troll farms are spreading disinformation that Democrats are kidnapping babies and drinking their blood.

Well actually, in the 21st century Russia has injected disinformation through a relationship with an ex British spy Steele) and a Dem operative (Dolan) with ties to Russia and a Russian employee of the Left wing Brookings Institute (Danchenko and Hill). All of these actors are currently under investigation by a Special Prosecutor (Durham) for collusion with the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC.

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