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Posted in: Chiba woman arrested for stabbing 11-year-old son in neck See in context

In a situation like this we are dealing with a twisted mind. So much so that even if she doesn't want to live, for whatever reason, she also feels it necessary to take her sons life as well. So it's a sick, twisted mind that has to be dealt with, starting with keeping her away from her son for a very long time, by any means necessary.

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Posted in: More than 1,000 cheer Palin in Michigan for book tour See in context

I'll have to agree with "SushiSake3's" assessment of Palin. She's totally overmatched as a Politician on a National and certainly a Global scale. However, I wish her much success with her book. The book is on the Best Seller list and she was able to promote it on Oprah, and you know if a book is endorsed by Oprah - instant millionaire - so more power to Sarah P .. Her experience as a VP candidate was unsuccessful but it's going to make her a multi-millionaire, so I'm not mad at her. Plus, you have to look at the fact that she did not apply to be McCain's running mate, they came to her. McCain's camp tried to dupe the American public, thinking a female, any female, would put them over the top. So it's not her fault, and believe me, I've never been a Palin supporter (even if I sound like one) but I can't help but admire her capatalistic spirit. She took advantage of the opportunity; who wouldn't?

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