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Posted in: Ichiro returns to Seattle as member of 3,000-hit club See in context

I'll try posting again.

Ichiro got me enthused about baseball. Until he came from Japan to be with the Seattle Mariners, I hardly went to a baseball game.

Ichiro worked tirelessly for the team starting from 2001 when he came to the U.S. to play for the Major Leagues.

They could have won the World Series if they had more players that worked so hard & smart like him.

There should be No QUESTION that Ichiro deserves to in the baseball Hall of Fame. And he will.

He is a CLASS ACT !!!

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Posted in: Ichiro returns to Seattle as member of 3,000-hit club See in context

I wrote a nice piece on Ichiro but it along with another comment did not post.

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Posted in: Japan OKs pact to supply munitions to U.S. more flexibly See in context

About time the Japanese gov't. change their constitution so that they can use "use of force" when attacked by another foreign country (such as North Korea). Perhaps both the U.S. & Japanese gov't can work on that.

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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of 9-year-old Vietnamese girl in Chiba See in context

It is a huge relief to have found the obviously mentally ill man who committed this heinous crime (if he really is the correct person).

REGARDLESS of race (it could just as well have been someone other than Japanese), sadly this kind of crime occurs all too frequently in EVERY country in the world, especially young children being sexually assaulted (which may have possibly happened but not disclosed) and sadly in some cases killed after the perpetrator sexually assaulted their victim.

As unpleasant as this topic is, the public should be informed about the details (such as where the DNA sample was taken) of what the authorities uncovered.

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Posted in: Crown prince says Malaysia can be model for diversity See in context

****Regarding the royal family, the gov't should allow Emperor Akihito to step down without all the red tape taking into consideration his declining health. But since Crown Prince Naruhito's wife has made it clear she has no intention of fulfilling her role along side her husband regarding her duties, his brother should take over as he has a very willing & capable wife. Prince Naruhito should not have to continue to fulfill his duties all alone. He & his wife should get a divorce so that they both can get on with their lives. There is no reason to continue this charade. Life is too short & precious to be unhappy. I have never been to Malaysia so I can not comment on their culture or their acceptance of other races. However having visited Japan many times I can say that there are still a lot of Japanese that do not genuinely accept people who have not lived there all their lives. I was born in Japan & is pure Japanese by blood but since I left when I was very young, I am frequently told quite candidly that I am a "gaijin". Luckily this most recent time (I just got back from visiting Japan) it was a much more pleasant experience.

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Posted in: Trump shrugs off fuss over Taiwan president's call See in context

The LIBERAL MEDIA has nothing better to do than to attempt to stir up discord. They are also the main reason why there is so much racial tension in the U.S.

Why should President elect Donald John Trump not accept a phone call from the leader of Taiwan??!!!

Thank Goodness he does not let China dictate our nation.

President elect Donald Trump will do what is best for our country.

P.S. He also isn't taking flak from the Liberal media.

I wonder if he can legally keep liberal media such as CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, the Wall St. Journal, Washington Post, NY Times, etc. from being part of the White House news core? That would be something!!!

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Posted in: Trump: I'll run America like my business See in context

Donald J. Trump already has another VOTE (I took advantage of early Mail-in vote).

If he WINS, he will make HISTORY.

With 96 % of the Liberal (Democrat) media BIAS, it is indeed an Uphill battle but I pray & hope for the sake of the country and the world that he WINS !!!

GO TRUMP !!!!!

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Posted in: In a first, Trump says he regrets painful comments See in context

Trumps poll numbers in Texas is already just ahead of Hillary's.

Hillary Clinton and her so called "name only husband" are Both Liars and Cheaters. The conniving & intricate way in which they had donors from foreign countries donate millions into their so called "Foundation" when she was Secretary of State in exchange for "FAVORS" and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

It would be utterly Disastrous not just for the U.S. but for the entire world if she became President of the U.S..

Donald Trump is not doing this for more $$$'$. He could be relaxing and enjoying life to the fullest WITHOUT the 95% biased Media. He & his entire family have sacrificed their lives and safety by doing this.

