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Posted in: SMAP's Takuya Kimura fined twice for speeding since Sept See in context

Why is this a big deal, I do 130 everyday. Also he was driving a astro, not the sportiest of vehicles.

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Posted in: Obama tells Medvedev START vote is 'top priority' See in context

And who would be a better choice? Palin? I am not happy with everything Obama has done but he is a lot better than Bush ever was. People seem to forget it is a lot easier to make a mess than to clean it up, and that is exactly what Obama is doing, cleaning up after Bush.

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Posted in: Hotel's safety policy under fire after woman employee molested See in context

I am very glad my wife does not work the night shift anymore. Even so at least at her hotel there are always 2 people during the night shift.

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Posted in: 8 youths arrested for stealing cigarettes See in context

This is funny. The cigarette machines near my apartment have a taspo card on a chain. All one has to do is pick it up, use it and put it back.

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Posted in: What a doll See in context

no (the doll), yes (Kyoko).

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Posted in: Foreign minister says Indiana Jones movie trivializes nuke threat See in context

um, I believe in the movie the camera zoomed in on a "lead lined" label, and as we all know lead can stop anything. even superman. Also, the USA is already very easy going about nukes, look at how many images, video, stickers, expressions we have that reference nukes.

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