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Posted in: Murakami's new novel set for release in Japan in February See in context

I understand, Outrider. Murakami probably needs to start singing his works to get the overdue (and now meaningless) Nobel Prize in literature.

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Posted in: What aspects of Japanese history, culture, lifestyle and tradition would you like to see in the opening ceremony for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics? See in context

Taiko. Already I see four suggestions for the same. I would like to have them part of the NHK Symphony Orchestra with a expanded brass section.

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Posted in: West, Ward reprising Batman roles in animated movie See in context

Julie Newmar, too.

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Posted in: 16-year-old boy dies after inhaling lighter gas See in context

DongHungLoNOV. 08, 2015 - 11:44PM JST For kicks. What is meaning that?

It's an idiom. Most often it would mean "for amusement" or "for enjoyment".

In a difficult situation, the expression is very often used ironically. Context then determines whether the intent of the expression.

"Why did you break this?" I asked about an obvious accident. "For kicks," she answered, exasperated that she didn't have control.

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Posted in: Girl rejected by boy she never actually met takes revenge See in context

Might I suggest that perhaps the male student expressed his rejection in as offensive, insulting and impolite manner as possible? It strikes me that a score of friends would join in a concerted effort of intimidation for the sake of what we presume from the article is a mere rejection.

I would like to see the precise communication between the two as well as the communication between the woman to her friends. I think something inflammatory, obscene or disrespectful had been part (or had been reported as part by the aggrieved female student) of the male student's rejection in order for so many others to side with the female student. I really doubt her friends would have gone through the trouble without the motivation of a cause greater than the disappointment of a single, fragile member of the group.

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Posted in: Seiji Ozawa: From moped to maestro See in context

In case you missed it, he had a gig on Sesame Street:


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Posted in: Send fax without using paper See in context

Pharmacies still rely on fax for filling prescriptions. The sending telephone numbers of the fax verify the authenticity of a script's origin.

I used my computer, too, to send faxes that didn't exist until I installed Vista. The fax application is not part of the operating system.

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