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Posted in: Yokohama man dies after being 'subdued' by police See in context

All Japanese cops are not the same. The friendly Keystone Cop style police you see around are very different from the hard-nosed precinct cops you get in certain areas. Then there are the tooled up cops in full riot gear who are wheeled out for relatively minor scuffles and who are seriously scary.

Also people die being restrained by police all over the world and it is a real problem. In the UK there are many notorious cases and it still happens every year. As for the USA, it's not unknown for the police to shoot innocents dead let alone kill them in a 'restraining procedure' (also happens in the UK, despite the majority of cops being unarmed). You're more likely to see those officers moved to another department or promoted than charged with involuntary manslaughter.

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Posted in: Martial arts action actor Chuck Johnson finds niche in Japan See in context

Some pretty bitter comments here, and for what? I looked up this guys on IMDB and he's had small roles in plenty of movies including Godzilla: Final Wars, Death Trance and Densha Otoku. Apart from competing competitively in K2 and Taekwondo the guy's actually got brains enough to develop a set of commercial language materials. Good luck chuck.

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