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Posted in: Woman, 23, held for kicking 1-yr-old daughter to death in Saitama See in context

I hope hell is hot enough for this women.

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Posted in: Restaurant owner stabbed to death by regular customer in Osaka See in context

I only see two solutions to this problem. Either ban all knifes or hand out guns to everyone. Problem solved.

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Posted in: Tires on 100 cars slashed in Fukushima See in context

I Agree. I would be looking very closely at the Iwaki's tire salesmen.

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Posted in: NEC phone See in context

ahh... this thread delivers.

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Posted in: 2-yr-old boy drowns in drain while parents are in comic cafe See in context

God forbid this narcissistic couple should pry their eyes away from their precious manga while their 2 year old child DROWNS TO DEATH only feet away! This is absolutely disgusting! They have no business being parents


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Posted in: Civil servant demoted for accessing porn sites 780,000 times during office hours See in context

780,000 times? I'm guessing the virus did that through contacting home. Still, kind of an idiot though. That's what personal computers are for! I guess he was thinking with a body part other than his brain. Even a rough estimate puts it at 3000 times a day (in say an 9 hour period that's around 340 times an hour on the low end). A little implausible; but not impossible: could it be page views?

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Posted in: Woman arrested after trying to flush infant down toilet in Nagoya See in context

Sick... and its only monday in Japan.

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