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WolfSheep comments

Posted in: Architecture in Japan See in context

Ill take your Insight and raise you a Dogs and Demons by Alex Kerr ;)

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Posted in: Bin Laden endorses Christmas Day airliner bombing attempt See in context

In fact, with all of the terrior attacts that he is responsible for, what has been accomplished? Nothing. He cannot show a single stretgic accomplishment except dead people.

Actually sadly, they did...FEAR, UNCERTAINTY, DOUBT....namely TERROR. As a previous poster mentioned you just have to look at the antics at the airports around the world in the name of security. The (US) constitution downgraded to 'just a piece of paper'. The removed civil liberties, surveillance, fingerprinting at borders.... regrettably, they have accomplished much...

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Posted in: Thanks, honey -- put it on my AMEX card See in context

Wow are the guys such pushovers? This is truly a sad state of affairs.

If i were in their position i would start haggling over talking and cuddling time. Wait.... you want me to come with you shopping?..extra 1000 yen. They need to remember woman want things too...

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Posted in: People are proud and they don't want to tell their partner that they do not have many friends. See in context

quite true. too much obligation and formality getting in the way of people actually forming relationships with each other. after my time in this country i have come to believe that japanese social dynamics are based on the assumption that people can't get along, thus it is best to build as many obstacles to real human interaction as possible

I think its curious that 2 people would get married without knowing something / everything there is to know of the SO's friends. I may be just thinking too much, but it seems like a complete failure to communicate before leaping. Besides i wonder what would happen AFTER the ceremony? "p1: When can we meet you friends again?...lets go out somewhere! p2: um err..."

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Posted in: Proposed resident registry card for foreigners creates Big Brother concerns See in context

Don't take it too personally. Maybe, the whole idea of this is to restrict some foreigners from some countries. And as they cannot openly say this, nationals from all foreign countries have to suffer. At this time and age when terrorism and other problems exist i think it is good to have a tab on everyon who is not from Japan.

Yeap, because only people that are not Japanese are capable of terrorist acts /sarcasm Hasn't the only acts of terrorism on Japanese soil have been homegrown?

If this is the case "keeping tabs" kills any feeling for "us" to feel like Japan might actually be home. I personally am very tired of every law as some posters have mentioned making the line in the sand even more clearer between "us" and "them". Sometimes I feel as if we contribute - and "they" take away.

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Posted in: Krispy Kreme for Mother's Day See in context

Tahoochi, lol you might be right. KFC for xmas, KK for mothers day, record high sales of Mcdonalds.......

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Posted in: SMAP's Kimutaku eager to try role as neuroscientist in new TV drama See in context

He will portray a neuroscientist serving at the National Police Agency’s National Research Institute of Police Science, who uncannily solves difficult cases within the agency.

Sounds like they took "Dr. House" and copied it for the local market. Im interested to see what it looks like when it comes out - but im not holding my breath.

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