As he so aptly said, he is giving back to the country.

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Posted in: Ichiro Suzuki donates 3,000-hit souvenirs to Hall of Fame See in context

Omedetogozaimesu Ichiro!!! I suddenly became a baseball fan when Ichiro arrived In Seattle & played his 1st MLB game in April 2001. I went to see him at Safeco Field (countless times) and remember getting laryngitis from shouting out his name from the bleachers every time he appeared at the plate. It's been a long time since I have seen him play but kept track of him from time to time even when I also moved away from Washington state.

No question about it. He will be voted in on the 1st ballet for the Hall of Fame & he can go back to Cooperstown (I understand he's been there 6 times) once again and PROUDLY see his name there.

Ichiro, you deserve all the accolades that has been posted also on the Florida Marlins website.

You did it (3,000 hits & counting) WITHOUT EVER using Steroids/Human Growth Hormones, etc. Your daily hard work & persistence certainly paid off BIG time!!! I just wish the 1,278 that you acquired while playing in Japan could also count. But even if it doesn't, your fans, myself included, count those in.

I wish you Much More hits in the future. However I hope you will know when to retire when your body tells you that you have reached your limit before you go downhill. That way you will always be Admired and Remembered for many, many years to come.

CHEERS to your Ichiro!!!

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Posted in: Who is Naruhito, Japan's likely next emperor? See in context

It's always been about "poor Masako" but what about the profound suffering that Naruhito has had to endure because of his wife. He has had to constantly cover up for his wife and deal with a mentally ill wife for a very long time. Masako has not performed her duties and it does not reflect well when he has had to constantly travel abroad to other countries alone.

It is indeed the 21st century. The British royal family has gone thru divorces, one being between Prince Charles and Diana. The press made her out to be the "sainted one" however it is later revealed that she was not the naive virginal lady before they got married and she was also extremely promiscuous with lots of other men during their marriage. Camilla appears to be well adjusted & performs royal duties along with her husband & will continue to do so when Charles becomes King of England.

My point is that regardless of the reason, if there is unhappiness in the marriage, as also in this case between Masako and Naruhito, then for the sake of BOTH parties a divorce would be the perfect solution.

Emperor Akihito & Empress Michiko's 2nd son & his wife have already traveled overseas to perform royal duties. And the 2nd son's wife appears to be quite personable with a charming personality. It looks as though she is much better suited for the job and would probably happily accept a new position as Empress when Emperor Akihito abdicates. They also just happen to have a son. This could be a perfect solution for the royal family.

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Posted in: Ichiro gets 3,000th career hit in major leagues See in context

****Omedeto gozaimasu Ichiro !!! I became a baseball fan when you came to Seattle to play for the Mariners in 2001 and remember cheering loudly (in the bleachers at Safeco Field) for you every time you went to bat & ended up with laryngitis many times when I was still living in Seattle.

Although I don't watch TV anymore, I have kept track of you over the internet.

ichiro, you set such such a good example for everyone. You've achieved so much by working hard and being diligent everyday. Unlike so many athletes, you never resorted to steroids or human growth hormones to achieve all that you have.

Persistence paid off !!! You can count me in (along with all the others) in saying you DESERVE to be in the Hall of Fame on the very FIRST BALLOT!!!

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Posted in: Closing in on 3,000 hits, Suzuki is on the upswing at age 42 See in context

I was living in Washington state when he first started with the Mariners. For the 1st time I enthusiastically went to a bunch of Mariners games. It was so exciting to watch him play.

Ichiro deserves a HUGE amount of attention and respect not only for his consistent daily discipline of training but also something that has not been discussed much if at all.

Ichiro, unlike a lot of baseball players, has NEVER use Steroids or Human Growth Hormones or anything illegal to give him an unfair advantage like Alex Rodriguez, who in my opinion took away potentially more MVPs from Ichiro.

It's a no brainer that Ichiro Suzuki would be in the Hall of Fame (which I believe he already is).

Although I no longer get to watch him on TV I have recently kept abreast of his accomplishments thru the internet.

Ichiro, gambatte kudasai !!!

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