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Posted in: Rare photo of A-bomb split cloud found in Hiroshima See in context

How could Japan know about the power or even the possibility of an A-bomb? It was not on wikipedia yet.

Wikipedia wasn't needed - Japan's Nuclear Research Laboratory led by Dr. Yoshio Nishina at Riken Institute was well on its way to producing a nuclear weapon when the war ended, and unsubstantiated rumors state an actual test of a fission bomb took place near Konan in what is now North Korea on August 12th, 1945. If the IJA had acquired one or more atomic bombs before the surrender, do you think they would have used them for demonstration purposes?

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Posted in: Volcano quiet for 400 years erupts in Indonesia See in context

"Serenity now, insanity tomorrow".

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Posted in: Train ticket machine gives back too much change in Nagoya See in context

No no, it clearly states "an assistant stationmaster, 57". An odd name to be sure (and an odd number as well), but who are we to judge?

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